Two women robbed at gunpoint while walking along Interurban Trail in Edmonds

The location of the assault is where the Interurban Trail intersects 76th Avenue West.

Edmonds police are looking for two armed men who assaulted and robbed two women while they walked on the Interurban Trail in Edmonds’ Lake Balllinger neighborhood shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Detectives spent Thursday canvassing the neighborhood where the attack occurred and following up on leads, Edmonds police spokesperson Sgt. Josh McClure said.

The incident occurred on the trail just west of where it intersects with 76th Avenue West. The two suspects ran up behind the two women, and each pressed a gun against one of them. One victim was robbed of her cell phone, and the suspects used the victim and the phone’s face recognition feature to unlock the phone. Both victims also suffered minor injuries during the encounter as the suspects struck them with their weapons during the attack,” McClure said.

Responding officers arrived within minutes of the 911 call and had fire and emergency medical services personnel respond to evaluate the victims, he added.

The suspects and vehicle were described as:

  • A  black male, between 22 to 25 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a medium build. This suspect wore a black gator mask, black or red hoodie, and black sweat pants.
  • A male with a dark complexion, between 18 to 22 years of age, 6 feet tall, with a slim build. He wore a teal gator mask, a teal jacket with a zipper in the front, and black sweat pants.
  • The suspect vehicle is a black, early 2000s Nissan Altima with chrome trim around the dark tinted windows. The vehicle did not have a front or rear license plate. Both suspects were seen getting into the backseats of the vehicle before it fled northbound on 76th Avenue West, McClure said.

Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact Edmonds Police at or the police tip line at 425-771-0212. Community members outside of Edmonds may also contact their local police department, who can assist with getting the information to Edmonds police.


  1. If you’re walking anywhere, at least carry a can of mace or bear spray. Used it several times delivering mail in Edmonds.

  2. I live near where this occurred and use the trail frequently as do many of my neighbors. This is happening in Edmonds, people, not downtown Seattle. Anyone who was ignorant to these issues needs to get their heads out of the sand. The mayor and council need to stop their feud and start working together on addressing very real – and increasing – crime and safety issues across the entire city. Until we can feel safe in our own homes and neighborhoods, I do not see why there would be discussions around any other items. The distractions of their own making are complacency in these events.

    1. The 2022 city budget has a line item of 17.4 million for public safety but it does not seem like this taxpayer money is being used effectively..

      We have a dangerous, vacant house in horrible condition next door to us in Seaview. It attracts drug addicts who have threatened us, and it’s a fire hazard. It’s been sitting vacant for thirteen years, we and our neighbors have regularly complained about the impact on the safety of our neighborhood. The city government does nothing but send letters to the unresponsive owners who live in Bellevue.

      The last development director told us it’s too expensive for city to take legal action.

      After he was elected, Mayor Nelson committed to taking action. So far, the city government continues to stall and various officials including the mayor will not respond to questions about next steps.

      I’m sure the city would be doing a lot more if this dangerous abandoned house was next door to Mayor Nelson or the city attorney.

  3. We need transparency from the Mayor and Police Chief on how bad the situation actually is. Is Edmonds safe?

    As a starting point, at each monthly Council Committee Public Safety meeting, the administration should provide a public safety update to the Councilmembers. There are standard metrics that can be easily employed.
    How do we compare regionally, state-wide and nationally for cities of our size and proximity to larger metropolitan areas? Which direction are we trending? What’s our plan to improve public safety? How can the community help? Let’s develop a plan and, as Tom says, not put our heads in the sand and hope this goes away.

    Public safety is the number one responsibility of city government. I hope everyone can agree with this. So, let’s act like it! Is Edmonds safe?

  4. Crime is happening everywhere. So sad it is even in our own community. In reporting about it, please be aware of unintended racism. The article identifies one suspect as “a black male” and the other is “a male.” Is the second suspect white? If you are going to identify the race of one suspect, you should identify the other as well- even if they are white. The inclusion of race of only one suspect unintentionally focuses the negative attention on the suspect with a racial identity. Thank you.

    1. Hi Judi:
      The descriptions are as follows:
      A  black male…
      A male with a dark complexion…
      As provided by police to help people provide tips for finding the suspects.

    2. The second suspect is described as having a dark complexion. This is not racism, it is crime committed by two people on unsuspecting victims. We need the best descriptions possible in a scary situation of the criminals.

  5. No guns around would be nice start. I worked overseas and considered “rich” in my low income community, but never had a reason to feel fearful. Why do people feel entitled to take things from other people or businesses in our community? Let’s look for the many entitlement influencers.

  6. I bet the two criminals didn’t get the firearms legally. Something tells me that they wouldn’t pass a background check. So, we should make more anti gun laws for these two criminals to keep not following and causing more crime and victimizing more people. Those two victims needed to have something to protect themselves. A knife in close range to get their hands on, a firearm…. something! Mace wouldn’t have stopped these two, but it may have deterred them.

    Please people… keep your head on a swivel in this disturbing society where the prosecutors office won’t prosecute them and blame it on racism instead of what they did. Our own governor is useless with allowing criminals to get a free pass to do what they want when they want.

    So stand up for yourself and protect your own….. no one else will do it for you in this state! The poor amazing officers can only do so much. This state has tied their hands.

  7. The descriptions are exactly as the girls said to police, they were only able to see their eyes and they were aware enough to get as much info as possible even when they were being attacked!! They could not tell what race the other a$$hole was. This was my daughter and her friend, we are just thankful they are ok, however traumatized!!

  8. I encourage folks to read my and Will Chen’s commentary linked on the homepage about increasing public safety in this part of the neighborhood that we put out in light of the events on Wednesday.

    Jennifer – so very sorry to hear that your daughter and her friend had to suffer through this attack. What a nightmare. Our kids should be able to walk safely in our neighborhood, especially during broad daylight.

    Push the city to do better for us.

  9. And now our politicians are trying to pass gun laws that only criminals don’t adhere to. Good grief! The only gun law that should be passed is that EVERY law abiding citizen should carry a concealed firearm, that would deter these lowlife thugs!

  10. Lovely. Following that advice we could have shoot outs at the grocery store or on a walk. If that happens I’m moving out of country. Getting rid of guns works in every other country in the world, except ours.

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