Family Policy Institute hosting Olympia 101 workshop Feb. 5 in Edmonds

The Family Policy Institute of Washington is hosting an Olympia 101 workshop at Edmonds’ Westgate Chapel this Saturday, Feb. 5.

The workshop will cover the legislative process in Washington state, and how to get involved in local and state politics. It will be in the church’s Anderson Room, room 320, from 9 a.m. to noon. RSVPs are requested by Feb. 3 to the church office at 425-775-2776.

On its website, the Family Policy Institute describes itself as “a growing alliance of churches, pastors, businesses, allied partners, and individuals we’re helping prepare a new generation of Christian marriage and family-affirming leaders. Working closely with pastors and other faithful Christian leaders, we help churches, citizens, businesses develop and boldly promote effective Christian public policy, while providing true accountability for elected officials and public agencies.”

Westgate Chapel is located at 22901 Edmonds Way.



    1. “a growing alliance of churches, pastors, businesses, allied partners, and individuals’

      But of what persuasion? I am tired of groups who pretend to speak for Christianity in general, but are promoting simplistic, exclusionary policies. The passage quoted by Mr Stewart is alarming indeed. It calls into question, no *condemns,* a very large number of parents, perhaps single, perhaps LGBT, who are doing exceptional parenting, and this group would appear to be part of the right-wing movement to rescind same-sex parenting, or to put children in same-sex families at risk by denying the rights of their parents.

      The Episcopal Church, as only one example, completely welcomes families that do not coincide with children “being raised by their mother and father in a loving nuclear family.” I do not wish to start a religious controversy, but there are two sides to this matter, much evidence that in many cases non-nuclear families do better parenting than some traditional families, and we all know what ghastly parents some “traditional’ families can be.

      Anecdote is not proof, but two of the strongest families I know are parented by same-sex couples; one such couple has adopted two children with severe problems, whom no one else would adopt – and are tireless in supporting and nurturing those children. And we have all seen what damaged children emerge from some “traditional” families.

      Thank you, Mr Stewart for bringing this to our attention.

  1. I hope those who want to get more involved in our local and state government will attend to learn about the legistlative process and how residents can participate. It’s important to follow the bills in Olympia in the same way it’s important to follow our local city Council. What happens in Olympia will directly impact each of us.

    Kudos to Westgate Chapel for providing the space to gather. Supporting local includes participating in local goverment – city, school district and state. Being informed is key. Participation is the responsibility of each voter.

  2. My concern is that MEN has provided this organization free advertising.
    By reading different sections on their website they clearly promote false information and are trying to gain followers by telling them outrageous lies.
    Why would MEN provide them a platform?
    We should all be concerned that groups like this are arming citizens with false information and teaching them how to infiltrate government.

    1. These days we talk a lot about diversity, equity and inclusion, and deservedly so. But keep in mind those values also apply to people with different political beliefs and different faith traditions. They are also part of the Edmonds community and should not be shunned or cancelled. They deserve to be included in our civic conversation. Who knows, some of them might even change their thinking on some important issues.

      1. Yes, I agree. I don’t believe in cancel culture at all. Its ridiculous you can ignore but you cant cancel anyone. So its silly. I do agree we learn much more with communication then we do with total lack of transparency and acting as if others don’t exist because they believe differently. That is not progress but just the opposite. Peoples minds can be changed and they can change others views too. Its all good if we stay open and fair and well sometimes just mind our own business. A curious lot we are. That is a wonderful thing. Curiosity is my middle name. Unity is my game. THEN lots of fun! Thanks Roger Pence.

  3. This organization says, “Life-long, heterosexual, monogamous marriages provide unique benefits to children, families, and society that cannot be matched by any other relationship.” –

    I’d love to hear why MEN is giving a platform to a group that is bigoted toward our LGTBQ+ community members and their families.

    1. As most know, we generally provide announcements to all events going on in Edmonds, if community members submit them. I appreciate the fact our readers take the time to research the backgrounds of sponsoring organizations and daylight them, if they find them concerning. — Teresa

      1. Teresa, is there a reason there’s not additional context around this group? The summary that’s quoted here seems to leave out important background on the group’s core values. I understand wanting to share info about events in the community, but I’m surprised given the group’s stance towards LGBTQIA+ people that there’s not additional info by MEN, so the community can be more fully informed about the sponsoring org and what they stand for.

        1. I pulled info that I saw on the About Us page as well as linked to the website in case people wanted to learn more – standard practice for an event announcement. A story about the organization is a different type of article.

        2. This might be of value in answer to your question about context:

          Wikipedia reports: “Family Policy Council (FPC) is one of several US state-level organizations affiliated with Focus on the Family (FotF), a nationwide conservative Christian organization. Family Policy Councils work for policies that FotF describes as “pro-family”.[1] These include opposition to same-sex marriage, LGBT adoption, and LGBT workplace protections, and support for abstinence-only sex education, increased legal restrictions on abortion and traditional Christian gender roles.”

          The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the Council as an extremist organization and notes that “The FRC often makes false claims about the LGBTQ community based on discredited research and junk science. The intention is to denigrate LGBTQ people as the organization battles against same-sex marriage, hate crime laws, anti-bullying programs and the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.” (

    2. Luke, I’ll say this in a way we both agree, everyone deserves a platform. Most Muslims oppose same sex marriage, let alone same sex child-rearing. Challenge the ideas, not that people have them.

  4. The best way to deal with this is to be aware not to cancel them summarily, as is being proposed here. MEN publishes many press releases for many things.. I very much disagree with the what this group is supporting and promoting but like so many things these days simply trying to erase them, is counterproductive. Pretending things don’t exist because you don’t like them, which is a tread these days, promotes ignorance of the issues. Without this published press release would anyone here even know there was such a group? The LGBT community is certainly aware of the bigotry that still exists and deals with it regularly, “cancelling” them or chastising the publisher of the press release truly is a disservice to the LGBT community because this kind of thing should be seen. It is what the LGBT community is up against and that should be known.

  5. As a Christian I find it insulting and view it spreading false information when the Family Policy Institute’s values are described under the umbrella of “Christian”, and to make matters worse, give the impression that Christians in the community are joining in the cause.

  6. I appreciate that the majority of comments on my initial comment are positive.
    As a non-Christian, I have always struggled with the aggressive viewpoints of Christians I’ve worked with, gone to school with, and currently share my street with. Their outspokenness most definitely has provided me with an uneasiness about their chosen religion and I want absolutely nothing to do with it.
    I’m curious to know if people who subscribe to Christianity yet do NOT hold the same values as the Family Policy Institute and Westgate Church do anything to speak-out- because this is absolutely shameful! This type of hateful support from Westgate Church is nothing new & nobody in Edmonds seems to do anything about it.

    1. I am a Christian, an Episcopalian, lay preacher, two-term vestry member and I wholly share your struggle to understand “the aggressive viewpoints of Christians I’ve worked with, gone to school with, and currently share my street with.” Exclusion, fanning fear, and prejudice are NOT values that agree with my understanding of the fundamental lessons of the Gospels, which are love and inclusion.

      Again, thank you for your posts. And I wholly endorse Pam Brisse’s comment that “Political organizations should not try to disguise themselves as churches to avoid paying taxes.”

    2. I don’t think true Christians subscribe to the belief that democrats are sacrificing babies and republicans are looking the other way. This sounds like a q-anon cult group. Exactly what laws are they trying to influence? And why is MEN giving them a platform?

      1. Pam, would you rather not know about this group? Seems like shining a light on them is exactly what should happen. Thank you, Teresa.

  7. It appears that this organization is run by fundamentalist, born-again, evangelical Christians. Their belief is that we are all born sinners, that Jesus was sent to Earth by God to pay for our sins, and the only way to “Heaven” is to admit sins and accept Christ as savior, and by that be “born again”. They believe that the Bible is true (their version of the Bible), and if one doesn’t believe the way that they do, that person will go to “Hell” (and be a pawn of the devil while alive).

    From their website: “Christian Social Justice is meant to bring folks back to Jesus Christ, virtue and responsibility. A nation’s values must be based on a Judeo-Christian concept of justice based on Truth, rather than a pagan or secular concept of justice based on feelings and power.”

  8. I can only speak for myself here. I don’t want a church dictating what my politics should be and I don’t want my politicians dictating what my church should be. We are all supremely fortunate to live in a country where that is possible. One does not need to go to a meeting at a church to learn what is going on in the political world at any level of politics unless one wants to in America (so far). Countries where church and politics are forced to overlap are theocracies and generally dangerous places to live if you don’t conform exactly or are a little different in any way.

  9. Thank you MEN for letting us know of this event. After reading some of their stuff I can’t say I am interested in their group. But they did point to a couple pieces of legislation in Olympia which I am against. Insurance companies should not be required to pay for what in my opinion are elective treatments and surgeries. Same goes with taxpayer funded medical programs.

  10. Thank you MEN for covering this event as you chose to do. BTW, it was a great event full of enthusiasm, optimism and helpful information. Each of us needs to know how bills are introduced, the process it takes through our legislature, effective ways to work with our elected officials and most importantly, how each of us can participate directly in the governing of our state and local governments. Who doesn’t want an engaged citizenry? To quote Glen Morgan, The future belongs to those who show up.

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