Help us build it: Join us for the launch of nonprofit news in South Snohomish County

Teresa Wippel

On June 29, we’re throwing a party — and you’re invited. The occasion? Our transition to a community-funded nonprofit news organization. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to explain what this transition means for the thousands of readers who have come to rely on the My Neighborhood News NetworkMy Edmonds News, MLTnews and Lynnwood Today — as a trusted local news source.

But first, please put this celebration on your calendar — because it’s for you. The date is Thursday, June 29, from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Lynnwood Event Center. Bring your ideas for helping us build this new approach to sustainable community news, and enjoy  appetizers, beverages, live music, and some fun and inspiring speakers. (Yes, comedy will be involved.) 

While admission is free, RSVPs are requested here, so we can plan.

What will change: Your donations will be tax-deductible! We will have more tools in our funding toolbox to ensure long-term financial sustainability of the community news. These include access to grants and corporate donations, and the ability to provide a tax deduction for all donations, including larger gifts, such as bequests or other forms of charitable giving.

What this means for me: I have donated all the assets of our community news publications to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit My Neighborhood News Network. It is no longer my news organization, it is yours – community owned and guided by a nonprofit board of directors. But be assured that I am not going anywhere: I am the president and CEO of the nonprofit, overseeing the news organization in its new nonprofit form. I still manage the editorial coverage and assign and edit stories. I am also still your point of contact for story ideas, compliments and concerns.  

I am excited about this transition because it will ensure the longevity of our publications beyond any individual “owner.” I also believe our new nonprofit status better reflects our work – which is solidified in the mission statement of our new nonprofit: 

To create a financially sustainable nonprofit news organization focused on civic education and engagement for all stakeholders — including those who have been traditionally underrepresented — and finding solutions for issues that matter to our communities. 

What I’ve come to realize, after 14 years, is that the My Neighborhood News Network is much bigger than me, the person who has held the title of publisher. Our communities deserve a long-term commitment to community news that goes beyond one individual. And that means going beyond the traditional way that news organizations have been operated and funded – as for-profit enterprises solely dependent on advertising and reader donations.

While it may not be a familiar concept to many of you, nonprofit news is not a new idea. More than 300 media outlets in the U.S. and Canada belong to the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN). These organizations either started out as nonprofits or – like us – have converted from for-profit to nonprofit status.  

I look forward to sharing more details with you about the reasons for this transition next week.

Meanwhile, be sure to RSVP for our official launch event June 29 – and help us build it!

 — By Teresa Wippel, President and CEO
My Neighborhood News Network

P.S. Thanks to our launch sponsor, Coastal Community Bank!



  1. will boil down to…a non profit. ..that means what? The highest donor wins? Most non profits lean left in all news. Also a non profit doesn’t pay taxes. (Only time will tell what happens here.)

  2. Theresa, you and My Edmonds News are an invaluable resource to our community. You provide the information we need to better understand local issues and make educated decisions. High quality local journalism such as MEN can’t be taken for granted, so thank you for thinking ahead to ensure future sustainability.

  3. This is such a great local news source. So grateful for all your labors to make it so – and now to ensure it’s future.

  4. I love My Edmonds News. It is a good decision to join INN to ensure the future of our neighborhood paper. Thank you for keeping us informed everyday.

  5. It seems to me like going non-profit would make unbiased news and reporting more likely rather than less likely. If I want biased national news I watch Fox or MSNBC (for profit ogranizations). If I want unbiased national news that presents more than one viewpoint, I watch PBS (not for profit). Logic tells me that a broad based volunteer board of directors running a local news organization, rather than one person running it, would tend to make it less prone to be biased in anyway. Our biggest problem now is deciding whether the news we are getting is really news or just made up stuff on some website offshore or in another state.

    1. Clinton, most liberals think PBS is liberal leaning. If you research it you can view yourself. You won’t hear that for Republicans p, they know it’s left leaning. Do they have some great shows playing on it…yes. But the news…no

      1. Joy, you are quite entitled to your opinion. I simply do not agree with it. PBS is the only place I see any sort of really unbiased reporting of world news at present. PBS doners run the gamet from the Koch Bros. to the Gates Foundation and the programming reflects that as far as I can see. There is a difference between outright bias and just having a different outlook on something. Traditional Conservatism is a beautiful thing and a national treasure. The modern Conservative Cult based ideology is ugly beyond belief and not doing the true Conservative belief system much good in my opinion. Just an opinion that doesn’t really mean much in the great scheme of things.

      2. I like PBS sometimes. I once watched a PBS show that was for fundraising. I donated for 2 tickets 1000 $ but for that I received two tkts to a Joe Bonamassa concert in Seattle as thanks. The event was cancelled, I think it was because of covid. But they did offer all monies back. I didn’t do that I just left the donation. I thought they were very honest and fair about the whole thing, friendly too. I did watch The McLaughlin Group: With John McLaughlin, Eleanor Clift, Pat Buchanan, Tony Blankley. for years. It was great I thought. It was on PBS TV. I often am sent articles from a very progressive liberal longtime friend. These are NPR I find them to be informative, but I also find a lot of L leaning issues or opinions are promoted over Moderate and Conservative opinions. I like to hear both views of important issues so its ok. I like verifiable facts over opinion type news shows radio or newspapers. So, let’s see how this goes.

  6. compliments indeed !
    Teresa, I have been so impressed by you over the years .
    An even balanced ship on the high seas of edmonds happennings.
    The quality of your work…and it is work…is impressive and immeasurable.
    Your actions show that you’re looking toward the future
    with your usual optimism and thoughfulness.
    Thank you Teresa for being our watchtower.

  7. What a wonderful step forward! You have worked so hard to help keep us informed. Congratulations!

  8. Teresa, you are treasured leader of this community, and part of a noble profession that is vital to protecting and improving a free and an informed society. A profession that is at risk. More than a quarter of the country’s newspapers have closed since 2005 and they have been closing at an average of two per week since late 2019. Journalism has changed drastically in that time; its importance has not diminished. If anything, it has become essential.

    What you have always provided, and have now ensured for our future, is nothing less than a more educated and engaged community. These news sources provide us with context to local issues that impact our daily lives and many of our daily decisions.

    That you have gifted My Neighborhood News Network, My Edmonds News, Mltnews and Lynnwood Today to the people of this region is beyond measure. Thank you does not come close to expressing our gratitude.

  9. It’s important to keep supporting MEN financially as well verbally and I intend to keep doing both with this planned transition. I signed up for the event in today’s article and I assume my monthly donation will continue; so please advise if action is needed regarding that aspect of my on going support. Thanks, Teresa.

    1. I have complete trust in Theresa in all ways. I too will continue to $ support T and MEN. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you for everything T. XO Deb.

  10. I wish you well. Your unbiased reporting is invaluable. I think all of us value your style of reporting. It is important to keep that type of reporting alive. I am optimistic, but it is important to have readers point out when the reporting does not meet the standard we value

  11. Thank you, Teresa, for this unselfish step to assure that your wonderful and unbiased news coverage continues and thrives. MyEdmondsNews (and My Neighborhood News Network) is indeed a gift to our community.

  12. I look forward to this event and will definitely be there!

    After reading through the INN website, I am eager to learn how INN will be beneficial *specifically* to MEN, given that you are an established organization with years of experience. It looks like they have many resources to draw upon, especially for young organizations.

    Cannot wait to learn more at this event. Our community, as evidenced by these comments, is very supportive of what you believe to be best!

  13. Congrats, Theresa, on the big move. You have so selflessly given your blood, sweat, and tears to this community for an era. Hopefully a portion of the event will be to take time to celebrate you and everything you built here- massive and impressive and we don’t always deserve it yet you rise above the fray. Thank you for all that you do.

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