Reader view: Have a parade on Olympic View Drive

Want to have your own parade? It’s easy! All you need to do it turn north onto Olympic View Drive from the bottom of 196th Street Southwest and keep to the speed limit. By the time you reach the top of Cherry Street, you’re almost guaranteed to have a line of cars behind you. If you’re lucky, one of them may even pass you, despite the double yellow line and the 25 mph speed limit!

On a walk today, I saw cars as fast as 37 mph, judged by the “Your Speed” sign at OVD and Cherry. A few laggards were doing only 30, though a few were actually obeying the law – those were the ones with the parades. I’ve seen cars doing 40 and over. Especially pickups, for some reason.

The curves north of Wharf Street, and the hidden driveways, make for exciting driving: You never know when someone may pull out from their driveway, and those of us with those drives thrive on dicing with death as we pull out, unable to see you coming because of the curve.

So for exciting driving, or your own parade – try OVD!

Or do we need traffic calming roundabouts or speed bumps or traffic cameras hooked up to the “Your Speed” sign? Or maybe some serious traffic patrols? From what I see and hear daily, we could finance the city on the fines.

— By Nathaniel Brown

Nathaniel Brown lives in Edmonds

  1. I am sorry to see these problems there. In 5 corners it was for a long while pretty bad. No stops, 50 MPH swinging around 4 way stops… But for some reason which is great and I applaud our citizens here it has calmed down. I see many now actually stopping at stop signs. Full stop. amazing. I haven’t seen myself the high speeds etc.
    I know our police presence is unattainable with the amount of officers we have at the moment. I also know the EPD I believe is doing all that it can and is allowed to do. So Good luck. Be careful and hope that respect and dignity in the area does change soon. XO Deb.

    1. Lived and tried working with the city of Lynnwood who has jurisdiction for OVD north of 76th in Perrinville. It’s an arterial, so it’s 30 mph. Lynnwood is on OVD east side, Edmonds on the west side. On my straight stretch, speeds of 50+ are an every day occurrence. All I was able to accomplish was the solar sign by my house (worthless) which got taken out by a driver who fell asleep and landed in my front yard. City says no money to replace sign, no more than two motorcycle cops, who are busy elsewhere, so basically we’re S.O.L. Bicyclists drew the short end when improvements were made, bc city wouldn’t buy enough land to put the bike lanes in. There’s five schools within walking distance, but hey, who cares if speeds exceed 50, racing happens at night… No one’s died, have they? I’m told by LPD that other areas are priority. Maybe Edmonds Police should take over speed enforcement then.

    2. Right on Nathaniel. I live on ovd and what I see on a daily basis is very disappointing. One officer with radar would pay for himself easily in one year. I have to do landscape maintenance on that road and I’ve nearly been hit many times. I place cones out thinking that might help but they get hot and dragged while I’m right there working. I’m not sure what the best solution is but we need to start figuring it out. There are so many bicyclists and pedestrians it’s just a matter of time before something tragic happens. I’m all for speed bumps or diverting traffic up and around 76th which is a safer solution.

  2. I have witnessed all of the above and it makes me crazy. It seems that we have a new mindset in Edmonds that the rules apply to others only. I believe we should have cameras on the back of the your speed signs. It is done in Arizona and the Cities make a fortune. Here in Edmonds we could pay for the cameras on day one . Please, let’s think about it.

  3. My husband and I walk along Olympic View Drive frequently, and we always comment on how fast cars are racing through there. Most drivers don’t pay attention to the 25mph signs posted all along there. I have tried to spot the license plate numbers of some of the worst offenders, but they go by too fast! Speed bumps would be welcome!

  4. As one of those who do end up leading a parade up OVD up to Perrinville, I can confirm Mr. Brown’s comment. And as one who lives on OVD between Perrinville and 176th, I agree that Charleen’s comment is on target. There was a time when the police patrolled that area for speeders, but that was long ago. In fact, they often parked at my property with their radar gun. Of course, if you drive the freeway you can notice that it is rare to have anyone obeying the speed limits there either. It seems that rules are not for most people to obey.

  5. Don’t forget 75th Pl W between Meadowdale Beach Rd. and the other Meadowdale Beach Rd. N – along Haines Wharf! The speed limit there is 25 MPH and NO cool, yet ineffective lights or “Your Speed” signs. Where are the speed patrols?

  6. Some one’s going to bite it, just a matter of when not If. I too, live on Olympic View National Raceway, and it’s way out of hand. The strait-a-way between Wharf St. & Euclid is crazy on weekend evenings. I’ve seen motorcycles doing 50-60, both ways and they must laugh at the solar sign going north just past Cherry. And further north is even more dangerous with cyclists, driveways & curves. Remember we lost three teens near Andover, a few years back. I’m tired of it, but not too tired to give up. We need some sort of traffic calmers……

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