Letter to the editor: Supporting Janelle Cass for Washington State Senate


Upon hearing about Janelle Cass run for Senate in the 21st Legislative District (which includes all of Mukilteo, most of Edmonds, and unincorporated portions of Lynnwood, and Everett) I was filled with hopeI look forward to new ideas and approaches to the serious issues we currently face in our communities. Janelle is a graduate of the Air Force Academy, has a degree in civil environmental engineering, and is a small business owner in Edmonds. 

With the alarming rise in crime, rampant drug abuse, and the need to effectively address mental health issues and homelessness I see an opportunity for our elected officials to tackle these holistically, rather than to address them in silos and burn up our tax dollarsThese are not new issues, and they are growing in scale and seriousness.  It’s time for a well-credentialled citizen to be elected to bring new ideas for effective and positive change. It’s time for Janelle Cass!

I have personally met Janelle and as the senator for the 21st LD she has pledged that she will work on finding effective solutions to the issues that are currently top of mind for a majority of voters:

• Crime and safetyshe is committed to strengthening the current weak legislation to give Law Enforcement the tools it needs to protect the community
• Homelessness: addressing root causes with a compassionate, effective, and common-sense solutions, directing funds in a way that helps people obtain the support they need and cleaning up our green spaces
• Lowering the cost of living: lessening the tax burden on her constituents and supporting small businesses to help drive economic growth
• Keeping single-family residential zoning decisions local

It’s time for change. We need a leader who will bring common sense and well-crafted strategies that take a holistic approach and gets to the root of problems. So many of these issues connect to one another and have been given “Band-Aids” when they truly required a “tourniquet” and Janelle brings the balanced, collaborative experienceand analytical approach that is needed. I cannot wait to cast my vote for her as the 21st LD Senator in the August primary!

Julie Backous

  1. Excellent! I hope Janelle wins – common sense combined with respect for the wishes of the represented are sorely needed.

  2. I have personally met Janelle Cass and agree with what you stated on this article. She is so caring, has an amazing mind for detail, serves the community with a clean-up to help the community to be safer for all of us. I find her to be a breathe of fresh air when she asks me what is important to you in your community. She listens to what you are saying to her, rather than telling you her viewpoint first. That is a rare quality in our current political environment. She seems genuine. She has my vote, go to one of her gatherings like I did and get to know her yourself.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Janelle will be a great asset to our state and bringing common sense solutions to our many problems. She has a wealth of experience in owning her own business and knowing what business owners are facing in this economy. I’m so glad she is willing to step into our state senate.

    1. We do need fresh eyes and independent thinking in our Washington State Senate. Janelle brings that with her logical and common sense approach to solving problems. We are in need of change to address the crime, drug, and homeless problems of this State. We need someone that listens and supports safety in our communities.

  4. Well written Julie. I couldn’t agree more that we need Janelle in the State Senate. Unfortunately, her incumbent opponent has become more and more detached from the average citizen. As a result we are left with higher taxes, gas prices amongst the highest in the nation, increased crime and misguided attempts to solve the homelessness.

  5. What is her stand on health care for women? Nancy crim. Former 22 year resudent Edmonds.

  6. It’s obvious that the current leadership is not doing their job. Look around you. Do you feel safer. Are you happy with seeing tents and garbage everywhere. Are you happy with all the drug addicts walking around and coming into our town. Are you tired of our state leadership telling us how to live our lives and what we can and can’t do. We need common sense leadership and fresh ideas. Not the same bad leadership we keep electing. Something is broken. We all know it. It’s time for a change. That’s why I am voting for Janelle Cass. She embodies the type of new modern leadership this state needs.

  7. I’m absolutely voting for Janelle as well! She held a panel to discuss the homelessness problem, including people who were currently working on the front lines in varying capacities with differing methodology. People who have seen and experienced real solutions and know the paths to success. She brought them together to listen and learn, not for a sound bite. She has gone in to do some of the clean-up work in these disastrous areas in our own community and she was heartbroken by what she saw. How many of us actually go in amongst the feces and needles and garbage to do that? I know I haven’t. She saw the degradation of human beings and the damage to the environment and she wants to be an agent of change. But the thing with Janelle is, SHE doesn’t expect to be that sole agent of change. She doesn’t have any politician god-complex. In a previous carrier she managed to fasciliate agencies to play nice with each other long enough to resolve what seemed to be impossible. Not only does she listen to people, she connects people and their strengths.
    Janelle loves our country and it’s composition. She understands the role of government and it’s (supposed to be) close relationship to it’s citizens. She understands that the government serves the people, represents the people, and IS the people. Government is not to be it’s own privileged class that answers to no one.
    I can’t wait to cast my vote for Janelle Cass because I know she will work hard for her district, be a part of creating and passing legislation that represents what her constituents care about, and will work hard to stop the ones who don’t, she will unite people to solve problems. It’s time for Janelle Cass!

    1. Susan. That kind of innuendo is what is wrong with this country. You rumor and create doubt without any evidence. How do you know how Janelle voted? Will you call her a racist or a fascist next? This is exactly the type of politics we need to get rid of in this country and why we need change. It seems that when people can’t argue facts they resort to this name calling and labeling. We need better and your post is a perfect example of why.

  8. I did not vote for Janelle for city council because I REALLY thought we needed a councilperson from my neighborhood to address some very critical issues we were facing, even though I probably was closer to Janelle in political ideology. “Hi” by the way, Will. That said, there is no doubt in my mind I will be voting for Janelle in the upcoming election due to the many reasons already stated in these comments. If she had made it on the council, she wouldn’t be running now, so I think things have worked out the way they should.

  9. I attended Ms. Cass’s homelessness town hall at Yost Park last year and was very impressed by what I observed of her and her approach to our community problems. She made every effort to present all sides and viewpoints in that venue. I can identify with the “breath of fresh air” comment stated above.

    I’ve had it with political party viewpoints and dogmas and will vote independent from here on out. On one side we have tear down our institutions, no new ideas, obstructionist actions on all issues, especially gun violence, and replacement theory. On the other side we have everything should be free or cost next to nothing, defund the police, and everyone is a victim and needs take no responsibility for their actions or where they are at in life.

    The middle ground and large center of the bell curve has been lost. We need to regain it, or our Democracy is toast and we will descend into civil war and chaos. We worry about external terrorists when domestic terror is the real enemy that will bring us down if we don’t curb it soon.

  10. In 2021 current Sen. Marco Liias , Governor Inslee and fellow Democrats supported massive changes of policing rules and laws. Crime started to rocket upwards for this and many other reasons. In 2022 they had to “fix” many of the laws due to their excessive restrictions on reasonable police practice. See the history below.
    May 18, 2021 NPR Headline:
    With 12 New Laws, Washington State Joins Movement To Overhaul Policing
    Calling it a “moral mandate,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, signed a dozen bills into law on Tuesday that backers hope will improve policing in the state, reduce the use of deadly force and ensure that when deadly encounters do occur, the investigations are thorough and independent.
    “These bills are all going to work in coordination with one another to create a system of accountability and integrity stronger than anywhere else in the nation,” Inslee said in remarks before he signed the bills.

    January 30, 2022 USNEWS Headline:
    Washington police reform bill backfired on people in crisis
    Washington lawmakers are racing to fix a police reform law that has backfired on some of the state’s most vulnerable residents.

    March 17, 2022 OBO Headline:

    Washington governor signs rollback of police reform bill
    Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill Thursday rolling back part of the state’s sweeping police reform legislation from last year after law enforcement and key Democratic lawmakers agreed the original bill went too far.
    We need to elect Janelle Cass the Washington State Senate and to send Marco Liias packing. We need the voice of reason and responsibility in the Senate. Janelle is and Air Force veteran, a mother, wife and experienced Edmonds business owner. She supports our police and veterans. Time for a change!

  11. We too are supporting Janelle Cass. The homelessness Town Hall at Yost Park that we attended was excellent and Janelle truly listens and cares about this problem and will work to start implementing solutions.
    Also, she is a staunch supporter of the police and is concerned about the rising crime rate in our community.
    Janelle definitely has our vote and we are excited to have her represent us at the state level.

    Laurie and Brian Nelson

  12. Please watch the January 6th Commission’s report that is on every TV channel except Fox. Believe your eyes and ears THEN decide whether you want to vote for ANY Republican candidate again. Remember that the entire WA GOP voted to Censure anyone that told the truth about Trump.

    1. Charles,

      You are grouping all Republicans/Conservatives with some crazy fired up people who did something they should not have done? Shall we group all Democrats with those that burned down our cities, attempted to kill a Supreme Court Justice last week, that vandalize churches and intimidate church goers. Have you seen the movie 2000 Mules? Have you watched the Hunter Biden Documentary? CNN and MSNBC won’t discuss those documentaries. What about the trial that just ended where multiple witnesses testified that the Clinton Campaign hired an attorney and a tech executive to contact the FBI and deliver fabricated/made up information that tied Trump to a Russian Bank during the 2016 campaign? What about all the money that George Soros contributes to far left domestic terrorists that use violence and destruction of property to intimidate people who don’t agree with them? Do all Democrats support groups like ANTIFA and the radical far left? The answer would be no. Just like not all republicans/conservatives support what happened on January 6th. You cannot cast a shadow on all conservatives just like you cannot cast the same shadow on all Democrats. That is exactly what is causing the great divide in this country and causing people to do crazy things like January 6th, George Floyd Riots, Pro Choice Radicals, spreading dis-information on your opponent to win at all costs, etc. Everyone and everything is so extreme. There is common ground on all sides and if we don’t elect leaders who try and find that or seek it, the divide will get much larger and these crazy non-sensical incidents will keep happening. At some point rational thinking and civility must prevail or it will only get worse IMHO.

      1. Wow you sure have given us a lot talking points to disprove. So lets start at the top.
        1) Every registered member of the WA GOP that supported the censure of Newhouse & Herera Butler also is complicit in the “Big Lie” and cover-up of an attempted coup.
        2) There is a mighty large difference between protesting against yet another POC being murdered by police on camera 20 yrs after Rodney King AND attempting to overthrow the US Government and install a Dictator that LOST the election (if you would’ve watched Thur you would have seen everyone admit it).
        3) 2000 mules by convicted felon Dinish D’Souza ? once again everything about it is total BS ask Bill Barr under oath (again should’ve watched Thursday).
        4) Hunter’s laptop AKA Benghazi 2.0. Lets see a blind guy gets a laptop that may / may not have belonged to Hunter Biden and then somehow finds it’s way to Rudi who can’t tell the diff between a Luxury hotel and a Landscaping company. There’s no THERE there.
        5) you are referencing the trial where the FBI agent that the Trump special prosecutor saw the agent acquitted of all the charges. Again no THERE there.
        6) of course I can’t speak for everyone but I would hope that every Red Blooded American who had a parent or grandparent that fought fascism in WW2 is not letting their sacrifice be wasted by letting it in the front door.
        Finally. I challenge you to watch the Commission’s report on Monday AM and believe your eyes and ears of testimony that is under oath. If you are serious about any desire for America to heal WATCH.

        1. Charles, stay in denial. Most Americans have seen the destruction to this country recently, and it’s coming from the people you support. Inner cities have become a dump. Crime is out of control, destruction of law enforcement , zero border control, seven dollar gasoline and inflation through the roof. November cannot come soon enough. The far left has done enough damage and people have had enough.

        2. Let”s take a closer look at those issues Frank,
          What’s driving this spike in crime. For one there is a huge wealth disparity between the “haves” and “have-nots” . Most wealth is concentrated at the top where the tax rate for millionaires and billionaires has fallen from 85% in 1960 to 35% in 2020 and “Trickle Down” Economics is nothing but a myth. Next Ronald Reagan cut the funding for mental health hospitals and they’ve never come back. Now throw Drug Addiction on top of that and we have the mess we have today. Where are the Police ? The Bad Cops quit. That’s what they did. The Cops that wouldn’t follow orders got political over the covid vaccine and masks and quit. Never mind that covid has killed more officers than guns since 2019. Good riddance to them, they can’t be trusted with public safety anymore. I
          Now what is the Republican plan to fight crime? more tax breaks for the wealthiest ?
          OK Frank just how is Inflation driven by high oil prices President Biden’s fault ? Does he own any oil companies ? No ? Did he invade Ukraine ? No ? Is he sitting around a big table in Houston setting the daily prices ? No ? Maybe you should ask those boys in Houston why they’re not doing any drilling on the 9000+ sites already approved by the Administration ? But you already know the answer. Price Gouging not the Presidents policies.
          The Democrats in the House are at least passing legislation to help fix these problems and help the average citizen but apparently Republicans in the Senate want you to pay high prices. It just means more profit for their donors. What’s the GOP plan for high gas prices ? Acquire more sites NOT to drill on ? Have Trump do another sword dance to suck up to the Saudis ? tell us ?
          Don’t forget. Please watch the January 6th Committee’s report on Monday AM to learn more about the Assault on Our Democracy.

  13. Interesting comments all. Ever since I’ve quit just believing and accepting everything Liberal, I’ve come to realize people tend to just believe and promote what they want to believe and promote, regardless of whatever varfifiable facts and evidence exist on any given topic.

    For example, Trump is literally on tape asking the Georgia Sec. of State ( an avowed Republican) to “find” 11,000+ votes to overturn that state’s Presidential election and give Trump the national win. Yet thousands of people believe and promote the idea that he really won that state due to voter fraud which is almost non existent anywhere in the country. It’s pretty futile and difficult to try to refute that kind of blind devotion to a big lie. Liz Cheny, an arch Neo Con Republican if there ever was one, is saying our Democracy is hanging by a thread because of Trump and/ or Trumpism. I tend to think she is right.

  14. Charles, you sure got those Democrat talking points down. You excuse the looting, murders and assaults. Sorry, it is due to not punishing criminals. No consequences for law breakers continues the behavior. Drugs pour across our border. Fentanyl out of control. This administration doesn’t seem to care one bit about the destruction it brings to our country. You think only bad cops quit? That is laughable. Excellent cops quit had enough of the demonizing and either retired early,,left to go into the private field or left the occupation completely. Very few are entering that arena with the current social environment. You blame the oil companies for not drilling? Leases don’t mean squat when you pile on massive regulations and demonize the energy industry at every turn. This administration and progressives could care lesson about working families getting destroyed at the grocery store and the gas pump.
    Ask people how they like watching their 401k’s turn into 101k’s and retirement savings evaporate before their eyes. You can run around screaming it’s not failed liberal policies all you want but it doesn’t make it so. Biden is being ran by the progressive left and it is a complete failure. Sorry Charlie. See you in November.

    1. It’s clear this back and forth will go on forever so I’m closing this thread now.

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