Letter to the editor: Watch the debates before voting for mayor


There are so many rumors and implications swirling around regarding the Edmonds mayoral primary. I decided to watch the Mayoral candidates debate held in July, now streaming on YouTube. I am so glad I did!  I urge voters to take some time to watch the debate before casting their vote.  Decide for yourself, not what others tell you. Money, advertising, and yard signs should not usurp public service experience, knowledge of the issues, and leadership. Edmonds deserves informed, not influenced voters.

Robyn Ingham

Editor’s note: Here is the link to the debate video.

  1. Only two candidates are giving us a clue as to how they are going either right the ship or keep the ship on it’s highly possible collision course. Diane Bucksnis and Mike Nelson. The other two candidates seem to be crickets on any planned actions — all show and no go so to speak. Also, remember Ken Reidy’s comment on knowing what the real duties and responsibilities are of performing this job properly for all the people all the time.

    1. So, Cynthia, just what is your evidence that I’m so wrong? You do realize that the city general fund is probably going to be in negative territory before the General election is over. Diane is talking about that and no one else is. Where is Rosen on that issue? You do realize Nelson and the Council have made a preliminary promise to purchase the highly polluted Unical Property for whatever the State asks; with no firm guarantee that Edmonds won’t end up holding the costs on the clean up that could be multi-millions. Diane has a strategy plan. What is your guy’s plan to protect us; form an executive management committee to investigate it further? What is Mike Rosen’s plan on the Ebb Tide controversy and how to help both sides stop bleeding red ink to the attorneys. Diane has a position on that; does Mike Rosen and , if so, what is it? I suspect it’s let it play out in court to decide; but since he doesn’t talk about it, we don’t know. When you tell someone they are wrong you need more than an accusation to have credence.

  2. Robyn, thank you for the link to the recording of the debate at the Waterfront Center. Edmonds has one candidate who is well equipped to buy the job of mayor: a big pot of money for campaigning, professional experience in marketing campaigns, a mailer with a strong ‘fear’ message, and no experience in elected office so they’re not well known for their decisions. It remains to be seen whether the residents of Edmonds are independent critical thinkers at the polls.

  3. With all due respect to the organizers, the ‘debate’ was primarily an opportunity for each candidate to make statements, with no in-depth probing into past council and mayoral actions. The other two candidates bring their experience to the table, one having significantly more management, strategic planning, and community involvement than the other. There is no fear in this election, there is hope that our city will be able to tackle the problems and the opportunities that are before us now and that will arise – in an open, civil, and positive environment. We need a city that functions effectively, with the council and the mayor and the staff and the community headed into the same direction. Look at each candidate’s background, and call or email them – talk to them individually or look at their websites to learn more.

  4. I just went to Mike Rosen’s website and it’s the smoothest, generalist, say nothing of substance document I’ve ever seen. There are no specifics about what is actually going on here right now and the real problems he will face immediately if elected. The last thing we need is another executive walking around town in a fancy suit shaking hands and kissing babies. We need someone with specific ideas and action plans already formulated and ready to go, who’s up and running on day one. Rosen’s website reads like a sales brochure, not a serious plan to immediately get on top of all the problems. I told him way early on when he asked for my support over a beer (or two) that he probably needed some council experience first and should run for council against Susan Paine who isn’t that popular and he’d probably win. Still think I’m right on both counts.

  5. All are self declared progressives. Expectations are low. Hoping to be surprised but campaign statements that read more like beauty contest speeches are troubling.

  6. I tried to follow the link to watch the debate was not successful. Wonder if others had the same problem.

    1. Patricia- Try the link again, perhaps with a different device or different browser. The link works for me on an IPad

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