Sprouts Farmers Market says Lynnwood location will close April 30

Sprouts Farmers Market will close its Lynnwood location April 30. (File photo)

The Lynnwood Sprouts Farmers Market said it will permanently close its doors on Sunday, April 30.

“Choosing to close a store is always a difficult decision,” said Jim Rice, Sprouts regional vice president. “However, this store is approximately 30% larger than our current prototype and underperformed financially.”

The 30,000-square-foot store, located at 19630 Hwy 99 in Lynnwood Crossing, opened in early 2019. According to Rice, Sprouts has made the decision to focus its efforts on smaller stores that are more financially sustainable.

“Sprouts continues to move forward with our strategy of opening smaller-format stores that provide improved box economics and have been reduced to [roughly] 23,000 square feet,” Rice said.

Lynnwood Sprouts employees “remain our first priority” during the closure, Rice said. “Thus, we are offering all team members the opportunity to stay employed with the company and we’ll work closely with each team member to facilitate the transition. We greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication these team members have put in over the years and hope they will continue to work for Sprouts.”

Until April 30, the Lynnwood store will remain open seven days a week from 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

The company is planning to open at least 30 new stores this year, but none of them will be in Washington state, the company said.

Click here to find the nearest Sprouts store location.

— By Lauren Reichenbach

    1. This store has always under performed of what it actually presence in the Organic Foods . But I have watched their weekly sales and a lot of other stores in town always beats their prices

      1. Except for produce. Always better quality, at a lower price. I’ve shopped at this store since it opened. Located as it is, it is difficult to see from hwy 99 or 196th. That probably has a lot to do with “underperformance”.

    2. About once a week my husband did go to Sprouts to get sandwiches. We always ordered double tuna. Then the tuna sandwiches became so small even with double and the additional money spent they didn’t even cover the bread entirely. Also I did try their produce and we did want to support them but we just couldn’t find anything that was very fresh is how I will put this. They were nice especially at the Deli. I am sorry they didn’t make it. We decided 3 weeks ago since we were so disappointed to no longer patronize this business.
      There is your real life true story Carl. Hello.

      1. I have shopped at this store since it opened also, having watched the store being built.I had driven out to the Mill Creek store to shop there and was excited to see a store closer to home. At first Sprouts included advertising along with the other major stores – Safeway, Fred Meyer and QFC. Then the pandemic hit and while the other stores continued their advertising, Sprouts dropped their ads. I’m sure I’m not the only person who plans their shopping lists around the specials offered by the stores, but it became easier to drop Sprouts off my preferred stores when I didn’t get their ads. It is impossible for me to read grocery ads on my hand-held cell phone. I continually mentioned their lack of advertising to the store manager but evidently those in AZ didn’t listen. Sorry to see it close.

    3. I imagine they have Professionals on their payroll that like Accountants and Financial Officers that make these decisions. Tgerefore, your comment is moot I’m afraid.

    4. I think a lot of the problem is access and location. There has NEVER been a grocery store in that location. On the north side of the intersection yes. Across the street to the east, yes. FOR DECADES, but never on that corner.
      Plus instead of putting the store front and center on the corner, they tucked it out of view at the back of the lot with other buildings in front of it. Unless you made it a destination shopping location, no one just stopped. It was not convenient like Safeway, Albertsons, and Trader Joes.

  1. Meanwhile we have one gas station in that whole area and it’s not accessible if you are driving northbound.

    1. Kristina, don’t worry about looking for gas. Fearless leader Jay has taken that right from you. You will need to spend lotsa of money on EV.. Jay doesn’t care if one cannot afford it. Going green is all he cares about. While flying and driving to save the planet. Can you say hypocrite.

      1. It’s a loss of a walkable, nicely laid out business for those of us west of 99.
        Thier business model is much more than a deli as they promoted and sell real ingredients used in real cooking.
        I always wondered how long they would stay in business and I’ll miss that store for it’s wide open layout, friendly staff and great selection of healthy option food. I’ll admit there isn’t much there if you like shopping at Sfwy, FM or WIN. However, they filled a niche that isn’t found at whole paycheck. PCC too pricey and boutique focused for everyday cooks.
        Guess I’m back to ordering from Azure… And shopping at our European grocery stores and the Gogo mart.

    2. We always have to get gas at Safeway on 148th & Hwy 99 as it’s the only one around the Lynnwood area . Next closest one to us is the one on N 175th ave NE & 15th ave NE in Shoreline . They also do their save gas at the Chevron dealership with your Safeway card . But that one still costs you a pretty penny .
      Mill Creek is the only other Sprouts store that I can think of .

      1. A Sprouts opened at 130th & Aurora in 2020. However, I wonder how much longer it will remain open?

        As for getting gas, I go to the Shoreline or Alderwood Costco. I thought current car owners didn’t need to switch to EV. I thought just new car sales were being halted in the next few years. If I’m wrong about that, I’ll need to start doing my research on buying an EV vehicle.

    3. There was a gas station on 99 at about 175th. It was in front of the QFC there in that area. I liked it. Easy in easy out. But I don’t know if it still there. This was BTW North of 196th in Lynnwood. Their prices long ago when I bought gas were less than any on 220th St on the E side of 99 area. Sometimes I think my husband gets gas there anyway. When I did I also went to 104 on occasion and got gas and a car wash there. I can’t remember the last time I put gas in my car. Ha. Its not that I am a big walker I just don’t drive much at all.

  2. The location was unfortunate, because of competition from Trader Joes, which already had a big following. I will be interested to see what lands there next.

  3. Your link to Sprouts locations is incorrect. It should be /stores, as /locations does not work on my internet.

    1. It must be browser dependent as /locations worked for us. It’s been edited to /stores. Hope that helps.

      1. Yes, the last word in the link should be stores not locations. Replace locations with stores and it works fine/ You can also access it from the corporate website.

  4. This came after a change of leadership. During Sprouts last earnings call, they introduced a real estate plan that would close all larger locations such as this one. Washington, Texas, California, Georgia and Florida will all be experiencing the same thing. There was also some pretty terrible managers in this location that were eventually let go, perishables manager early on, and the General Manager eventually as well. This store was 100% better than Mill Creek was. But maybe that has changed over time? As for people complaining about the produce not being fresh? I never really had that problem. I worked as a Meat Cutter for a year, extremely underpaid in comparison to cutting anywhere else, but enjoyed my time there despite the severe mismanagement.

  5. I would so love a Sprouts closer to Marysville! I go to the Mill Creek one weekly because of the organic things they carry. They have a great selection of items I can’t find at Safeway/Fred Meyers. I don’t shop Trader Joe’s (personally it’s over rated) sad to see this go away and to know they just commented on opening 30 new stores but none of them in WA.

  6. I love Sprouts! I go in the Mill Creek store all the time. I especially like the smallness of a Sprouts store. I don’t like huge grocery stores. I go to the Lynnwood area a lot and I never knew there was a Sprouts over there until recently (and then in closed)! You can’t see the store from either 196th or hwy 99. That new shopping center design that places the backs of the buildings right up against the street is a very poor design! You can’t see what stores are in the plaza from the road, so I drive right past. Pick another location and try again!

    1. BJ –
      The Lynnwood store had been there since 2019. I found the quality of the produce hit and miss. I did love the bulk food department.
      There’s also a Sprouts at 130th & 99 – Bitter Lake neighborhood.

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