Sponsor spotlight: The top engagement ring trends of 2024

Though the tradition of giving engagement rings has been around for centuries, the rings themselves are always evolving. With new designs debuting every day, it can be hard to keep up with all of your engagement ring options. Thankfully, our local Edmonds jewelry experts are here with the scoop on this year’s most coveted looks. We caught up with Andy Cline, owner of local jewelry store Cline Jewelers, to get his take on the hottest bridal looks of the year.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire settings on simple, minimalistic bands continue to rise in popularity. “This isn’t a new trend so much as a return to a classic,” says Andy Cline. “In previous years, diamond accents, like diamond halos and pavé bands, were the styles of choice. But now, lots of brides are opting for a subtler look.”

Cline emphasizes that simple designs still offer plenty of room for customization. “You can do a lot with even the most basic components of an engagement ring. You can change the color of your metal, the shape of your diamond, the style of your band and plenty more.” Keep reading for more on different band styles and potential alternatives to a diamond center stone!

This 1 carat oval solitaire is an enduring classic.

Heirloom Stones

“A lot of younger brides are interested in repurposing heirloom jewelry for their engagement rings,” says Andy Cline. “There are plenty of reasons behind this. For one, the sentimental value is undeniable. It also gives your ring a very personal component.”

It’s also a great way to keep using older jewelry or diamonds that have plenty of life left in them. Sustainability is a core value for many of today’s brides. Generation Z is widely considered to be the most eco-conscious generation yet, and their appreciation for vintage goods is more than just a matter of taste.

Professional jewelers like the team at Cline are highly skilled at restoring vintage and heirloom rings to their former glory. They can also remove diamonds from older rings and place them into new settings.

East-West Diamond Rings

When we think of engagement rings, we think of diamonds oriented up and down. East-West rings take that convention and turn it on its head – literally.

“East-West rings have diamonds that are set horizontally, so they lay on their sides against the band,” explains Andy Cline. Obviously, this trend doesn’t apply to round cut diamonds, but it’s increasingly popular with fancy cut diamonds such as emerald cuts or pear cuts. Horizontal diamonds add intrigue and offer a unique twist on the classic diamond engagement ring.

This bezel set marquise shows off the striking East-West diamond ring trend.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Brides looking for a way to make their engagement ring stand out are increasingly turning to colorful center stones.

“The problem with gemstone engagement rings is that, unfortunately, not all gemstones are as durable as diamonds,” says Cline. “An engagement ring needs to withstand everyday use. Diamonds make a great center stone because they are so strong that it is incredibly difficult to break, chip or scratch them.” On the other hand, Cline says, stones like opals can break quite easily.

However, there is one particular gemstone that is hardy enough for daily wear. Sapphires are the number one gemstone Cline recommends to couples seeking a colorful alternative to the traditional engagement ring. “We use a scale called the Mohs scale to measure gemstone hardness, and on that scale, sapphires rank just below diamonds” he explains. “And one thing that’s great about the sapphire is that it actually comes in a whole range of colors.” It’s true: while we often associate sapphires with the color blue, they can come in shades of green, teal, pink, purple, red, yellow and orange.

This Montana sapphire engagement ring is a real teal beauty.

Double Band Engagement Rings

Double band engagement rings, as the name suggests, have two bands rather than one. The bands can be thick or thin, may cross over in the middle or sit parallel to one another, and can be all one color or feature multiple tones of gold. Though they may look like two separate bands from afar, they are connected to create one cohesive ring.

Double band engagement rings might appeal to future brides who want more substantial looking rings. They certainly take up more space on the finger thanks to the extra band. Two bands also means extra room for more sparkly details like pavé diamonds. What’s more, they have the added bonus of being particularly sturdy. It’s no wonder that for some brides-to-be, two bands are better than one.

This double band engagement ring is in a trendy crossover style.

Nesting Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Engagement rings aren’t a stand-alone piece of jewelry–eventually, they become part of a set alongside the wedding ring. Nesting wedding bands, sometimes called stacked wedding bands or ring guards, curve around the center stone of the engagement ring for a snug fit and cohesive look. Brides can have one nesting band below their engagement ring or one on both the top and the bottom for a full stack.

This ring guard fits snugly and emphasizes an engagement ring’s center stone with diamond accents.

Custom Engagement Rings

“Today’s brides are gravitating toward unique engagement rings that tell a personal story,” says Cline. “It’s hard to get more personal than a ring you design yourself, or even with the help of your partner.”

If you like any of the trends mentioned here and want to incorporate them into a ring, or if you have an idea all your own, custom jewelers like the team at Cline Jewelers can easily create them in their custom jewelry workshop.

Visit Cline Jewelers in Edmonds to Find Your Dream Ring

“When I have a client looking for an engagement ring, the most important thing to me is that they don’t have to make any compromises,” says Andy Cline. “Your proposal and your wedding will be two of the most special moments in your life, and we feel you deserve nothing less than the ring of your dreams.”

Whether that means repurposing an heirloom ring, finding a ready-made ring to your specifications, or custom designing a brand new one, the team at Cline Jewelers is here to help. Visit their website to book a custom design or restyling consultation, or stop by the store to shop and chat with the team in-person.

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