Ferry line cutting focus of Edmonds police, Washington State Patrol traffic emphasis June 23

Photo courtesy Edmonds Police Department

Edmonds police are partnering with the Washington State Patrol to address ferry line cutting and other driving issues in the Edmonds-Kingston ferry holding lanes from 3-7 p.m. Friday, June 23

“We’ve had way too many traffic complaints turn into road rage situations there,” police said in a social media post announcing Friday’s traffic emphasis.

  1. Make drivers close the gap between vehicles while waiting. Sometimes the ferry line backs up east of 100th (in front of PCC) and there is no way to turn right at this intersection … what is a simple solution?

  2. Please give some attention also to the Dayton/Route 104 intersection. Drivers eager to get to the toll both sometimes block Dayton, and frequently block the crosswalk. Would some kind of metering system help? And maybe a few warnings?

  3. Finally,! Now if we one thing could be e done to address those annoyingly loud exhaust systems without mufflers.
    Scream in Ng at all hours Edo motorcycles. Great acoustics in the area

  4. Next come to the West Seattle terminal. We have to line up on a street and many gaps between cars where driveways are marked with cross hatches. Sometimes you can get them turned back at the ticket booth but most times the ticket people just don’t want to be bothered.

    1. It’s not that they don’t want to be bothered. Their hands are tied and are only able to do anything if seen by them. None of us want to lose our job because we try to make people do the right thing. Only the police can do anything.

  5. Vashon route has our share of line cutters, I’m afraid of someone getting Angry and / or hurt.

  6. Easy fix: At the booth, tell the seller the car in front of you took cuts. The seller refuses to sell the line cutter a ticket. End of problem. It has worked for me more than once.

    1. If the person cut in front of you, how is the ticket seller going to deny them a ticket? If they’re in front of you, they got to the ticket booth before you did.

  7. I’m assuming they’re just gonna give them a ticket or fine. Instead, why not ban them from taking the ferry? Blacklist the license plate. They’ll be forced to take the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and use that extra drive time to think about the money, gas, and time they’re having to waste for their actions. The extreme consequences of adding 4 hours to their commute is sure to be a deterrent.

  8. I have interceded twice over the years, both at the Dayton intersection. In both instances the cheating drivers jumped the line right in from us. I walked up to the driver and pointed out the signs indicating not to take the sharp right on Dayton and blocking traffic and sidewalks. I won’t mention the race of either driver and their guests as some would deem that inappropriate (I do think it was relevant as I lived in the offending drivers’ home country before and experienced line cutting frequently), but both indicated they didn’t speak English. They seemed to understand pretty quickly when walked over to the State Patrol nearby and to the ticket booth. The State Patrol took care of it; in time too – just before several people started crossing the intersection to assist me. Cheating is cheating. Enforcement of these basic rules prevents anger and violence.

  9. Ok – so I know line cutting is annoying, but it is NOT a public safety issue. I am not suggesting there isn’t an emphasis on this, but this is supremely frustrating when we have actual serious public safety concerns in our city. Where are the focus patrols on rampant speeding, shoplifting, abandoned vehicles, emphasis patrols at vacant properties, nighttime park patrols, etc.? We have had ONE police officer in the last 12 months on 76th Ave. W. where people regularly are speeding 15-20MPH over the speed limit, passing in the bike lane, passing in oncoming traffic, etc. But, I see a motorcycle cop at 9th near Caspers on a regular basis pulling people over. Our family has had nothing but good interactions with the EPD when needed, but this is just another example of a focus on Bowl related issues that seem marginal at times.

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