Updated: 13-year-old in stable condition after drive-by shooting in Edmonds

Edmonds Police Commander Josh McClure speaks to members of the media following a drive-by shooting on 76th Avenue West near College Place Middle School Saturday.

Edmonds police said a 13-year-old boy was the victim of a drive-by shooting on 76th Avenue West near 209th Street Southwest, just south of College Place Middle School, around 6:45 p.m. Saturday.

The boy, who was shot in the pelvis, was in stable condition at Harborview Medical Center, police spokesperson Commander Josh McClure said during a press briefing Saturday night.

Both Lynnwood and Edmonds police responded to multiple 911 calls regarding the shooting, McClure said. Because it occurred at the Edmonds/Lynnwood border, Lynnwood officers were the first on the scene and Edmonds police arrived shortly after, McClure said.

According to multiple witnesses as well as surveillance footage, two boys — the 13-year-old victim and a 14-year-old boy — were walking on the west side of 76th Avenue West when a white truck pulled up on the east side of the street. A passenger exited the truck and fired what were “potentially multiple handguns” at the victim and the 14-year-old, McClure said.

“The bullets also hit at least one if not multiple apartment buildings that were behind the victims but nobody else was injured,” McClure added.

The shooter — described as a male of unknown race wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt, black sweatpants and a mask — returned to the truck, which was last seen northbound on 76th Avenue West.

“We do know there was some connection between the two parties,” McClure said. “Exactly what that connection was, we’re not sure yet but this does not appear to be a random shooting of just innocent people walking down the street.”

Police said they are searching for a white, older-model, Chevy Colorado two-door pickup with white lettering on the front windshield. Call 911 if you see the vehicle and don’t approach it.

The stretch of roadway where the shooting occurred was closed for several hours while detectives continued their investigation.

— Story and photo by Teresa Wippel


    1. It might become the norm if we keep voting for the same people that want to defund the police and give the power to the criminals instead of the police!!

      1. The gangs in the neighborhood are probably behind this. It probably was not random…but who knows?

  1. This is just awful. If it had to do with some sort of gang behavior..there should be people in the school who know about it or should know about it.. if not we really have a serious problem either way.

    1. It could be rewards $ for information might work. It is sure a sad situation no doubt about this.

    2. Of course, they know. No one wants to be a narc…some are trying the love angle… But they know kids always know or know someone who knows…Always have and always will. I did, didn’t you? I wouldn’t say this is all gang related either. I’ve known Meth cookers that did get busted and went to prison for possession and manufacturing. That person was straight ha seriously. We all know we have gang influence and have in this state for well over 30 years. Probably 2 or 3 generations of this and with each generation the gangs probably get more and more resentful and hateful. Try living in a ghetto sometime and you will see what they HAVE to do to survive and protect their loved ones. THAT is the fault of the Dems too. We didn’t do a damn thing to help them.. Just assigned areas where they could live in poverty and danger. RIGHT? Right.

  2. We took to the streets with “Black Lives Matter” why don’t we take to the streets with “All Lives Matter” and do something about gun control.

  3. Well the thing is that it’s just not that simple. Federal Laws and the 1st and 2nd amendments don’t just get wished away or voted away if they are Federal. And the other problem some feel is that you just can’t leave families or anyone without a way to protect themselves in self-defense. These are the truths and the arguments. Our Governor can’t just BAN all guns in WA. It’s impossible or he probably would have long ago. I am hoping for no AR as I see them as a status weapon…not personally but for those who want more power than they feel inside that they possess. People do not hunt with AR 15s.

  4. Theresa we don’t want to get rid of guns or we could be taken over. Bad guys will never surrender their guns. Then if the law passed we the people would be without protection. You can’t expect the police to be the only ones to protect you and your family. Not enough of them. (Plus the people who live in rural areas.) That’s what we are witnessing. Not enough police and Governor Inslee changing the laws to not hold them in jails. Along with prosecutors and judges. Arrests are a revolving door. California is trying to make shoplifting not a crime. Insanity.

  5. This is really scary especially when lots of schools in the Edmonds district are getting gun threats. After reading this I don’t think I feel safe letting my kids walk home. We should be putting more security in the schools to prevent things like this. The worst part is it was next to the elementary schools and the middle school. imagine how terrified these kids are!

  6. I have to say there is some truth coming from both the NRA side and the Gun Control side; but the hyperbole from either side isn’t really going to solve anything. For example, the excuse that we have to have ready access to all small arms to save us from “the government” controlling us and taking away our freedom is absurd. If the government is going to control us or take away our freedom; they will do it with computers and disinformation; and small arms can’t do anything to stop that. Plus “the government” has drones, tanks, nukes, and you name it that small arms would be fairly useless against. But; I think the NRA vibe is correct in terms of a lot of the violence and bad behavior problem is that we just don’t enforce the laws against crime and insane actions, fairly and equally, and we give way too many second and third chances for improved behavior. Mercy the first time in the courts and drop the hammer after that in the courts. Make this true for rich and poor alike, with no racial bias, and we will have peace again in our society.

  7. I have lived in Edmonds for 34 years and felt totally safe. Now not so much with a stabbing and a shooting near my home within the last week. How is this violence creeping into our wonderful town?

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