Letter to the editor: Our best choice for mayor


It has been my good fortune to know Mike Rosen for many years.  Of the four candidates for mayor, three of whom I have worked with directly, Mike Rosen has the best leadership skills.

Mike Rosen has been endorsed or supported by five previous mayors of Edmonds, current city councilmembers, Port commissioners and former city council members many of whom have worked with Diane Buckshnis and with Mike Nelson. And they know that Mike Rosen is our best choice.

I have heard several things about Mike Rosen that just aren’t true. One is that he is a Republican. The Mayor of Edmonds is a non-partisan position. There is nothing partisan about having quality public safety, public works, safe and clean housing for all income levels and parks with equal access to all our citizens. Do not falsely label him a Republican or a Democrat.

The second falsehood is that Rosen wants to develop the marsh and put affordable housing there. That’s just not credible. He produced wildlife documentaries during his career and supports the city’s current zoning of the marsh as open space.  If you are spreading this falsehood, please stop.

Falsehoods and inuendo are terrible things. Honest communication should be the order of the day.  Mike Rosen has quality leadership skills, proven management skills, and impressive communication skills. Please vote for Mike Rosen.

Tom Mesaros
Former City Councilmember 2014-2019

  1. First, everyone should know that Mr. Mesaros is highly active in the supposedly non-biased Edmonds Community Round Table group. ECRT includes membership of past mayors who, along with their wives, have made maximum $500 contributions to Mr. Rosen. Diane Buckshnis is fighting for every campaign dollar and trying to spend them wisely, just like she will with our city tax dollars. Next, to imply that Mr. Rosen is MORE qualified than Diane is absurd. There is a reason that she has been elected to Council every time and she has long experience with crucial statewide contacts that could benefit our city for years. Mr. Rosen can only dream about such assets. Last, Diane won’t need any start up time. She already has an action plan for her administration. If anyone wants to talk to Diane one on one, she will be at our house on 8th. and Bell at the trailer patio from 3pm to 6pm. Sat. July 22nd. FYI, I’m just one individual with no affiliation to any official group and Diane will be reading this comment the first time about the same time you do.

    1. Mr. Wright, I’m certain you like to be factual in your comments, so I have a question about the past mayors you claim belong to the ECRT. You say past mayors are members of the ECRT and they along with their wives have contributed the max to Mike Rosen’s campaign. Can’t be past mayors Larry Naughten or Laura Hall since neither have contributed at all. Can’t be past mayor Barb Fahey since she has a husband not a wife. That leaves former Mayor Earling and myself. And we, along with our wives have indeed given the max amount to the Rosen campaign. I have no idea if Earling belongs to the ECRT but I’m certain that I do not !!! So there cannot be two past mayors who are members. I’m sure you’ll correct your previous posting. If you’d like to talk to me about this MEN can give you my number. It is true however, that these five past mayors do support Mike Rosen for mayor. That is an indisputable fact.

      1. Okay, one mayor belongs to ECRT. So what. My mistake and if that’s a giant issue with you, my apologies. I never said “all past mayors” for the record and I’m not out to confuse anyone. Thanks for confirming the fact that you and Mr. Earling with your wives have financed Mr. Rosen to the tune of $2000 combined. That’s way more than most of us could afford to put into a local election to try to influence the results that will affect everyone of us and I think people should think about that when they vote. Frankly, why which candidate you or any other past mayor supports has much relevance to how people should vote this time around baffles me. You are all old news at this point. And why would I want to talk to you about this? I’m interested in the election, not you.

  2. Appropriately well stated. Absolutely correct and verifiable. Insidious falsehoods and innuendos need stop. Mike Rosen is unequivocally the most qualified and capable candidate for Mayor. Our community is in need of meaningful, productive, transparent and honest leadership. Please vote for Mile Rosen.

  3. “Falsehood and innuendos are terrible things.” I strongly agree with that statement. Why did Mike Rosen sign on to the letter last election cycle (sent by Edmonds Citizens for Good Governance) that was full of innuendo and scurrilous claims about Adrienne Fraley-Monillas? Despite multiple requests to do so, Mr. Rosen has not explained why he supported this low level of campaigning in our local elections. I would appreciate honest communication about his participation in this negative campaigning.

  4. I’m all for Rosen. We need to work hard to keep Edmonds from having the problems that exist in Seattle. Our current mayor just hasn’t been present on so many important issues in my opinion. We need experienced leadership not activism.

  5. As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Mesaros, and Mr. Clyborne are perpetuating the very falsehoods and innuendos about Diane Buckshnis that they are complaining about in regards to their very viable but not proven to have, “the best leadership skills,” and “unequivocally the most qualified and capable candidate for Mayor” These are their opinions, assertions and innuendo’s — not “unequivocal proven facts” as they claim in this cheap shot blatantly political and biased campaign advertisement for their guy. It’s just a money machine consortium of influence peddlers behind stuff like this. Who do you really think, between Diane and Mike Rosen, will be the best watch dog over your tax dollars?

  6. Posting on behalf of Theresa Hutchinson as she is having tech issues:
    Tom, I find your LTE troubling. I agree that Rosen is a nice guy and ran a business. But please don’t throw Diane Buckshnis in with Nelson – that’s a calculating cheap shot. I’ve known Mike Rosen for five years. Well enough that his wife gave me the security code to their home when they went on an extended vacation. I too was part of the original 5-6 founding members of the ECR and served with Mike for four years. I consider myself one of the engaged members/workers and found Mike quiet and in the background.

    Last summer all ECR members of Mike’s campaign approached me to support him. I declined because I was hoping Diane would run. I knew her qualifications in municipal finance were impeccable, a proven leader.

    I’ve known Diane for 20 years. She was volunteering/serving Edmonds seven years before elected to public office. She’s not anyone’s puppet, perhaps why some folks don’t want her as mayor – she is a person of integrity and of the highest ethics. Her character is impeccable. Character? It’s doing the right thing when no one is watching. How many mayors past and present can that be said of?

    Do your research. Vote.

    1. Directed to Mr.Wright, it would be helpful if, when you were “Wrong” as it appears you were, to admit and apologize, then go on to explain your points without rancor.
      I am very impressed with Diane Buckshnis and how she has voted/ performed her duties as a city council person. She is both clear and direct without resorting to pettiness. I have also heard her say “I stand corrected” during a city council meeting and move on without lobbing a defensive or petty comment in return. Let’s speak to each other in a professional manner, even when we disagree. I believe this is more in line with Diane’s ethics and Mr Rosen’s as well.

      1. Directed to Mary W Dever. My only concern is that Diane Buckshnis gets the fair and honest treatment hat she deserves and that people don’t get bamboozled by a bunch of political rhetoric from politicians of the past, the Firemen’s Union, The Daily Herald or any self proclaimed unbiased members of the ECRT. I think I did admit I was wrong. I also think Mr. Haakkenson was a little out of bounds in suggesting that my mistaken assertion was somehow a reason I should call him to talk about it. In my view , “petty” cuts two ways and he isn’t any more important than you and me, (us being at the top of the organization chart). If he really wants to talk to me, I’ll be giving away free cold drinks and hot dogs while they last at my joint on Sat. July 22nd. between 3 and 6 pm. in a neighborhood meet and greet with Diane Buckshnis. I’m easy to find; 8th. and Bell – N.E. corner by the trailer. ANYONE (including absolutely all commenting on this thread ) in town is welcome.

  7. Judy: Falsehood and innuendos are terrible things.”? It was a political flyer produced, so people of Edmonds knew, what the issues were, with a candidate that was running for reelection. The flyer pointed out all documented behaviors of the candidate that many found offensive. Many citizens don’t have time to watch the council meetings or keep up on the City News so the flyer brought awareness to the citizens. I am not sure how pointing out actual behaviors and actions are considered falsehoods.

  8. Mike Rosen seems to be a decent enough guy, although having endorsements from “Connector-concrete overpass through the beach” advocates Tom Mesaros and Dave Earling may not be the best political judgment. I clearly remember that Councilmember Diane Buckshnis consistently oppose this dumb poorly thought-out project which showed her true leadership.

  9. I have done my research ans Mike Rosen will serve Edmonds properly and well..no contest

  10. With all the true NEEDS requirements for good government (roads, sidewalks, code re-write, water shed repair, water/sewer upgrades, police in the right place, fire service funding, population growth in the right places, more parks and services in under served areas) that have been neglected in this town for the past 20+ years by past mayors and council people who all seem to think their endorsements are golden for some reason; the next mayor is going to have to know what is going on with the state and the region and who to talk to at the right time to get things done for the least amount or money and pain for Edmonds tax payers. Diane Bucksnis is there right now and it will take Mike Rosen at least two years to get there, if he is as quick a study as everyone claims he is. Our taxes are going to go up a lot no matter what. Just how “a lot” is going to hinge on who we elect as our next mayor.

  11. Tom Mesaros and Ron Clyborne have a right to their opinions that Rosen is the best qualified to be our next mayor. Allow me to point out “real facts” about “best qualified “ and Diane Buckshnis’ accomplishments in the field of finance – which I believe is important to Edmonds tax payers wanting their tax dollars prudently spent. Diane was a banking auditor/regulator during the 1980s Savings and Loan debacle. She was among the examiners instrumental in sending Charles Keating and his cronies to prison. She was also called upon by the U.S. government to restructure Lithuania’s banking system. These are just two “facts “, NOT opinions exemplifying Diane’s financial bonafides.

    When I moved to Edmonds in 2002 Diane was already volunteering in many ways. I’ll mention just one dear to my heart as a pediatric nurse. She serves as Edmonds Rotary (CASA as Loren) procuring hundreds of Christmas gifts for children of our incarcerated population, and partners with the Edmonds Book Store in a literary program procuring books for these children.
    Diane is a tireless champion for Edmonds and her ethics can’t be bought or compromised.

    1. I think both Buckshnis and Rosen would be good mayor’s I haven’t made up my mind. Let’s get both thru the primary, last thing I want is Nelson with another 4 years.

      1. With Brad Shipley running, it is most likely that Mike Nelson will win the primary. Brad will draw some anti-Nelson votes from both Diane and Mike R. but he isn’t likely to survive the Primary; so I will argue with you a bit, Jim, about whether or not this is the right time to choose between Diane and Mike R. Mike Nelson is probably not as unappealing as you would like to believe with folks outside the Bowl, union members, and hard core Democratic party voters. Most Democrats outside the Bowl in Edmonds will vote for Mike Nelson. In my ideal World, Shipley wouldn’t be running, Mike R. would be running for Council against Susan Paine to get the experience he needs but doesn’t have and Diane would defeat Nelson in the General. If Mike Rosen wins, he will most likely have to get lots of “help” from past mayors, Gary H. and Dave Earling which might explain their large contributions to his campaign. No rancor here, just political reality.

        1. Clinton I have to make a choice I would like to see both move through I wonder how best to accomplish that. Do you think mike R is likely to move through in that case maybe a vote for diane might be the best way to get both thru. Recent elections haven’t shown favor for the mayor’s voting block hope that translates into the mayor not making it thru.

  12. After reading these comments this evening, I have decided to stick with my first choice,
    Diane B.
    After listening to these reports and comments, my husband concurs.

  13. I don’t want to get into another head butting match with a professional local politician, past or present, but I think if Shipley hadn’t run, Mike Nelson would have been gone in the Primary. As it is, unless there is a total backlash to the Democratic Party/Developer sponsored land grab of state wide up-zoning (unless you live in a protected HOA planned neighborhood like Woodway), Nelson will win the Primary. Our best chance is to give either Diane or Mike Rosen a landslide victory in the Primary. My own view is Diane is ready to go on day one and will immediately assess and make the, needed executive management adjustments; while Mike Rosen will require lots of help, training time to learn basic city administration and take a lot of his instruction from political people who have a history of promoting business development and dubious fluff projects over just the basic needs of running our town.

    1. Please, enough with the drop the Mike signs and sayings; it wasn’t clever the first time around. How about each of us, if so moved, respectfully share what we want instead.

      1. Annon I want a mayor that won’t try to take away my constitutional rights during a emergency with their emergency rules. I want a mayor that doesn’t proclaim someone is the best person for the job then stab them in the back by trying to hire a unqualified person for police chief. I want a mayor that takes and answers questions from their citizens on a daily basis and is weekly updating citizens on what the city is doing. I want a leader for mayor not a lousy city manager. I think we have 2 candidates capable of doing a great job and neither is the current mayor.

  14. It is also our chance to reaffirm our support for a candidate who will be Mayor for all of Edmonds, not just the Bowl. There are thriving neighborhoods (and a tax base) outside of downtown that need to be part of our planning. Mike Nelson has done an excellent job in improving communication with these areas.

    1. I agree with your sentiment that we need a candidate “for all of Edmonds”, unfortunately Mayor Nelson is highly partisan which is fine for his political faithful, but unfortunately quite divisive for everyone else with a broader perspective and so question Nelson’s communication abilities.

    2. Thank you for your statement, Annon. I agree with talking about what your preferred candidate will do without disparaging the other candidates. I believe all the candidates have the interests of Edmonds at heart.

  15. Thanks for making my point, Judy McCoid, that Mayor Nelson has much more support in the city than many of us anti-Nelson commenters, living in the Bowl, think he has. As I said (adding though it might be close) he is probably going to win the Primary and if you want any real change or progress toward more open and honest government for all in town, RIGHT AWAY, you need to vote for Diane Buckshnis.

  16. Maybe some of you remember that Diane was one of the very few council members that exposed Mike Nelson and AFM’s attempt to hire Mr. Pruitt for police chief in 2020. When his background of being fired by SPD and the 2 restraining orders filed by a spouse started coming to light, amidst other red flags, and only because other people began to question…..what did Diane and Kristiana do? They asked to delay the confirmation to investigate him further to prevent a disaster. What did Mike Nelson do? He tried to move up the confirmation date to prevent being exposed. That was when I knew I could never trust him. We have all been wrong, it’s how we deal with our mistakes that says the most about character and ethics.

  17. Full Disclosure – I have a one free beer bet riding with one of my pals on whether or not I’m right about Nelson winning the primary; which is one bet I hope to lose. Hey, if we can’t all have a little fun with this, why bother? Hope to see ‘ya all for cold drinks and hotdogs on the 22nd at our place with the one and only DIANE B.

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