Letter to the editor: Mike Rosen is best candidate for Edmonds mayor


I am writing this endorsement for Mike Rosen. I know that this candidate is the most qualified candidate for Edmonds. This comes from my personal experience.

About four years ago, I was afforded the opportunity to work on a nonprofit board. I looked at the caliber of the persons serving and frankly, asked myself what I brought to the table. This is where I met Mr. Rosen. His qualifications were pretty impressive. To name a few, Mike served on the Edmonds Planning Board as a member and chairperson. He worked with multiple local and regional agencies to promote Edmonds. Mike served in multiple capacities at the Center for the Arts, promoting a vibrant art community, and in my dealings with Mike, his service and actions reverberate the importance of a vibrant arts program. Mike worked to help the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce stay vibrant and change their approach and events in Edmonds. Mike worked with the Washington State Department of Corrections as a local member, providing feedback and ideas to promote a successful work release program for released individuals. I worked with Mike on the board of Operation Military Family, a nonprofit that seeks to assist service members and their families transitioning from military to private lives.

In each example above, Mike’s impacts were measurable. He held himself to a standard that set realistic goals, measured the progress and took a frank and candid approach to discussions on that progress.

Mike Rosen is the best candidate for mayor.

George Bennett


  1. I completely agree George. I was already on the ECA board when Mike Rosen joined. He very quickly emerged as a person of great integrity, honesty and intelligence. He had solid vision for ECA and we implemented his great ideas often. But what resonated the most was how well he worked with every member. He truly listened to all ideas and validated every person in the room. It’s time for a mayor who respects others and recognizes his role as a leader who inspires the best in everyone.

  2. Now this is one well written LTE that actually tells us something meaningful and important about someone asking for our vote. Thanks George.

  3. This letter doesn’t actually say anything besides the roles he held, a connection to the author, and that Mike has a passion for the arts.

    “In each example above, Mike’s impacts were measurable. He held himself to a standard that set realistic goals, measured the progress and took a frank and candid approach to discussions on that progress.”

    If the impacts were measurable, as you say, what are the measures? Can you share some of the improvements that were made with his leadership showing before and after analysis? You say he set “realistic and measurable” goals yet fail to mention any of those goals and how he met or exceeded them.

    If you feel so strongly about this candidate, let’s bring data and examples that are not fluff. These representatives already do a great job of giving us fluff in their ads and whatever other spun up promotions they hand out.

    1. Raz,

      I agree! I responded to this question in other comments. It is hard to get evetything into 250 words.

      1. 250 words. We should get MyEdmondsNews to revisit that policy as I’m sure it’s an easy word limit change to make on their end. Otherwise, we just flood the local news with abbreviated messaging instead of getting actual write-ups. Thanks for sharing the link to your previous comments. That is helpful.

    2. Here is a specific example of why Mike Rosen has the experience Edmonds needs. He worked with energy companies, sales reps, and consumers to increase the usage of higher efficiency washing machines. This was a massive undertaking that spread across (if my memory serves) four states. The result was a win-win for everyone. Energy companies gained consumers who used less powers. Consumers got rebates to purchase higher efficiency machines. The environment was aided by reducing consumption.

      If Mike could do that, across four different states, with all of those different players, then he definitely has the skills to be our mayor.

      1. Thanks for sharing your anecdote and data points supporting it. These are the type of examples that show impact the candidate can make, the scale of work that they have done and insight into what it took to make it happen.

  4. Thank you, George. Great info. He has my vote. I am excited to see what he says and what he does right from the start if he is elected for our New Mayor for Edmonds. I suggest we all help him with his plans for Edmonds. He sure sounds like a spread it around sort of giving person with the places you mention he has held positions. I like that. I like people who seem to care about everyone.

  5. George is anecdotally verifying that Mike Rosen may very well be the talented people person he is claiming to be. This is valuable information because it gives other people in the community who have known him in action a chance to confirm or reject his self analysis. The choice here is do you vote for the guy with a known record of action (you decide good or bad record) on the job, or do you fire that guy and give Mike Rosen a crack at it.

    In old gear head terms, I see the current state of this election as we had a chance to have a new Lexus (Diane) and missed it, so now we have a chance at a new Camry (Mike R.); or we stick with the old and needing lots of work 2020 Corrolla(Mike N.). There’s a controversial budget yet to be resolved and lots of unsolved problems and issues coming up (fire service, land purchases, troublesome new sewer system, code re-write, green streets initiative, completing State action plans and, arguably most currently urgent, Shell Creek erosion that may destroy trees and a trail at Yost).

    1. Respectfully Clinton I would argue that Mike N. is more like a marginal Ford Focus,than a Toyota Corolla

      1. Brian, I was trying to keep it all in the Toyota family of fine cars, but I doubt anyone has much awareness of the Toyota Echo, lowest rung in the ladder, so I went with Corolla.

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