Reminder: Edmonds Civic Roundtable to feature Mike Rosen at Nov. 16 meeting

Election Day is over and Edmonds Civic Roundtable has invited Mike Rosen, the anticipated winner of the mayoral race, to speak at its Thursday, Nov. 16 meeting.

Bring your questions. The meeting will run from 5-6:30 p.m. at the Edmonds Waterfront Center, 220 Railroad Ave., Edmonds. To register,  click here.

There is no fee for attending but contributions will be accepted at the door to cover the costs associated with the program.

For more information, visit

  1. As someone who works in the nonprofit world, to “accept donations” to cover costs for an event where only speaker is a founding member of said NPOs leadership is questionable. It comes off as more of a fundraiser for the NPO if anything.

  2. That is an unfair comment. Unless I am wrong, the Civic Round Table has to pay for room rental , and they may well have other costs.

    1. The room itself is free, they do however have to pay for staff that helps set up and sometimes for equipment rental. The mayoral debate cost to the ECR was over $1,500.
      Yes, both candidates were asked if they would come and speak depending on the outcome – only 1 candidate confirmed that he would attend if he won.

  3. I believe who ever won the election was invited to speak at this Round Table meeting? I am looking forward to hearing from our NEW Mayor, many citizens are, they voted for him.

    1. Even citizens who didn’t vote for him might like to hear from him. Also appreciate the suggestion abt more open citizen-mayor events at little to no cost to citizens, esp those who are less well heeled. Need to get the word out beyond the “borders” of MEN. I think many are not plugged in to MEN or the Edmonds Beacon. How do all citizens get informed & get their “piece of the information pie?

  4. I’m no special fan of the ECR and not going to be a paying member anytime soon; but I do think there are lots of well meaning; Edmonds loving friends and fellow citizens who are involved in ECR. They did invite both potential winners to be present and you don’t have to contribute unless you want to, so what’s the complaint?

    What we do need here is some sort of routine opportunity to just meet as citizens from all parts of town with people we elect to represent us. This should not be a pay to play thing, but could involve buying or bringing your own favorite treats or beverages in an informal setting. Maybe a brew pub town hall once a month or just gathering at ECA or FAC with volunteer clean up people; or something along those lines? Mostly we need to start listening to each other and governing more from the bottom up, instead of the top down all the time.

  5. It would be great if Bowl and Seaview folks could come over to the east-of-99 neighborhood for a community gathering. And if the new mayor would make the trek. We only had one candidate, out of all running for local offices, doorbell our house. Not an Edmonds position, either. (Hi, Judge Moriarty! Congrats! ) I saw some campaigners on the east side near Lake Ballinger, but not north of there.

  6. Hopefully this will be available via Zoom so those who are unable to attend may still hear what the new
    mayor has to say…….This could be very important and should be heard by all…..

    1. Barbara: Yes to Zoom. I’m working that evening, will this event be recorded? I see some forums are recorded and available on the ECR website.

  7. Yippie. I am looking forward to seeing this. Thank you, Civic RoundTable and Mayor Elect Mike Rosen. And Thank you Theresa for letting us know and providing the site here to Zoom this meeting.

    1. Unfortunately there were technical glitches tonight and the livestream did not work. The event was recorded. Notice will be given when that gets posted.

  8. Thanks for this information Roger. It’s reassuring to know that not getting access last night was not the result of just being a total IT nincompoop.

    1. Maybe putting this on You Tube like the debates etc. would be a good plan in the future. To me seeing it live would be fun, but the message is what is important not the live action. I wanted to see it too. I have You Tube and Premium You Tube. This is not the first time a political event had problems with delays and such at the Waterfront location. I also wonder who decides what is broadcasted on our local channel 21. The CC meetings are available there live and next day. So perhaps when Mr. Rosen is sworn in as Mayor of Edmonds, he will be the one who decides what is broadcasted so all citizens even those who do not have You Tube can watch these types of things? The television channel is on a channel that almost everyone can see without subscribing on a computer and paying for high dollar tiers. I checked and today Friday I see our last CC meeting is on now. I want all our citizens to be able to easily view. Factual information with no actual opinion or political rhetoric is something we should all not be willing to give up. Informed citizens make informed choices. I don’t know who decides what is broadcasted on our channel? Will someone tell me? Thanks.

      1. Hi Deborah, yes viewing our govt in action is useful to all. Many of our 17 boards, commissions, and committees also broadcast their meeting. I noticed you watched the Economic Development Commission meeting on Wednesday, and we were hopeful you would help us with your input. The EDC reflects on citizen input for we to are just regular citizens volunteering our time and whatever talent we have to help make Edmonds a better place. Next time feel free to comment.

        1. Hi Darrol, thank you for responding. Yes, I did watch and next time I will comment. I did wonder as I watched and listened if I could comment anytime during the meetings? I watched both the Planning Department and the Economic Development Commission on Wednesday evening. I found both meetings to be informative and I left the EDC meeting with smile on my face. I will tune in next time and I will comment. Thank you again. Deborah.

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