Letter to the editor: Supporting Dr. Michelle Dotsch for Position 4, Edmonds City Council


I was excited for the people of Edmonds when Dr. Michelle Dotsch decided to put her name forward as a candidate for Edmonds City Council.  Michelle is the best qualified person for this position. She has focused her campaign on issues that matter to residents from all areas of Edmonds – safe neighborhoods, fiscal responsibility, and responsible growth. Vote Dr. Michelle (votedrmichelle.com) She is a native of Edmonds and has successfully managed a dental practice.

I have known and worked with Dr. Michelle since mid-2020. She first struck me as someone with a commanding grasp of details related to issues about which she is concerned. But, even more, I was struck by her honest energy for all she does as well as her focus on the tasks at hand. She is open and welcoming to new ideas and new ways of looking at problems. She is well versed in the growth needs and mandates from the state for our community. Michelle cares deeply about the environment, our trees, our marine and marsh areas, and the need to consider these along with growth needs for the future.

Michelle is an engaging and dynamic individual. She researches problems, potential legislation, development ideas, and looks for creative melding of ideas to build an Edmonds for the future.

This is why I am casting my vote for Dr. Michelle Dotsch for Position 4, Edmonds City Council. She is the best qualified. Please join me in voting for her.

Karen Haase Herrick, LTC, USA, RET, RN, MN

  1. Karen,
    Thank you for your post, and I completely agree with you.
    I have had the privilege of knowing Dr Dotsch for over 5 years and have worked with her on a number of civic issues related to housing and growth management.
    We all know that we must make room for growth and that it must be fair and equitable, creating space for people from all walks of life.
    But it also needs to be done smartly so that we wind up with a great, welcoming community AND one that preserves the many fine qualities that our present community possesses – qualities which make it such a desirable place to live.
    Dr. Dotsch is very smart, honest, diligent and caring – she is totally committed to our community and has demonstrated that over many years.
    We are lucky to attract such a highly qualified candidate and we will be very well served by Dr Dotsch if she is elected.
    I urge everyone to look at Dr Dotsch’s significant qualifications and track record, then I am sure you will also be impressed.
    This is why I will be voting for Dr Dotsch.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree.
    Michelle Dotsch is definitely the most qualified candidate for Council Position #4. She is incredibly knowledgeable about WA and local legislation related to zoning and development. Her business experience as a Medical professional means she brings real-life people skills and a dedicated approach to listening. And to top it off, Michelle is a critical thinker. JACKPOT!!
    Michelle is a friendly, honest and thoughtful person who will work hard for her constituents because she cares about Edmonds and all of the different communities that make up our lovely city. I know Michelle personally, having crossed paths in City Council meetings over the past few years, and I have witnessed her personal commitment to Edmonds.

    Lastly, what I really appreciate about Michelle is that she is not a Politician. She is a person who genuinely wants to serve her city and fellow residents.
    All of these characteristics will serve Michelle, and our city, well.
    I’m voting for Michelle!

  3. I have only known Dr. Michelle Dotsch for a few years, but was immediately impressed by her knowledge of local and state government and her work ethic. This knowledge goes way beyond what one might gain through reading newspaper articles etc.. It can only have been gained any taking a deep dive into the subject matter.
    She believes in safe clean neighborhoods for all of Edmonds, fiscal responsibility and responsible growth.
    She thoroughly understands the recent bills passed by the state legislature which take zoning regulation away from the cities and gives it to the state. This knowledge will be invaluable in her role on the City Council as it tries to adhere to the new state rules while still maintaining the character of Edmonds.
    Dr. Michelle is open, honest and genuine. In short, she is a person of substance.
    We will be very lucky to have Dr. Michelle serving on the Edmonds City Council.

  4. I first met Michelle Dotsch after I spoke at the July 10, 2019 Planning Board meeting about proposed changes to our City Code. Michelle showed great interest in the matter and much willingness to learn. She soaked up the information I provided her. I was immediately impressed.

    On October 15, 2019, I sent Michelle an email that had the following in the subject line:

    “Thank you for caring so much about our City!”

    On March 4, 2020, I sent Michelle an email that stated the following:

    “Phenomenal job at the podium last night. Our citizens and property owners are very fortunate that you and Jay care so much and are willing to speak out and work hard on important issues!”

    And then it just grew from there. I watched a fellow citizen engage deeply with a wide range of City issues and make significant contributions to our community. Her knowledge of municipal government expanded. Her desire for better government was sincere and strong.

    Through all of this, I had no idea she would one day decide to run for Edmonds City Council.

    Michelle Dotsch, her work ethic, her love for Edmonds and her great understanding of municipal government gives me hope. I am so thankful she is willing to serve on our City Council.

  5. Thank you Ms Herrick for your post. I am in complete agreement with every comment made in your post and in this thread. I have known Michele since 2017. Repeatedly I have asked her to run for city council as she has all the qualifications to serve. Edmonds is fortunate to have Michele in this race. Everything that has been said about Michele is real, you can take it to the bank! – no exaggeration, no puffery. She is the personification of honestly, respect, ethics and integrity of the highest level.

    Michele has my deepest respect, admiration, and without question my vote!

    1. I was eager to meet Edmonds residents who were passionate, engaged, and concerned about issues impacting our city so I attended an ACE (Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds) and had the pleasure of meeting Michelle and Jay a few years ago. I quickly discovered there is no one I know who cares more about the future of Edmonds than Michelle. And this means all of Edmonds, not just the bowl. Her knowledge and ability to solve complex issues, willingness to understand all viewpoints, openness, non-partisan approach, and strong desire to serve all citizens, not just a select few are the reasons Edmonds needs Dr Michelle Dotsch on city council.

    2. There is little I can add to the comments above about Dr Dotsch. She was born and raised in Edmonds and loves the city. She is an extraordinary person. She is a detailed oriented person but never loses sight of the big picture. She understands the need to balance Edmonds’ future requirements while respecting all our residents’ needs and desires, our environment and other critical issues we face. Moreover, she is keenly aware of the unexpected, undesired and harmful consequences of poorly considered legislation and regulation. She will be an excellent city council person. I strongly recommend her.

  6. What we need now more than ever is leadership who grew up in Edmonds, and who knows and loves Edmonds. We do not need to be driven by outside special interests that are ideologically possessed nor should we be overpowered by those corporate entites who seek merely pure financial gain. Michelle will devote all of her energies in skill toward nurturig all that makes the character of Edmonds so beautiful and special. Think of Edmonds, act locally, elect Dr. Michelle Dotsch!

  7. I have a hypothetical question for everyone. You are on that Plane about to crash land into the Hudson river. Michelle and her opponent are the two pilots sitting in the cockpit. Which one would you choose to try to make the landing? I know who I’d choose without even thinking about it, all things being more or less equal ,which they aren’t even in the real situation here. Michelle needs to win this race and whichever Mike nails down Mayor needs to give her opponent a job, because he’s a good guy too.

  8. We endorse Dr. Michelle Dotsch as the stronger, more seasoned candidate. Our reasons Dr. Dotsch will be an excellent Council member:

    *Michelle has a keen, inquiring mind, evidenced by her undergraduate degree in psychology and DDS degree from University of Washington.
    *Michelle joined the Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds (ACE) in 2018 and has been president for nearly three years. She provides excellent diplomatic and gracious leadership. She encourages the ACE membership to take considered positions on issues based on fact and science.
    *Michelle worked as a dentist for 23 years, owning her practice for 18 years with husband Jay, before retirement. She brings experience in business, and in supervising, managing, and working with a wide range of people.
    *Michelle is deeply committed to Edmonds, her home town. She hopes to see Edmonds develop in ways that protect its assets.
    *Michelle has strong interest in Edmonds’ civic affairs. She has followed local government activities closely for years, participating in meetings of the City Council, boards, and commissions. She has a grasp of local politics and issues.
    *Michelle has volunteered her services to the community over the years, e.g. via pro bono dental work.

    Michelle Dotsch will be a strong, mature, and stable addition to Council who will prioritize the fundamental business of running the City. Vote for Dr. Dotsch for Position 4.

    Jean & Larry Williamson

  9. All candidates bring their respective skill to the job based on their work and life experiences. Looking at the budget it reminds me of a mouth full of cavities. Dr Michelle may have some good idea on how to fill those cavities. That would be far better than a root canal! Some of what we see in the budget calls for laughing gas!

  10. Can I pile on here? When we have a candidate for City Council who has the background, experience, knowledge and commitment to making Edmonds a better place for all, we need to take advantage of this opportunity. Michelle Dotsch has impressed me with her willingness to listen and contribute to the conversation with well-informed insight. More importantly is her proactive approach to problem solving. She doesn’t wait until a problem is upon us, she foresees it and works collaboratively to solve it. Her proven leadership skills will serve our city well. My vote goes to Dr. Dotsch!

  11. Dr. Michelle Dotsch will be a wonderful Edmonds City Council member. Her dedication to Edmonds and its citizens is remarkable. We had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Michelle several years ago and seeing the number of hours she has invested in Edmonds civic engagement is a testament to how she will perform her duties as a Council member. Vote for Dr. Michelle Dotsch for Edmonds City Council.

  12. Dr. Michelle Dotsch has the knowledge, experience and confidence to be one of our best council members. I will gladly vote for Dr. Michelle.

  13. To be frank, when I listened to Mackey Guenther, I thought he was all talk and not enough substance; in other words a politician wannabe. I’ll easily vote for Dr. Michele, a knowledgable fixer and not just an aspiring wannabe. She will add needed substance in the form of critical thinking to the city council along with Kevin Fagerstrom and Roger Pence.

  14. We met Michelle at a council meeting a few years ago and were impressed by how much she knows about the vast majority of issues facing Edmonds. Getting to know her since then we realize how deeply she cares about Edmonds and how the city functions and develops. She puts in the time and does the work to understand all sides of the issues. Michelle would make a great addition to the city council. She has our vote!

    1. I met Michelle when I joined ACE in 2018, and since then, I have come to admire her extensive involvement in civic issues in Edmonds. She deeply cares about our city, and is deeply knowledgeable of the problems, advantages and of the unique elements concerning Edmonds.
      Her approach is objective and pragmatic, and her experience in running a business will be an asset when she’s elected to the Edmonds City Council. I will vote for Michelle, because she will dedicate the time and energy to make our city a better place.

  15. These are such nice endorsements for Michelle Dotsch. Informative, true statements. I happily endorse Michelle Dotsch for our CC position.

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