Police received 51 fireworks-related calls in Edmonds overnight July 4-5


South County Fire and Edmonds police spread the word about the fireworks ban on social media last week.

Despite the threat of a $500 fine for setting off fireworks, neighborhoods across Edmonds were subjected to large and noisy displays into the early-morning hours of July 5.

Edmonds police said they received 51 fireworks-related calls from 2 p.m. July 4 to 6 a.m. July 5, with most of those occurring after 6 p.m. Edmonds police spokesperson Commander Josh McClure said those 51 calls were included in the total of 93 police calls for other incidents during that time period.

“No fireworks infractions were issued,” McClure said.

Among the fireworks-related calls was a brush fire in the 800 block of Walnut Street just before 9 p.m., which is being investigated as possibly being caused by fireworks.

Here’s a summary of fireworks complaints that Edmonds police received and their disposition of them:

– 25 fireworks calls were marked as “gone on arrival,” meaning police didn’t find anyone when responding to the call.

– 18 were described as patrol information, which means that officers were dealing with other calls or multiple reports of the same call at the same time it was reported. “It was cleared as information only,” McClure said.

– 5 were settled by contact: “Contact was made with someone by phone or in person, and the situation was resolved,” McClure said.

– 3 were issued a warning.

The Edmonds City Council in September 2020 voted unanimously to get tougher on those who set off illegal fireworks in the city — to the tune of $500 for a first-time offense. Under the amended fireworks code, a first-time violation is now considered a non-traffic infraction. Those getting caught a second time — or more — within five years can be charged with a criminal misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 and/or 90 days in jail.

— By Teresa Wippel


  1. I didn’t report the multiple fireworks around my home because I knew nothing would happen. So frustrating.

  2. I didn’t report on my neighbors during the pandemic or during the 4th of July Celebrations. I believe in freedom and Liberty. Good for The EPD ignoring the fireworks and concentrating on real crime.

  3. It could be time to bring back a more city controlled Community Firework Display. Possibly over the water?
    The fire up on Walnut looked dangerously frightening if sparks had flown to nearby brush, roofs etc

  4. Growing up it was different. Setting off fireworks in the street was just part of the summer for us as kids. Somehow we escaped to adulthood with most to all of our fingers intact. I get that they are dangerous and pose a significant fire risk and people want to do it. There are still places where it is legal around here so find a place where it’s welcomed. Having a dog, the fireworks are just an annoyance because they can easily frighten a pet and it’s the time of year most pets are lost around here. It also is incredibly harmful to our wildlife and can cause wild animals to abandon their young. So while it’s a drag it has a purpose. Love it, or hate it, it’s the law and people are expected to abide by it in civil society.

  5. I also did not report all of the fireworks going off down here in the Bowl. There were still explosions happening at 2 am on the 5th. Why do we say they are illegal, post signs all over town to that effect, and not do anything about it? It’s a fire danger.

  6. More loud bangs around 10 o’clock last night – 5-6 July. Dare we hope the sociopaths who delight in risking fires, waking us up, and ignoring the laws are done now?

  7. I heard, and saw, fireworks again last night about 9:30 being set off at Brackett’s Landing. Warnings should not be given to violators because that is likely to encourage others since they see that they can get away with it without a fine.

  8. Shame on you edmonds police for doing nothing after 51 calls. We knew you wouldn’t care so we didn’t report them even on the 5th of July. 2 woman died in mountlake terrace from fireworks. A brush fire started on walnut. Its an extreme risk to allow reckless people to light off fireworks in today’s dry and hot climate. Please do better next year.

    1. AMEN! The city ordinance states FIRST OFFENSE IS A $500 FINE! EDP, please enforce this! As dry as it is, NO fireworks should have been permitted anywhere around here. Fireworks are outdated and dangerous, not to mention the stress they put on our K-9 Family members. Can we please celebrate our nations independence without these things??

      1. Shutting down comments on fireworks stories now. I think it’s all been said.

  9. Our Family enjoyed watching the Washington DC fireworks and Seattle on TV! Much safer for pets & Fires! The fireworks at Pine Street Park were so bad sparks almost landed on several houses!
    EPD are busy enough without getting calls about fireworks!

  10. It seems to me we, as a society, put laws in place for safety. We have speeding laws and apparently tickets and fines are deterrents. We now have laws about fireworks and fines in place, yet we aren’t using them. We are seeing the results, more fireworks. Most of us do not call to report fireworks, believing nothing will be done. After talking with the fire Marshall on the 4th, as per his suggestion, I will now be calling them in! If enough of us report them, surely the police will get the message. To do nothing is not the answer! My neighbors came really close to losing their home! That could have been any of us!

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