Letter to the editor: Supporting Petra Bigea for 21st District

In the August 2 Primary and November 8 General Election, I will be voting for Ms. Petra Bigea, candidate for Washington State House of Representatives LD 21, Position 2. Petra supports policies that limit government spending, lower taxation, protect individual rights, reduce crime, attract high-paying jobs and end radical indoctrination of our precious children.  As a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Romania, Petra understands the forces tearing apart our economy and institutions, because she lived it in real time prior to immigrating to the U.S.  She also understands how to fix our challenges.
Petra is a person of high integrity who compassionately cares about Washingtonians’ hardships and our futures. She is the right person to lead us out of our downward spiral.  Decades of one-party rule has led us to the highest inflation in 40 years, the worst stock market in 52 years, the worst bond market in 224 years, and the greatest social unrest in decades. The incumbents who led us into these crises are not going to lead us out of the mess. We must change what did not work, and vote for fresh candidates who care about the prosperity, safety, and freedom of Washingtonians!
Leslie Gregg
  1. I was not familiar with Petra so I did a basic Google search.
    She received a 92% rating from the NRA which is very concerning. Reading her responses to the Ballotpedia questionnaire confirmed my opinion. I will not be voting for Petra. https://ballotpedia.org/Petra_Bigea

    1. Thank you Polly!! I’ll take the “radical indoctrination of our previous children” over bullet riddled children.

  2. Radical indoctrination of our children? Come on. Funded by the NRA, no way. I will not be voting for Petra.

  3. I would like to see and hear Ms Bigea speak in person, articulating her platform and answering questions.

    I was disappointed that Ms Bigea choose not to participate in the League Of Women Voters forum. Lillian Ortiz Self (D) and Jennifer Short (R) participated and gave the voters a clear picture of their ideas, platform.

    There are public events where Ms Bigea can make herself available to constituents. I hope she takes advantage of these opportunities.

  4. Ms. Greaves, The NRA trains more youth and adults in firearms safety than any other organization in the nation, while supporting law enforcement and promoting and defending the US Constitution and all of its provisions. The fact that you are ignorant of what the NRA and its supporters stand for is a result of the constant and baseless attacks by leftist politicians and media. Here is one fact you may not have been aware of: The number of NRA members committing murders with firearms ( AKA guns ) is effectively zero. IMHO. Ms. Bigea would be a much needed breath of fresh air for the 21st LD.

    1. Wow, without knowing anything about me you are calling me ignorant. I do my own research and am very aware of what the NRA stands for, both currently and in the past. I am old enough to have watched it evolve.
      You vote for who you want and I will vote for who I want.

    2. Mr. Demme, the NRA doesn’t endorse candidates for their help in training youths and adults in firearm safety. They endorse candidates for public office who oppose gun control, people who will vote against legislation to keep firearms out of wrong hands.

      With gun tragedies a daily occurrence in America today, I’d rather have legislators working to reduce my chances of getting cut down by flying lead.

      1. Amen. My brother was a NRA member for many years. He dropped his membership 10 years ago. He said they’ve gone too far with their lobbying and support for anything having to do with gun control. Yes they do gun safety training but it’s trumped by their opposition and strong arming of our political leaders to vote against gun control. The NRA has lost its way.

  5. Outlandish claims reflecting the usual tactics – “Decades of one-party rule has led us to the highest inflation in 40 years, the worst stock market in 52 years, the worst bond market in 224 years, and the greatest social unrest in decades. ”

    “She earned an associate degree from Shoreline Community College in 2003. She earned an M.D. from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Ion Ionescu de la Brad in 1991.” (from Ballotpedia)

    Just saying…..

  6. Thanks for the factual information about Petra. It is challenging to locate factual information.

  7. Yikes, it’s fascist statements like “indoctrination of our children” that do the exact opposite of encouraging me to vote for the candidate that the author supports. I can’t help noticing that Ms. Gregg doesn’t specify what exactly our children are being indoctrinated with that is so bad. Could she mean teaching kids to be kind to people that might be different from them, and about “dangerous” ideas like equality and compassion for everyone? I guess hate doesn’t sound so nice when you specify, so best be vague.

    How is the WA State Legislature responsible for inflation and the stock market? Are these issues only in our state? I think Ms. Gregg needs to get out more, because last time I checked these are worldwide problems. Watch Canadian or British news and they are talking about the same things. Could it be that companies worldwide scaled back production during the pandemic and then suddenly found themselves facing both a shortage of workers and shortage of products, thus causing prices to rise globally? Again, I am still waiting on specifics as to what Ms. Bigea would do to help with these issues.

    There is certainly a crisis with “tearing apart our institutions”, and we saw this on display in the aftermath of the 2020 election as President Trump and his followers tried to pull off a violent coup to retain power and end democracy in this country. We know what Ms. Bigea’s real priorities will be if elected: curbing democracy and voting rights, spending tax dollars to investigate fake election fraud, a statewide abortion ban, and flooding our streets with guns and causing crime to rise.

  8. From her website:

    “Petra Bigea will fight for your Constitutional Rights including Religious Freedom, Medical Freedom, Second Amendment Rights and Parental Rights.”

    Let me translate:

    Religious Freedom: code for tearing down the wall between church and state

    Medical Freedom: code for refusing vaccines, perhaps the most important medical advance in the last century, thereby putting the rest of us at increased risk of disease

    Second Amendment Rights: code for allowing unfettered access to guns and assault-style weapons and ignoring the public health crisis of gun violence

    Parental Rights: code for ignoring both the advice of education experts and uncomfortable truths about our country’s history

    No thanks, Petra.

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