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We live in an exceptional town. Just take a walk along the waterfront on a sunny day greeting your neighbors. Stop by the beautiful new waterfont center to partake in a coffee or an art or music class. Go see a concert at the great Edmonds Center for the Arts. We have a cozy, creative, family friendly downtown and lots of wonderful parks. Many blessings. Caring people. 

One thing we have that very few communities have is an historic, single-screen, vibrant, independent movie theater that just keeps giving us really convenient access to first-run movies at very reasonable prices and good popcorn. They book interesting films and even have an occasional Thursday pay-what-you-can classic movie night. As a citizen here since the late ’50s, I’ve had many memorable visits to this gem. Not just movies…travel presentations and other community gatherings…even some rowdy live music back in the day. This is a rare asset that needs our help to compete and thrive in a tough business. 

You may have heard that the Edmonds Theater recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary. That’s mighty impressive. 

I would like to put out a challenge to my fellow Edmonds folks. Support what you love.

I went to the movie playing there last night and spoke with the people running the box office. They don’t know how long they can keep this going. Old building and many challenges. I would ask those who can to please dig deep into your pocket and do what I did last night. Drop some cash into the support-the-theater donation box at the box office. Once something like this slips away, it’s impossible to replace. May I suggest $100 to celebrate 100 years. I’m hoping this theater continues to bring us fine films for a long time. 

— By Steve Noe

Steve Noe lives in Edmonds

  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Steve. You’re right: if Edmonds loses this theater we will never get it back.
    I will stop by tomorrow with a donation and I encourage everyone who loves this community to do the same. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  2. Sunday afternoon I was downtown and happened to see their marquee advertising Casablanca, a special showing at 7:00 sponsored by Daphne’s. Neither Alison nor I had seen this great classic in a theater, so naturally we went. A great movie in a great local theater, munching great popcorn~ it made for a wonderful and memorable evening.

    It turned out that Sunday Nov. 12th was the theater’s 100th anniversary~ to the day. Adding further to the specialness of the occasion.

  3. I love the theater. Did you know you can rent the theater for parties? We did..inexpensive and great fun. Senior centers should rent some old movies. The theater show play (during the day matinee) old classics. They started doing that years ago in smaller cities. They make bank on it. Great fund raiser too. Seniors come out for matinees planning such classics as the Maltese Falcon. Etc. One college started a class on movie classics and the kids attend the Matinees now.. we are lucky to have it…it also helps other businesses. When people go to a movie they usually shop downtown prior to their start.

  4. Right on Steve. This is a prime example of the importance of “shopping locally”.
    The Edmonds Theater is the only theater my wife and I frequent. If a new movie is released that interests us, we will see it at the Edmonds Theater, even if it might be available on Netflix. And, while you are there, buy some popcorn!
    Again, support your local businesses!

  5. Hi,
    I would love to see this theatre continue on for many more years for other generations to enjoy, I was one of the kids that went there every friday night as a teenager in the 60s.
    Please put on the web page what address to mail a donation to, and I will get it in the mail.

      1. The physical address of the Edmonds Theater is 415 Main St., Edmonds, WA 98020. If there is a better address to use for mailing donations, I hope someone will add.

  6. It’s a gem worth saving, not only with a contribution but with your patronage. And please, if you go to see a movie, please refrain from disturbing other patrons who are there to enjoy a cinematic experience by talking or looking at your cell phone in the middle of the show. Please.

  7. A great theatre and a great American tradition! Let’s all do our part to keep this going ………..

    Personally, I will bring up at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, to see what we can do.

  8. Oh this is impossible to think of for all of those that live in Edmonds, the Theatre Closing?
    let’s do all we can to prevent this and help the Theatre as much as we all individually feel is possible to prevent such an enormous loss to the community.

  9. I have loved this movie theater since we moved here in 1977, and it’s remarkable that a city as small as Edmonds has been able to sustain this treasure for 100years! I love Joy Trevino’s suggestions for more uses for the theater, to bring in more revenue. Why not a big fund raising event this summer? Held at another local venue that holds more people? Bring in a movie actor? I’m sure other folks will have additional ideas.

  10. My favorite theater ever. Thanks for the reminder of donating a little extra. It’s a wonderful addition to our town and right across from the Bakery, my other favorite.

  11. Please start a Go Fund Me for your theater! That way many people can contribute from home . We live in Seattle but want to donate to the theater. Also they accept Pay Pal so those of us that will not put a bankcard number online can safely contribute. Yes …. when these classic neighborhood theaters are allowed to disappear. It is a cultural loss and one that will never ever be replaced. Please get serious about funding small community theaters,

  12. I was in town recently to visit family and upon seeing the theater if brought back fond memories of an evening back in the 1970’s when my son (who was probably 12 at time) loaded up with bags of popcorn and laughed our way through a showing of the Marx Brother’s “A Night At The Opera”.
    As a former Edmonds resident I certainly agree with Mr. Noe that this is a treasure worth preserving.

  13. I totally agree with everyone’s comments above. I also hope that the Edmonds Theater is with us for a very long time. The sad thing is that their website is no longer active, and the last Facebook post is from September. I think what they need the most is help with their marketing. I had been waiting, and even emailed the manager, about what celebration they were going to have for the 100th Anniversary. I was told something would be put up in the windows. Was it? I didn’t happen to get downtown during that week. We have 2 very good news sources for Edmonds events, I was looking there too. This is the only mention (or one of very few) that I ever saw. Hopefully someone will be able to help them with their publicity. The Edmonds Theater is a true gem, we need to let more people know about it.

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