Letter to the editor: Sign the petition to oppose state housing bills


Bills were introduced in last year’s legislative session around issues of land use, zoning, and housing.  When these ill-advised bills were defeated, the sponsors said they would be back this year. A half a dozen bills are before the legislature now that are extreme and draconian and that would revamp land use and zoning statewide. They propose unworkable solutions to problems not anticipated in Edmonds until at least 2035 to meet GMA growth goals, and not resulting in affordable housing.

The Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds has created a petition on Change.org to counter these bills. ACE invites and encourages people to review and sign the petition. When the Edmonds Citizens Housing Commission surveyed citizens circa 2020, it was clear that three-quarters of citizens do not favor rampant growth that will result from a group of proposals like these. There is a surprising disconnect between the wishes of the electorate and the intentions of their elected representatives. ACE wants to remind Olympia of voters’ priorities via many signatures on this petition.

The petition is entitled Oppose Takeover of Residential Zoning by Washington State and can be found at this link: https://chng.it/JTpwhDzDjQ

These bills could result in the following, if approved:

– Usurp local land use/zoning decisions, eliminate single-family residential zoning by the State.

– Allow splitting single-family lots into two, doubling residential density.

– Expand exponentially detached ADUs, “allowing at least two on all lots.”

Please visit the petition and sign!

Larry Williamson
Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds Board

  1. It is criminal and stealing to take away single family housing from state population. Part of the American dream has long been to own your own piece of property and home, stop this insanity and your plan to eliminate single family homes and residential areas. People worked hard to have their own home.

  2. We are meeting all housing requirement’s put on our City. Our environment cannot take much more without hurting the lands we so graciously tend to. Birth rates are going down in tWashington State which lowers the need for housing. Activist try to sell its more environmentally friendly to live in stacked boxes, as they fill up the landfill, with debris from demolition. We are a special community and a commodity on the Puget sound, therefore we will never be the first home, for many no matter how many new homes are built. Protect what makes Edmonds great!

  3. I really appreciate the ACE and how you help keep us informed.
    Does anyone who lives in Edmonds want it to be the next Ballard?
    I just emailed Peterson, Ortiz-Self, and Lias to voice my opposition and say why.
    Please take the time to do this so we have a chance to have a say and join those of us who attend the City Council meetings on Tuesday to hear what our local politicos are saying.

  4. I signed the petition and immediately got hit up for a donation or referral to a friend, digital chain letter style, as is all the rage. I appreciate neither and I suspect these type petitions don’t have much influence on our elected officials and their over zealous save the world agendas. If everyone but the city is going to run the whole show, there doesn’t seem like there is much need for a city at all; putting it simply. Why not just State zoning, State Fire, State Police, State Transportation, State Schools and State taxation? Seems like that’s where it is all headed.

  5. 1. Don’t sell your homes! Get help thru more wealthy people who support SFH in our town.
    2. What is the deal with the Bowl being exempt or something due to water rise?
    3. Time to storm city hall and the Capital in a peaceful way. With signs and megaphones. (who knew I would have to do this again)
    4. The amount of units being planned now will probably increase our population here in Edmonds alone by 33 %. Yet it will not be for those making minimum wage! It will not be to help our service level employees in city gov or retail. all of it.
    5. It does nothing to help the homeless
    all R or L or I should all be against this land grab. Look at our other counties all over this state. DO you see support for this other than maybe parts of King? I don’t. I don’t evensee support thru many towns and other small cities in our county! SO why Edmonds? Even the major majority of Edmonds R and D do not suport this. Lets stop this now. Clint is right impossible to do this with a computer alone. Get the word out fast!

  6. Signed petition today. Its pretty easy actually. District 21 here. Also two comments sent one to Lillian and one to Liias. Heartfelt not mean. The link works you do not have to donate you can share it instead on FB. I don’t use pay pal so I don’t do that on line but I would have donated the 3 $ if I did. They don’t make you they give you the option to share it. SIgn it. Everyone Sign it. Please

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