Poet’s Corner: Baker Country

Here is the latest installment of Poet’s Corner, presented by the Edmonds-based EPIC Poetry Group.

Baker Country

Can’t wait to trek north towards Baker country
Away from the prying and questioning overseers
Gritting away the passing time
Won’t watch the dust settle heading up the Five

Moving in, moving up
Sheer euphoria streaking across Red Square
Settling in takes place at a Jell-O pace
over the span of minutes, days, and months

What starts at 8:00 AM, sharp?!
This is what $10,000 buys? Give me Door #2 ASAP!
Going from Point A to B requires far too many steps
Shortcuts required between the Halls named after dead folks

The stranger sleeping underneath
Comes in at unkempt hours
Dialogue at a languishing standstill
Best buddies, my *#@?!

Early release falls on a Thursday
The holidays seem like a dangerous oasis
Yet imagination runs amok
Turkey and mashed potatoes already digested

Ten minutes in, the respite flips into an interrogation
First letters of the alphabet replaced by all X’s, Y’s, and Z’s?!?
Sweat floods from every pore, soaked and drowning to death
Where is that damn ejector seat control for this La-Z-Boy?

Can’t wait to trek north towards Baker country…


Staring into the pitch black night sky
Neck twitching back and forth
The chaise lounge creaking its age
How long has it already been?


Starry lights dangle like strands across the vast heavens
Cassiopeia the vain queen seen as a “W”
Ursa Major which possesses the Great Dipper
Cygnus, the mighty Northern Cross flies

Yes, all quite amazing, but not THE main attraction tonight
An airplane moves quickly from left to right
And a satellite flickers slowly and veers away
No luminescent moon in sight, just busy searchlights

Coyote packs holler back and forth in melodious tones
Frogs croak warnings in the creek across the street
An owl hoot hoots, looking for them
All part of the great bay symphony at night

Still waiting…

Can it really be that late?!
Telltale eyelids buckle under their own strength
Slowly closing like window shades
Then jerked quickly back up, hoping to not miss THE thing

A warm breeze rushes through
Flowers and long leaves left gently swaying
Then sheer silence as the last seconds of the day tick away
Where’s the free show that was promised online?!

Then BAM, out of the corner, it flashes!!
It streaks and slices across the night sky
A bad angle and it’s completely missed!
Five more will join the rest


Starman999 will be very happy tonight
After all the stories and untold expectations
Though an observatory telescope would have been super useful
Only 365 days more until it’s time to look up again


Mark Chamberlain

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My name is Mark Chamberlain and I’ve been writing poetry my entire life. I joined the EPIC Poets group in June 2020. I enjoy writing poetry because it’s the opportunity to express not only what you observe in life, but also the emotions and feelings attached to different experiences. In 2021, I got married and became a husband and a Dad overnight. For me, everyday is an opportunity for growth and learning new things. My family is living our best lives full of cats, flowers, veggies, and laughter… 


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