Scene in Edmonds: Civic Park work nearly complete

Photos taken by Ron LaRue Wednesday. Civic Park’s grand opening is scheduled for June 23.

  1. Since the beginning of this project, I have been concerned about the confusing
    name similarity of civic park and city park. Out of towners will surely get lost. I had been assured by the parks department that civic park would be changed either in honor of someone or a public pole.. Even Civic Field would be somewhat better.

    1. Good tbought. When I saw the headline, my first thought was, ” I didn’t know there was work being done at the city park.” To find out what it was, I then read the article and realized it was the civic field. I’m not a tourist – have lived in the same house in Edmonds since 1971.

  2. Good point Marcia!
    Let me suggest naming it “Peace Officer Park”. Since we value our Edmonds Police so much and we all have a goal of peace in our world. It’s across the street from the Edmonds Police Station too.
    Peace Officer Park.
    Think about it, indeed this would be an excellent way to show respect and appreciation for our “peace” officers and the community’s united goal of peace in our lives, our city and our nation.

    1. I whole-heartily agree with Mark Volpe’s suggestion of calling it ‘Peace Officer Park.’ Unfortunately, there are too many Wokesters in the community who will have nothing to do with honoring police, even in Edmonds! Sadly, not the community it once was.

      1. “Wokesters,” like “virtue signaling,” is one of those lazy ways of dismissing another’s view without bothering to listen to it or engaging with it in any meaningful way. Such phrases simply reduce the other person to an easily-discounted cypher. A functioning community should avoid dismissing an entire, quite possibly fictional group, arbitrarily assigning beliefs to the group, or reducing other people’s views to a few blanket phrases. Moreover, it would be interesting to know the facts and statistics behind deciding that there are “too many Wokesters in the community.” I’m wondering if the “numbers” are as misleading as the phrases. Both might seem to be the “avoidance signaling” of “asleepers.”

        Sadly, not the community it once was. Folks used believe it a civic duty to respect their neighbors’ views.

        1. It’s a giant leap to a conclusion when you assume that just because someone doesn’t agree with your idea of calling it “Police Park” that, that someone is anti-police in viewpoint. Nathanial is right. We just label people “woke” or “racist” who’s views don’t jibe with our own because it’s easy and requires no real thought process in order to attain a sense of personal self-righteousness. There is no problem with not agreeing about the nature of our existence with peaceful co-existence of all; the problems start when we try to force our own view of the “right” way of life on people with a different viewpoint. That’s where we are at as nation and it’s totally dangerous.

  3. How about we call it what it is; “Goose Poop Park”.
    Why do you think the grass stays so green? It is disgusting to watch your kids play soccer and have to be wiping the poop off their legs. At least it’s organic:)
    Over 10 years ago my, then 13 year old, son proposed a way to keep the geese off the grass (and the poop). None of the City’s solutions ever worked. They get an F grade.
    Kristiana Johnson commented several times that she thought his idea was great, but it never went anywhere. I’ll leave you hangin’

    1. The city virtually never implements any suggestions from citizens because they clearly abide by the NIH – not invented here – syndrome. If it’s not their idea it can’t be any good.

  4. Where is the art that was going to hang in the yellow structured building? it was supposed to be installed in April this year?
    also there are too many straight pathways in this park as it is always more soothing and interesting to have some curves. the straight line east and west is too plain and uninteresting.
    however i am please along with the rest of the citizens to see this park completed and looking forward to citizens realizing that the Boys & Girls Club is getting donations to be rebuilt, which is very necessary for their continued occupation as the present building is really needing to be replaced.

  5. How about No Parking, Over Budgit, No More Taste of Edmonds, Civic Center Field, Goose Poop Park? Seriously though, is the name really that big of deal? It’s there, it’s finally done and its Civic Center Fiekd Park as far as I’m concerned. It’s beautiful, if not as functional as the original so let’s just embrace it and move on.

  6. What happened to the money given by the Hazel Miller Foundation to the City and mayor Mike Nelson for this projrct? And, the City’s pledge to honor Hazel’s legacy by naming part of the park in her honor?.

  7. Regarding John Teehan’s comment about some not wishing to honor the police and my suggestion of naming the park,
    “Peace Officer Park”. He has a point. Some would not feel comfortable with that name. So, I have another suggestion.
    Those who do like the name, and like supporting the police in the name, can call it “Police Park”, or “Officer Park”.
    Those who take issue with the name and the police for whatever reasons, can call it “Peace Park”.
    How can anyone disagree with calling a park, Peace Park? That’s one reason folks go to parks. To find peace and tranquility.
    Mayor Mike Nelson says he is a big supporter of the police. Let’s see what he says about this.

    1. How about Unity Park. A place for all. Unity by the Sea? I like Peace park too. No one should want to argue about Peace Park. You are right about most you say. Does Nelson get to choose a name? Is the Mayor the one who chooses park names here? Where I came from the Chamber along with the CC choose with suggestions from all citizens.

  8. How about “First Responders Field”? Covers everyone without the ridiculous Police argument. Firefighters and EMT’s are important too.
    The City wants people to utilize the park, but parking will be an issue. They could have easily put diagonal parking in all along 6th avenue instead of the huge sidewalk. Also, six Pentanque courts but no Pickleball?

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