Law to protect trans youth in crisis will take effect as repeal effort fails

The state Capitol building in Olympia. (Bill Lucia/Washington State Standard)

A new law allowing emergency shelters to notify state authorities rather than parents when a youth seeks refuge as they pursue gender-affirming health care or reproductive services will take effect Sunday after a push to repeal it failed.

Opponents needed to turn in valid signatures of at least 162,258 registered voters by Saturday to get a referendum aimed at overturning the law on the November ballot.

“It was a real Herculean effort, all volunteer, all grassroot,” said Dawn Land of Puyallup, who led the opposition push. “I feel I disappointed everyone by not getting it across the finish line.”

Land said they wound up about 5,000 signatures short.

Senate Bill 5599, the target of the referendum, was signed in May by Gov. Jay Inslee. It takes effect at 12:01 a.m. Sunday.

Existing state law directs shelter operators to notify parents within 72 hours when a child arrives at such a place. It lays out “compelling reasons” not to do so – such as abuse or neglect. Instead, shelter staff in those cases are to inform the state Department of Children, Youth and Families.

Senate Bill 5599 expands the list to cover situations when a young person feels they could be subject to abuse or neglect when they are seeking gender-affirming care or reproductive health services. Its passage incensed conservatives, who say it’s an attack on parental rights.

“I am so relieved for the vulnerable kids who need safe shelter, the disinformation and fear were very concerning,” said 21st District State Sen. Marko Liias, sponsor of the new law. “Now we focus on making sure the law works. Homeless kids deserve safe shelter and access to family reunification support.”

Land launched the repeal effort soon after the law was signed.

Signature gathering appeared to get off to a slow start, partly because a prominent conservative force, the Washington State Catholic Conference, did not initially not take part, telling parishioners in mid-June the campaign was “too far behind in collecting signatures and obtaining needed funding for a successful effort.”

Two weeks later, the conference shifted course, endorsing the referendum and gathering of signatures at parishes.

“I am Catholic. That really hurt when they put that out,” Land said of the conference’s initial position. “We lost weeks. The [signature total] could have been so much more.”

— By Jerry Cornfield, Washington State Standard

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  1. Why does “Giving Voice to the Voiceless” not count as parents are made voiceless with this new law?

  2. This is sad. Children do not belong to the state. Even Europe now understands that gender changing drugs and surgery have long term physical and mental impacts. Wish our state was not promoting/supporting something so harmful to children.

  3. Oddly crafted title to this article. Could have been “Law stripping parents rights takes affect.”

  4. Every person should read 5599 and decide for yourselves. I find it shocking that it was passed and signed into law with so few citizens being aware of it. As though legislators didn’t want their constituents to know what they were up to. Then it was up to citizens to get 200,000 signatures (extra in case of duplicate signatures, unregistered voters, etc) in about forty five days in the summer. I was part of that effort and people were shocked to learn that something so anti family could be passed in the state of Washington. And they were angry, as am I.
    And by the way, protecting trans youth would be helping them understand the ramifications of life altering decisions. Understanding they will have to be on medication for the rest of their lives and they will most likely be infertile. Helping them to love themselves just as they are is not transphobia. What happened to “follow the science?”

  5. What a terrible law this is. Parents, not the states, know and love their children. We don’t allow children under age 21 to buy tobacco products or under age 17 to get a tattoo. But an abortion or transgender changing drugs/surgery is okay at any age?!? This is sick and wrong. And who is paying for this – Washington State tax payers via taxes or insurance premiums. And, oh yes, the others that pay dearly are parents who will be sick with worry about not knowing where their children are.

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