Letter to the editor: There’s no such thing as a free soda



Now that I have your attention, you may recall that person from your middle school running for class president making this promise. Free soda for everyone while no way could this occur. It was just a ploy to get your vote.

Again, in high school you may have heard the promise of no school on Fridays. Once more, just a ploy to get your vote.

Now we hear, locally in Edmonds, that some fantastic development will occur along Aurora called the Landmark 99. It is going to be everyone dream. A social center, afternoon center, low-cost housing, and anything else your heart desires. Again, if that was not enough our mayor announced another potential purchase in southeast Edmonds to maybe become a park.

Like your school days, please realize that these are ploys to get your vote. Free soda for every one of you vote for Mike Nelson. Ask yourself if you really believe these will promises materialize or if the Tooth Fairy is real. These promises will disappear after the election.

Rick Steves has endorsed Mike Rosen. His only promises are to bring the community together and be a better administrator for all of Edmonds. I am confident, based on his background and experience, that he will deliver.

I for one do not believe in empty promises so he will have my vote.

Gary Neuman

  1. This is simply not true. Yes, the city is exploring the opportunity to develop the 10 acre parcel but Nelson never once said it was secured and written in stone. All Rosen supporters are acting like it’s Nelson’s decision alone. That is not how government works. It also wouldn’t be just the city forking over the dollars for the purchase. We would work in conjunction with developers and existing organizations. It would be ignorant to not even look into the possibilities of what COULD happen at this location in an area of the city that has been under served for decades. It would be extremely short sighted to not, at least, explore the idea. Sounds like you are not drinking soda but chugging the Kool-Aid being handed out by the candidate with zero political experience. We have seen the results of what happens when we elect an individual with no experience and empty promises on the national level. No thanks.

    1. Mayor Nelson’s political experience hss gotten us into a situation like his prior tax bills…having to take funds that were intended for something else just to balance the budget.

      I am a huge proponent of public private partnership. I am a huge proponent of responsible City involvement along Highway 99. I am a huge proponent of forcing landowners and developers on keeping their property safe and secure. I am not a fan of the City being the sole purchaser of a property at 37$M with little to no vision of what it “could” be or “should” be. Prior surveys have been bunk. None start with the question – Do you want to pay for this project.

      Spending money on consultants to ask the vision supercedes the questions – can we pay for it? Is it legal? Do we want it?

      We are now adding a crime analyst (for $8 bucks a month you too can get access to crime heat maps online), a potential Climate Manager (when the Climate plan specifically spells out by drpartment and project what should be done) – how many additional staff will we need to add to just maintain the property let alone plan, design, market, manage any sort of development? (Refer to my previous post – we would buy these services and hire 2 people to manage consultants).

    2. I challenge anyone who is a proponent of the Landmark 99 project to explain how they’re to pay for the 60 to 100 million it’s going to take to develop. I suspect they can’t because either they’re too busy, lazy, and or not intelligent enough to think it out. Silliness.

      1. Public Private Partnerships (PPP), cross-jurisdictional partnerships, municipal bonds, tax incremental financing, special assessment districts, community benefit / development agreements, impact fees, exactions, ARPA, just to name a few…

        1. Thanks for your honesty, Jeremy, in other words, realistically it comes down to more taxes. I guess there is no free soda.

        2. All of these funded via taxes or fees that the general public pays. All drive up costs; no free lunch (soda) . . .

  2. Well said, Danielle. Mike Rosen is adept at general promises and vague, pleasing statements. Mayor Nelson has specific plans and details. I know what I am getting with a vote for Mike Nelson but I’m am not sure exactly what Mike Rosen stands for.

    1. We need less politics and more fiscal management. Dollars, such as wasted putting in a median strip on Hwy 99 and a community office there that’s always closed doesn’t solve any of the issues in that area. It’s just more lipstick on a pig. Nelson can’t solve problems so he wastes our money with nonsensical solutions. More of the same coming if he gets reelected.

  3. I’d say about 85% of the citizens in our town haven’t got one clue as to what is in any of our past and present budgets and how things are supposed to get done vs. how they actually get done or, more often, don’t get done. We have an out of date city code, bad and missing sidewalks, no fire department of our own that we can finance and control in house, cart before the horse promises to buy properties that are overpriced and, in one case, horribly polluted and a brand new sewer system that so far just doesn’t work. Now park land that was virtually non existent in SE Edmonds is suddenly available, priced under market and almost fully funded. People who want to be “shined on,” get “shined on.” And there’s one born every minute. Can Rosen fix this? I doubt it, but since we were too ignorant and short sighted to choose someone who was actually prepared, I say give him a shot.

    1. Clinton,

      I think Rosen can get it done without all of the smoke amd mirrors and rhetoric that we see before our eyes.

      Pleasedo the research and stack qualifications. where’s the results, not rhetoric, I can clearly see a difference.

      I have done the research, and there is absolutley no comparison.

      Rosen is far and away the beat choice. I keep hearing about plans amd actions and rainbows and butterflies. I see a broken finance system, selective statistics, and just plain old system politics for the feels

      Like I said, I did the research, and looked at the reaults. You and I are not always on the same side of the spectrum, but we both agree that if we are going to keep a strong mayor, it might as well be one that cam balance a checkbook

  4. George, I’m not saying Mike R. can’t do it, I’m saying he has a tough row to hoe and will very much need the right help from the right people to meet the high goals he has set for himself and the REAL needs of our city. A certain amount of this is out of his hands in terms of who will win Council Seats and how much he can engage almost all the citizens vs. just the wonky types like you and I and our friends. I totally agree there are lots of smoke and mirrors and not much substance right now in our budget process and just general big time governance short comings. I think a lot of it is that our system just does not provide for any sort of meaningful accountability. As Keven Fagerstrom pointed out during the Candidate Conversation night, Mayors have to hold their staffs accountable for results and the citizens have to see results . The citizens are supposed to tell the Mayors what they want thru the Council and the Mayors are supposed to make it happen. That is not what is happening now. Most of our citizens are too passive and many of our elected people are too beholding to outside political ideas and trends.

  5. I hope people realize that while out politicizing many of their concerns and needs in our city all of our city are not being met. When elections draw to an end the rhetoric gets loud. A strong ideology is extreme in politics. Rosen will be your middleman who does care about all. When politicians show up suddenly in places, they haven’t been seen much at all for years it should be a red flag. I want help for ALL of Edmonds and sincerely believe Mike Rosen will do his best to see to this. With Nelson we get only expensive ideas that for the most part do not help most of Edmonds at all. It is important to let your voices be heard, talk to your friends and neighbors and point out that although Nelson says much, much has not been delivered. He is a good politician but that doesn’t mean he is effective for all the needs we have here at all. Crime? Affordable (truly affordable housing)? Sidewalks for your children? Truly tax generating money spent? Nope. That will burden the middle class it does not help them. I like that people care about others and that will continue with Mike Rosen as well as responsible projects. Please Vote for Mike Rosen. I am afraid many who don’t will regret it.

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