Letter to the editor: Cast your vote for mayor wisely


The kickoffs are over! It’s time to look past the pomp and glitz and wealthy catered events and look at the meat and potato issues all Edmonds faces – public safety, infrastructure, environment, budget constraints, and increasing need to partner with other organizations and jurisdictions to better serve Edmonds.

Voters, don’t be duped by the bright shiny object. Do your research and due diligence.  Go to the candidates’ websites.  Some candidates have many years of a long, proven history of public service, of volunteering in numerous capacities.  What have they done for Edmonds over many years, not just mouthing the words of what they have recently done or will do as Mayor.

What kind of city government do we want for our city?  Do we want a Jenny Durkan type Mayor with Seattle ideas – sanctuary city, soft on crime policies putting our citizens at risk? What we’re now witnessing is the push for more services for the homeless and drug addicted with no accountability or required treatment while taxing our citizens to the point of driving them out of their homes – the very folks who built this city.

We need a mayor who is has the bona fides, the qualifications and experience in municipal finance, ready to take the helm on day one. One strong in their convictions and willing to take a sharp pencil to our budget and prioritize the needs of our city.

Do your research and cast your vote wisely.

Theresa Campa Hutchison

  1. This is a timely reminder to carefully consider the candidate before casting our precious vote.
    Do not be fooled by words that promise wonderful results without a STRONG and VERIFIABLE track record of results.
    We will soon be able to cast a ballot for mayor. After 13 years on City Council, our votes will be for Diane Buckshnis.
    Diane puts people first and meets us where we are through neighborhood town halls, answering all emails, volunteering and more. She is an experienced, fiscally responsible legislator who brings all that knowledge to the office of mayor.

  2. We know the WOKE ideology has backfired in cities across America. Cities like LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle. Defunding the police was a dangerous policy that cost all of us the safety and protection we take for granted. Keeping our city clean and rid of the drug addicted homeless culture must be a priority. Crime and zero respect for one’s property has skyrocketed. I heard that Mike Rosen is a fan of Jenny Durkin and will model our Edmonds Government in a similar fashion. If this is true, it scares the you know what out of me. We all know Mike Nelson’s agenda. How he put Edmonds at risk with the COP debacle, shutting down Main Street, not paying his $52,000 Fed Tax Debt until he ran for Mayor. He and his band of WOKE ideologues said Edmonds was full of old, rich white men that are racist. Mike Nelson and his crew became very divisive, and name called anyone who objected to their agenda. I think we have one clear choice. Someone who has dedicated years to protecting our community. A doer not a talker!! That person is Diane Buckshnis.

    1. Rod, I know Mike Rosen very well and he is not a fan of Jenny Durkin. What facts do you have to make that statement?

    2. Mr. Schick, all I recall every saying about Jenny Durkin is related to the following:

      My stepdaughter is developmentally disabled. She works for the City of Seattle and worked for Jenny Durkin, and several previous Seattle mayors. She does copying, making coffee, cleans conference rooms etc. During COVID, city employees had to work remotely. She was isolated from her work friends. She was diagnosed with severe depression with psychosis and catatonia. She spent 39 days in the mental health ward at Swedish.

      During that time, when I assume Jenny Durkin was pretty busy, she took the time to send gifts and cards to my stepdaughter in the hospital, on more than one occasion. Her sensitivity, caring and empathy touched me and my family deeply.

      I do not recall ever saying the words that I would “model Edmonds Government in a similar fashion” and ask that you to PLEASE share with me when I said those words.

      On multiple occasions I have invited people to meet with me personally to ask any questions they have. More than 400 people have taken me up on that offer. I now ask that you meet me for coffee and ask me anything you want.

      1. Well done Mr, Rosen. Thanks for your prompt comment on this thread. I have mixed feelings about the value of the reader comments feature in any free online forum. It supports both helpful and destructive behavior.

        1. Ms. Hollis, I agree with you. Mr. Rosen thank you for answering. I have empathy and compassion for your very personal comments.

      2. Mike and Tom, this is what I have heard when I have asked people that I know and trust. It’s more of an admiration for her and her policies while the Mayor of Seattle. Nothing you said publicly about her. Is this true? If not, please explain to me via this forum what policies of Durkin’s that you agreed with or disagreed with, especially the ones related to the “Summer of Love in CHOP/CHAZ”, Sanctuary Cities, Letting citizens take over and occupy a police precinct, drug addicted homelessness and how to prevent them for entering and squatting in our city (if you haven’t noticed we are seeing more and more of them lately). Additionally, what are your thoughts about increasing the city’s investment in our police force to ensure we have a community where everyone can feel safe.

        1. I’ll let all candidates respond for themselves but just an FYI that this comment section, with its 200-word limit, may not be the best place to do a deep dive into these questions. I think all the mayoral candidates would be happy to answer emails and/or have personal conversations on topics voters are concerned about. Teresa

        2. A reader reminded me that the word limit is now 200 (it used to be greater) so that’s even less room to explain yourself!

    3. Mayor Nelson is doing a good job and deserves to be re-elected. Just look around at our thriving town, at its neighborhoods, parks, and gathering places. Edmonds has weathered the pandemic in great shape. More than ever and despite problems that are found in every town in America, it is probably the best place to live in the region. This didn’t just happen. Some of it must be due to the fact that we have a good, progressive, hard-working mayor. The fantasies and fear mongering about crime and drug addiction in our town that come from the anti-Nelson crowd (and the “resign or recall” yard signs in the Bowl) are getting boring. Anti-Nelson politicians pretend to be upset because the mayor doesn’t do enough to hide the fact that he is a Democrat. I think that’s because they are Republicans who want to hide their loyalty to the locally unpopular party of Trump, billionaires, and voter suppression. Someday, like perennial candidate and three-time loser Janelle Cass they hope to leave the closet and run for statewide office as Republicans with generous support from the developers and rich “conservatives” of Medina and Bellevue.

      1. Bob, I tire of many on both sides of the aisle painting with a broad brush. I’m am absolutely, unequivocally NOT a Republican. I helped put Mayor Nelson in office, AND I do not support him in his bid for re-election. I don’t hate Mike Nelson, but I no longer trust him with the keys to the city. I think he’s done some good as mayor, and I loved seeing his sense of humor during the debates; I merely want him to find a better fit for his talents, which is not as mayor, in my opinion. A lot of people who formerly supported him no longer do because of his actions, in-actions and attitudes while serving. He may win re-election; never in a million years did I think we’d end up with the person we did for our 45th president, so who knows. But until we’re all able to make our choices known via our vote, enough with the generalizations and discounting of real concerns. Expressing opinions and challenging viewpoints is one thing, but making assumptions and spewing vitriol reflects poorly on the individual, as well as their message.

        1. Annon,
          Spewing vitriol? Really? Calling someone a likely Republican may be an insult, but it does little permanent harm. Please take the vitriol charge back.
          Also, making assumptions is an important tool for “expressing opinions and challenging viewpoints,” especially when you are faced with a word limit. Doing so, especially when the assumption is valid and/or defensible, doesn’t reflect poorly on anyone, or on his or her message.
          I know that in the strange, angry, world of My Edmonds News political comments, saying that Mayor Nelson has done a good job and that he deserves to be re-elected can seem extreme, but it is just an opinion. My opinion.

      2. Wrong. I have voted Democrat (including Mayor Nelson and Gov Inslee) and NOT Donald Trump. I however did not vote for much of our county and state legislators this past voting time. The reason is what we have now here and all over our state. I am not a Marxist. I will never be a Marxist. I believe in Democracy. I am not going to dis Mike Nelson like you have all of the citizens here who do not agree with ideas that ideals that lean in that direction. I support LGBTQI+. to the tenth power. I hate Racism with a passion. Everyone should in my opinion. But you have gone too far with your statement. I do support Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility with all of my heart. . We don’t have this as much as we should. But Bob you went way too far. That was ridiculous. You did not help Mayor Nelson with this post.

        1. I now see you are a Veteran Bob. I would like to Thank you for your service to our country. I support all and I support all Veterans and have since Vietnam. I was too young for the earlier wars. But I support all and it is a noble cause. I am a huge supporter of Black Lives Matter. I have a very diverse family and I love all equally. So hey, let’s calm down and realize that election time and politics really get us riled up. OK I am sorry if I hurt you and I hope you are sorry a bit too. Have a good night and go to sleep knowing so many of us care about you.

      3. Respectfully Bob, making a sweeping statement that anyone who criticizes the mayor and doesn’t support him for re-election is a Republican “who want[s] to hide their loyalty to the locally unpopular party of Trump, billionaires, and voter suppression” is spewing vitriol, in my opinion. I take serious issue having anyone assume that I did, or ever would support Trump. I take no issue with your support of Mr Nelson, however, making false, blanket assumptions about those who don’t share in that support is detrimental, in my opinion.

        1. Just as respectfully, Annon, I would ask you to read my comment again. My point was not a “sweeping statement” that you, or someone like you, supports Trump, but that I suspect local “anti-Nelson politicians” (not “anyone”) who criticize Mayor Nelson for being a Democrat are probably doing so because they are themselves Republicans who would like to keep their their own party identity out of local politics to avoid being embarrassed by the criminal behavior of Trump, their party’s leader, by Republican gerrymandering to suppress the votes of black people and Democrats when they gain control of a state legislature, and by their party’s invariable support for tax breaks for the rich and cuts to programs that help everyone else. I’m saying these local politicians probably don’t support Trump; they probably just belong to his party and don’t want voters to know.

    4. I’ve known Mike Rosen for many years. We’ve enjoyed numerous conversations about his vision for Edmonds should the voters entrust him with the office of mayor. We’ve talked about problems the city faces and his plans to tackle them. But you know what never came up…not once…ever? Jenny Durkin. If voters are going to throw out the extremely disingenuous “I heard…” before slinging innuendo or outright untruths, please give us the courtesy and respect by providing concrete examples. If you have questions about candidate Rosen’s plans for the city, reach out. I guarantee you, he’ll buy you a cup of coffee.

      1. Maggie, Mike has every right to respond and distance himself from Jenny Durkan. I only want what is best for our city, because what we have can slip away quickly with the wrong type of leadership, like Seattle. I do not want anybody running our city that supports a radical far left agenda, like Durkan and Nelson did. It ruined Seattle and many cities. Mike Nelson was reckless and exposed Edmonds with the COP debacle and then he created division within our community with council members. We are lucky Edmonds got through that unscathed. Our city needs moderates that can get things done and can see both sides and bring our community together. A good city manager that can work with all council members, city and staff. Diane has proven that she can get things done and work with all types of personalities. Mike Rosen has not shown us that. As far as I know, he has never been on council here in Edmonds. Diane is a logical choice, and her experience is invaluable, and her commitment to our city is evident in her actions. It’s a no brainer!!!

      2. Bob H. You had a somewhat normal conversation but the moment you brought Trump into a conversation you lost 50% of the people. Let’s try to keep on track and talk about Edmonds Mayor…anytime someone brings up Trump when no one talking about him, they are losing the conversation.. rabbit hole begun.

    5. Rodney, if you come onto a public forum like this, and start spouting mistruths about Mike Rosen, a man you haven’t met, then you inadvertently paint the candidate you promote in a poor light. To be clear, I am voting for Mike Rosen. But also, I have a lot of respect for Diane Buckshnis. I cannot imagine her endorsing a smear campaign like this.

      Mike Rosen has graciously responded to your comment and invited you to meet him in person. I encourage you to take him up on that offer. I have met Mike Rosen several times. His past work experience combined with his plans to heal our city from he past few years of discord give me hope for a brighter future for our community.

      1. Jennifer. I have met Mike Rosen. He actually wanted to edit a flyer I made up when the whole COP debacle happened and back then was on multiple zoom meetings with him. I also didn’t realize comparing him to Jenny Durkan was a “smear campaign”. I invited Mike to comment further on my post and he did not, which is his right to do so. To be clear. Just because people I know say Mike was a supporter of Jenny and her policies does not make what I’m saying a smear campaign. I know Mike Rosen to be a good person. I just don’t agree with his politics or his lack of experience to be mayor of Edmonds.

  3. My husband and I could not agree more, Julie. Diane Buckshnis does have a verifiable track record of selfless work for the environment and the citizens of Edmonds. That is a combination of priorities that will serve us well.

    Her background is in finance, a skill set desperately needed in our Mayor now. Many are worried about being priced out of their homes and we need a Mayor who will be fiscally responsible.

    And she is a tireless advocate for Edmonds’ beautiful but fragile environment!

  4. On July 22 we are planning to invite all of the Bell Street Neighbors and anyone else in town who’d like to drop by starting at 3:00 PM to visit our patio/on site home campground to meet Diane Buckshnis and talk about any and all things Edmonds. Northeast corner of 8th. and Bell. She really is the right person at the right time to take over the helm of our city. I’m not in to putting other candidates down; but I am sure Diane is the one we need right now, especially after last night’s Council Meeting where the right and common sense way to do things was all but totally ignored. We just can’t continue on the path we are currently on.

  5. The top two candidates seem to be Mike Rosen and Diane Buckshnis. Both of whom seem like excellent candidates to me.

    The incredible list of endorsements for Mike Rosen are very telling for how trusted members of our community have faith in his abilities, and his agenda and track record are impressive. https://rosen4mayor.com/endorsements/

    Diane Buckshnis has had a long and proven track record of serving the city, and has a lot of inside knowledge about the required procedures to get things done. I have no doubt that Diane would continue her list of wins for the city if she were to be elected mayor. https://dianebuckshnis.com/record/

    Both of these candidates would be great for Edmonds in my opinion.

  6. Local politics are generally an order of magnitude more relevant to regular folks than the more publicized politics at the state and national level. I’m definitely glad to see a lot of local engagement from my community!

    I do believe that we need people involved at the mayor’s office, city council, and every level of city administration that can look at the big picture with compassion. Edmonds and it’s people have access to so many wonderful resources; it’s my hope that we’re able to share and help to lift up our neighbors most in need of that equity!

  7. Another thing to consider when voting, is that having been the owner or CEO of a privately held business or corporation is not directly comparable to being the Strong Mayor of a city. The difference is that of Dictatorship vs. a Democracy. The owner/CEO has unilateral veto power over ideas and plans just like a Dictator. The Strong Mayor has some great powers (way too much in my view) but she/he doesn’t have total veto power which is the ultimate weapon of control in any system or social interaction.

  8. I read with some chagrin a letter-writing campaign in My Edmonds News this morning that attempted to link Mike Rosen, mayoral candidate in Edmonds, with the regime of former Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and the issues of crime and homelessness in Seattle.

    it confuses me how anyone who knows him or has met him would suggest that. The charge is without merit or facts.

    I have known Rosen for some time as a friend and professional colleague. He is driven by strategy and results, not ideology. In the recent mayoral debate, asked his top three priorities, public safety finished first and third.
    What I know he would do, is look for best practices and lessons learned from around the country and
    around the state.

  9. Follow the money in all local races, both contributions and expenditures. Hard to claim “ non partisan” when money comes in from political parties and when money is spent on political party support and partisan consulting hacks. While that may be what many voters want , at least the candidates should be honest and declare their partisan agenda and not hide behind the “non partisan” pretense. Lots of progress made last election. Let’s hope for more of the same this time.

    1. Don,
      I agree. It is very helpful to me as a voter to know which party a candidate identifies with.

  10. I am voting for another candidate in the primary but am troubled by the statements made regarding Mr. Rosen. He’s a good, smart, thoughtful person and took time to meet me for coffee to listen to concerns and ideas I had regarding Edmonds city government, and as he noted, he will be happy to do the same for others. And while I don’t agree with him on all issues, I appreciate that a candidate of his caliber is running for office in a town where anyone who proposes change finds themselves the target of innuendo, inflamed rhetoric, and scorn.
    Mike: I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she is doing better. As a person with a mental health disability, I know that the pandemic was devastating for so many of my community.

    1. Correct, I don’t see very much (if any) support for Mike Nelson in this next election. I appreciate him doing his best to serve the city, but his temperament, lack of communication, and frankly lack of judgment on many key issues make him a non-starter for me, and apparently for most of the other voters I have seen or heard from as well.

      In my assessment, Mike Rosen is the most qualified and best suited to be Mayor of Edmonds. I agree with other commenters and the author that we should base our opinions off of real facts rather than dishonest attacks against him. I have high confidence that Edmond voters are smart enough to be able to ignore disingenuous attacks and focus on facts in this consequential election.

      Ziggy is correct, local politicians are often far more impactful on people’s lives than National politics. Let’s make sure to get this one right.

  11. Seems like we are making all this pretty complicated. City politics by WA. law are supposed to be non-partisan. Fixing roads, taking care of city parks and keeping roads open in winter aren’t things that are very partisan in nature. I’ve never seen a Republican snow plow or a Democrat lawnmower. The things that really matter here are proven track records and experience. A giant list of names including five past mayors or the endorsement of Unions or Political parties should really mean practically nothing. Experience in the private sector does not automatically transfer to the public sector. On proven city related track record and experience none of the other three candidates hold a candle to what Diane has done and will continue to do for us when elected Mayor.

  12. Theresa, thank you for pointing out the obvious – look past the shiny object. People need to do research, find out what the candidates have done for our city – volunteering, community service, etc.. Don’t be fooled by their slick words, take a look at their actions.
    I have been researching candidates and have found Diane Buckshnis has the best record for community service and volunteering, along with a strong fiscal knowledge. I’m impressed with her continuous work on maintaining a city budget that keeps the costs in check. She has a proven track record of support for our city.
    I am uneasy with Rosen and Nelson saying they are progressives, we have seen where that has taken many cities, like Seattle.
    Voters need to do their research not just listen to flowery words.

  13. I am an unapologetic Republican and have been one for 55 years which is long before Trump decided to switch from being a Democrat to a Republican. I have known a fond worked with ever Edmonds Mayor since Gordon Maxwell. Some were better than others but, none were as bad as our current Mayor Mike Nelson. Most of the experienced department heads have left Edmonds. Many were Democrats.
    Nelson is notorious for not answering emails from the public or from Council members. He is afraid to leave a record. Don’t forget the Police Chief hiring fiasco and the shameful treatment of Jim Lawless or his effort to get a quick confirmation of an unqualified candidate who was not properly vetted.
    His major financial support for his campaign is from the labor union where he use to be the President and which has represented workers on the City payroll. He has not earned a second term. This is a non-partisan position and we need a Mayor who will treat it as such. Either Rosen or Buckshnis would be a vast improvement.

  14. Great letter Mark. I’m a former unapologetic Democrat (now Independent after observing the Dem.s happily mess with Edmonds City Govt. the past six odd years). I don’t consider Liberal, Conservative or Progressive dirty words. The basic true difference is Conservatives tend to favor small government and the status quo over change. Liberals (Progressives) tend to favor doing something over doing nothing with some bigger government programs and well thought out change being a good thing. It’s the extremes of ideologies that are literally and figuratively killing us now.

    If Mr. Rosen had some better experience on the policy end of things it would be easier for me to support him for Mayor. As it is; I just think Diane has the better experience and a proven track record. She’s earned a shot at four years of Administration and I’ll do all I can to help her get there. Unlike a lot of men, I’m very comfortable with strong women being in charge. My on the job experience in both social work and automotive service has been that they are generally more about getting things done properly and less about ego.

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