No injuries in two-vehicle crash at 196th and 88th Monday


A driver was cited but no one was injured in a two-vehicle crash at 196th Street Southwest and 88th Avenue West Monday morning.

According to the Edmonds police traffic investigator at the scene, the woman driver was headed southbound on 88th Avenue West around 8 a.m. Monday when she stopped at one stop sign but failed to stop at a second sign at 196th Street Southwest. As the driver made a right turn onto 196th, her vehicle clipped the front of another vehicle headed westbound on 196th Street Southwest. That car then swerved into the opposing traffic lane and then swerved back, crashing through a cyclone fence next to the Maplewood Rock and Gem Club. The car flipped and came to rest on its roof, police said. Both the woman driver of the vehicle that was struck and the driver who hit her were uninjured.

The driver was cited for failing to stop at the stop sign, Edmonds police spokesperson Sgt. Josh McClure said.


  1. Hum, really. No one injured. The description of this accident sure sounds like it would have caused some soft tissues injury or whip last or something. I guess only the insurance companies will know huh.

  2. This isn’t the first time that someone has gone through the fence and over the embankment at the Maplewood Rock and Gem club. The scary part is we have booths there in August during the Rock And Gem show. There was an accident last August during our show.

    I have witnessed many people drive through both stop signs on 88th Ave West. It is a dangerous intersection and I hope it is looked at by both the state and city of Edmonds.

    One thing I have noticed of late are people failing to stop at stop signs and red lights. How can this ever be stopped.?

  3. Agreed, Paul. This is a really dangerous intersection even when people are stopping at the stop sign and following all of the rules. Turning left/east from 88th onto 196th is super dangerous because cars are coming fast up 196th, and turning right onto 196th from 88th on the other side is even more dangerous because there is very limited visibility. Any idea if they have looked at putting a stoplight here? Glad nobody was injured.

    1. It’s an intersection I use almost daily and use extreme cautious when I do. Better to take a few extra seconds to be sure it’s all clear than be involved in an accident. There can be a lot of things going on at that intersection regardless of which direction you are coming from.

      Line of sight can be extremely limited and if cars are exceeding the speed limit on 196th it increases the risk for accidents.

      We were at scene shortly after it happened, before police showed up, but didn’t realize a car had gone through the fence. So glad the injuries were minor if any.

    1. Time to paint broad white Stop Bars on the pavement at each of those stop signs! Signs by themselves are inadequate.

  4. Years and years ago, I pestered the Powers that be (Council and Mayor) about the dangerousness situation at the intersection. It was after a single car fatality in that same spot. 196th is a state route, so the City wasn’t much interested. The State doesn’t and hasn’t deemed it even deserving of a stop light, stating that the accidents were mostly single car accidents so it didn’t qualify for even a traffic light. Unlikely anything will ever be done about it unless and until some really horrendous accident happens.
    The joys of living in the “other Edmonds”. But yeah, let’s reimagine our streets, spend money on the consultants and pretty power point pictures rather than reimagining that intersection with a traffic light.

    1. I used to go that way to get to the Mall in Lynnwood. It was needed then and now with people driving at very high speeds and no regard for stop signs I can only imagine how dangerous it has become. I liked what you said as I believe it all. Put in stop lights. No roundabout is needed here. Just stop lights and maybe we go back to camera arrests since we are so low on police here. I remember them and I ran thru a yellow once it was years back as you recall and it did get me ticket in the mail. I paid it. Although this time don’t change the amount of time to get thru the light??? I really had no choice the light changed so fast from full on green to yellow and was gone in an instant. so do that only do it properly this time. thank you. Diane T. You are correct.

      1. Deborah or anyone else, any idea how those of us that are concerned about this can elevate it? As Diane pointed out, if it is considered a state route, can we engage someone in the city government (public works? transportation?) to advocate to the state for a review or some kind of action to move things forward?

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