Scene in Edmonds: Housing message

These signs and others have been spotted in various Edmonds locations opposing housing legislation now being considered in the Washington State Legislature. (Photo by Rebecca Anderson)

  1. The beauty of Edmonds is that so many houses have such an insanely gorgeous view. It’s why I’d love to live there once my son is done with school.

    Who knows what kind of can of worms will be opened if high rises can spread up along or in front of the shoreline.

    – Josh in Shoreline

    1. Josh, they want to turn this into a Ballard, then they can start offering older ppl and others $$$ for their property just like Ballard, no thanks. Next uts wanting to turn Edmonds into a Smart City, NO!! I wanted to live in Edmonds too and now I do, pray to God and ask Him for what you want, ask Him to open a door. Then thank Him for doing it.

  2. This is an important call to action as our very own “representatives” continously push a statewide agenda to get rid of our current single family zoning in favor of more density. Do these “representatives” not understand why we moved to edmonds and away from larger cities? It should be obvious to all by now a push for “density” is to ultimately feed the 1.9 billion dollar lightrail. You don’t have to look far in lynnwood to see the incredible density along the 1-5 corridor. Imagine being next to, across from or behind you, a four-plex that spans from the curb all the way back to the rear of the property line. It will dwarf your property and you will lose some aspect of light, vie, territorial outlook or simply anesthetics having these towering structures scatter throughout our neighborhoods. It will be horrid in every sense of the word in our community. Are you willing to risk saying silent and say goodbye to the charm of edmonds? I hope you will take action to stop this bad decision.

    1. They don’t care Cynthia.
      This from the Seattle Times today-
      “The Washington state House of Representatives late Monday passed a bill that would legalize duplexes or fourplexes in almost every neighborhood of every city in Washington, potentially bringing an end to local zoning rules that limit large swaths of cities to only single-family homes.
      House Bill 1110 passed overwhelmingly on a bipartisan 75-21 vote.”
      The bill is now in the Senates hands.
      This is their solution under the pretense of creating “affordable” housing.
      Sad but true.

  3. Thank you Cynthia for explaining the likely effects this legislation will have on Edmonds. We do not want to become the next Ballard! I have emailed all three of the aforementioned legislators and they are in favor of both HB 1110 and SB 5190.
    If we don’t speak/email now our neighborhoods will permanently change and we will lose many of the things we love about Edmonds.

  4. Once upon a time a man watched as they cut down trees to make way for main street Edmonds and cursed about how they were going to ruin his rural setup in favor of a sprawling little town.

    People complaining about being imposed on were at one point the ones doing the imposing. This is the nature of society and a functioing democracy. Interests collide and entrenched parties get uprooted.

    It is natural for humans to advocate for what is in their best interest without consideration for the needs of others. But just because you were here “first” does not give you supremacy over the land. The man with the rural frontier setup from 100+ years ago could tell you that.

    I have called Edmonds home for my entire life, and it will change soon and change dramatically. As will all things. Best to embrace it.

    1. Sounds like you’re getting ready for your beachside Brackets Landing condo? As a 6th generation Washingtonian, I am aware some changes over the years have been good and some have been lousy. Embracing poor choices may be knowledge, but it’s not wisdom.

      1. Well put, Brian. Blatant greed, inappropriate and unbalanced one party rule, just plain dumb decisions; and following the advice of the wrong people is ruining what our great little town once was. This is what happens when the “visions” come from the top and not the bottom. When the folks at the top are in charge of all the “visions”, those “visions” almost always end up benefiting those already at the top from the financial perspective. The rich get richer and the poor get babies, as my wise mother used to tell me.

    2. Mr. Davison, the current discussion is not about necessary steps to accommodate expected population growth~ Edmonds is already doing that under our current Comprehensive Plan and zoning codes. If the Legislature credibly believes that Edmonds should grow more than what’s currently planned under the state’s Growth Management Act, then tell us what that larger number should be. But then let the City of Edmonds and its citizens plan for where that extra population should go!

      I’m reasonably certain that good planning would not put that density into existing single-family neighborhoods, many of which are served by two-lane roads with no shoulders, no curbs, no sidewalks and open-ditch drainage. I expect we would put additional density into walkable neighborhoods on bus routes and nearer to shops and stores, maybe expanding existing multi-family blocks a little bit. It’s called Planning, and cities can do it a heck of a lot better than Olympia can!

      -Roger Pence-
      Former chair, Edmonds Planning Board

  5. Next election cycle when our local district 21 state representatives are on the ballot, it will be time to remember that they whole heartedly supported these 2 bills and took local control away for cities in Washington, Edmonds included. time to primary tall 3 of them out of office.

    1. Agreed Robert. I’m a life long left of center liberal but these people have sold their own constituents out. There have to be some more centrist Democratic Party people with some reasoning ability out there somewhere. I can’t believe my two only choices politically now are Fascism or some sort of pretend hybrid Socialism. All these laws are going to do is create more market rate housing and line developers pockets.

    2. Both our house rep’s, Strom Peterson(pos.1) and Lillian Ortiz-Self(pos.2) voted for passage of this bill.
      The only person locally affiliated that can now vote to oppose House Bill 1110 is senator Mr. Marko Liias who represents the 21st district (Edmonds,Mukilteo,Everett and Lynnwood) in the WA state house senate.
      He was born in Edmonds and has been in office since 2014. Prior to that he served in the house of representatives for the 21st district from 2008 to 2014.
      I’ll include links below to the Washington state legislature website and Mr. Liias official webpage.
      Stay current and let your voice be known. It may not make a difference but personally I feel better to have at least voiced my opinion rather than stay silent. Silence is acceptance!
      HB 1110-
      Senator Liias-
      Like Mr. Peterson stated above, educate yourselves when it’s time to vote.
      Have a joyful day folks.

  6. Thank you for getting the word out by posting these signs. Please consider contacting your representatives. It’s super easy! Our local leaders are selling out Edmonds and drastically want to change our neighborhoods. Have they not been to West Seattle and Ballard?! It’s already happening now in certain places in Shoreline too!

  7. Congratulations to those who worked hard on these signs in getting the word out on these terrible housing bills. Please take action as the signs indicate and contact your state legislature reps to tell them NO. It’s still amazing to me why we even elected these legislators who refuse to listen to the citizens they represent. Instead, they are endorsing a partisan state agenda. Make YOUR VOICE HEARD on this issue. Peterson and Liias are holding a Town Hall at Edmonds Waterfront on 3/17 at 10a (check the date in case I have it wrong). Show up and be heard.

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