Edmonds police make arrests after repeated shootings along Olympic View Drive

A map showing the shooting location.

Edmonds police said Wednesday they have arrested two adults and are seeking a third after a three-week spree of incidents along Olympic View Drive.

The two male adults — ages 37 and 26 and both from Lynnwood — were arrested June 27 and booked into the Snohomish County Jail for drive-by shooting while detectives continued their investigation into others who may be involved, Edmonds police spokesperson Cmdr. Josh McClure said.

Beginning in early June, police received repeated calls from community members regarding the sounds of gunshots in the area around the 8100 block of Olympic View Drive. Most of the calls came in the late evening and overnight hours. In some instances, investigating officers were able to recover evidence showing multiple different weapons were being fired. Trees and a stop sign were shot, but there were no instances of injury.

Then, on June 24, a resident called to report that a gunshot had entered their home, police said. During this time frame, officers had been proactively surveilling the area but could not catch the suspects in the act or identify a suspect vehicle. On June 27, multiple officers established dedicated surveillance and saw a vehicle enter the area, followed shortly by the sound of multiple gunshots. Officers quickly found evidence to support a drive-by-shooting, and the suspect vehicle was found unoccupied in the residential neighborhood. Following an extensive search, two suspects were located with the assistance of K9 units from Edmonds and Everett, King County’s Guardian One helicopter and a drone unit. A handgun was also recovered during the arrest, McClure said.

A search warrant was served on the suspect vehicle, and additional items of evidence were recovered, including multiple rounds of live ammunition and several spent shell casings.

This investigation is ongoing, and Edmonds police detectives are following up on the information and evidence collected, McClure said, adding that additional arrests are expected to be made.

If you have any information on these shootings, call Edmonds police at 425-407-3999 or email policetips@edmondswa.gov.

  1. Good job EPD! My friend who just moved to Olympic View Drive area just sent me a picture the other day of a road sign that had many many bullet holes in it. Glad they caught these guys. Although, if my sleuthing is correct, and I found the correct booking documents, it shows that they both have posted bond already.

  2. Any idea why the EPD sends out a release about the arrests 6 days after the fact (and 3 days after their release on $10K bonds each) and doesn’t release the names? Surely the names of arrestees booked into the SnoCo Jail (and out on bond) are public information? In fact, I know they are public information as I located both of their names and booking records on the online jail roster. The EPD release asks the public for more info to help the investigation and locate other suspects – yet they waited 6 days and don’t include the names of the two they arrested. That’s just …odd.

    1. Hi Mike — as a rule, our news organization doesn’t name suspects in criminal cases until they are officially charged.

      1. Interesting and certainly your prerogative as a news org. They’ve already had at least their initial appearance and bail hearing (6/30 at 1pm in Everett District Court, according to their jail records) or they wouldn’t have been bonded out. The charges are officially read out at any such initial appearance prior to bond being set, even if it’s not yet an arraignment. But again, your prerogative. It’s more odd to me that the cops would refuse to release the names in a release in which the cops are asking the public for more information. Their names are a matter of public record as are their arrest / jail records which are accessible online. What do I know though – I went to law school in Boston not here and grew up in and around NYC – the home of the “perp-walk” where the cops marched arrestees out of the police station in handcuffs in front of the press corps.

        1. My experience at least with local police departments is that in general they do not name suspects in their press releases.

        2. I can understand not broadcasting names if they are looking for more witnesses. If I share a description of a person I saw, and did so without the name, then it’s more powerful if my description matches the person arrested.

          Alternatively, if they announced the name and I had seen someone, but they appeared to be of a complexion or ancestry inconsistent with the surname of the person named, then maybe I would withhold sharing that information which could have been very useful in the investigation.

          Both logical reasons for the public to not know the name.

          Similarly, when there were surveillance photos of a person of interest circulated, I told my kids to immediately leave the situation and tell a trusted adult of any stranger exhibiting the described behavior, regardless of whether they looked like the person in the photo.

    2. I don’t believe the police wish to spread out much information while there is an active investigation.

      1. Yes Gary, we ALL know why. However, we’re not ALLOWED to verbalize why. ‘Cause, You Know: “Reasons”….

  3. Brian, sure….that’s conceivable. In select cases with multiple eyewitnesses. But in a wee-hours drive-by where best you’re going to get is a description of the car – it seems pointless when asking for help in effectuating further arrests. Easier to get tips from folks who know that “Mike Me,” 37 and “Brian You,” 26 both of Lynwood were arrested today in connection with the drive-by shootings on OVD. That way folks can say, oh I know Mike and Brian – they’re always hanging out with “Todd Thatguy” and “Bryce Whatshisface” and they all have guns. Much harder to get tips re: unnamed 37 and 26 year old Lynwood men. I’ve lived in 10 cities/towns across 6 states on both coasts and have never come across such secrecy about arrestees by cops or media until we moved here to Edmonds. Just used to a perp walk, or at least a mug shot and certainly identifying the arrestees by name. It is public information, after all, available to all on the county jail roster website – and it is potentially useful information for garnering tips. Also odd that neither the EPD release nor media coverage notes that both men have been bonded out since 6/30. Arrests made on 6/27….court on 6/30…but no press release until 7/3 and that has no names?! Strange.

  4. So a 13 year-old girl is killed by a stray bullet at the Alderwood Mall, and now these arrests for shots fired on Olympic View Drive. It’s fine to talk about good police work and whether or not to release suspects’ names, but the elephant in the room is out-of-control gun violence. Over the years I’ve spoken with Edmonds residents and business owners about this issue and, sadly, so many folks are just apathetic, in part because they view our community as somehow immune to gun violence. Perhaps there was some truth to that in the past; no longer. Speak out against gun violence!

  5. I am SO tired of miscreants and downright criminal persons doing whatever they please to the rest of us–hurting, property damage, whatever. Witness the guy in Bell Town (Seattle) who has terrorized an entire segment of the city with his hopped up, souped up vehicle that is louder probably than jets. I believe the City fined him $86,000. So here you have some very bad actors shooting up one of our streets, terrorizing residents and in general, being horrible persons. Call me judgmental, I really don’t care. I hope they get the stiffest possible penalties and jail time. It’s obvious that we are not going to have gun control any time soon in any deeply meaningful way (go ahead, correct me if I am wrong), and even if we did, bad actors will find ways to keep on being bad. What stops them is a jail cell and a record as a convicted felon. After jail comes probation and toeing the line. Harsh? I really don’t care if it seems harsh.

  6. People are apathetic about gun violence because there is nothing they can do. The conservative bloc of SCOTUS is to blame. They created a “constitutional right” to buy and own guns that 200+ years of supreme court judges rejected. Their reasoning is built on a phony legal theory called “originalism.” Virtually all gun laws are now “unconstitutional” unless the 6 conservatives on the Court can find some historical precedent for any gun law or regulation. Historical precedent doesn’t exist because AR-15s, ghost guns, bump stocks, super-magazines, etc., didn’t exist in 1776. What a bunch of morons—and they are literally killing us. SCOTUS has betrayed its duty to uphold public safety and now over 100 Americans die EVERY DAY from gun violence. This world would be better place if SCOTUS would finally approve laws to make it much more difficult to buy and own guns.

    1. Your inexcusable lack of knowledge is just that: Inexcusable.
      The “lack” of “Historical Precedent” that you’re claiming is given the lie by the fact that, in spite of what Crooked Joe says, during the Revolution, the “Average” Citizen was allowed to own virtually ANY weapon that they could afford, including Field Artillery and even Ships Of War.
      Please refrain from embarrassing yourself further with your inadequate Public Education.

  7. Please avoid partisan rhetoric. You can make your point without falling back on sandbox epithets. “Crooked Joe” is nothing but puerile mud-throwing. So are ad-hominem aspersions about the education of someone you don’t know.

    Are you advocating an originalist view that citizens today should have artillery and warships? That appears to be the gist of your statement.

    1. What I’m advocating is that “Shall Not Be Infringed” means what it says.
      I’ve been a legal owner of multiple firearms, including so-called “Assault Weapons” for almost 5 decades, and during that time, none of them have been involved in any sort of illegal activity.
      Also, for your information, I do actually KNOW whereof I speak regarding Field Artillery: My 4th and 5th Great Grandfathers BOTH served during the American Revolution, and the Elder one owned a Three-Pounder, that is still in the family, although it’s in Cherry Valley, New York.

      1. The right to “keep and bear arms” is infringed all the time with few complaints. We cannot carry firearms onto airplanes nor into court houses and a few other restricted places. The 2nd Amendment is not absolute, and it’s also not a suicide pact. Society needs to take further steps to keep firearms out of the wrong hands, people like this shooter who murdered an innocent child at the mall.

        1. Much like the First Amendment, which doesn’t give you the right to Infringe upon MY Right to speak my mind, my Second Amendment Rights don’t end at the point where you’re “Uncomfortable”.
          Put on your Big Boy Pants, grow a pair, and just deal with it. If you actually understood what the Framers intended, you would understand that it’s actually an imperative for YOU to own, and know how to properly use, firearms.
          There’s no one coming to save you. YOU are your first line of defense.

        2. You don’t know the circumstances, at this point, just assumptions. Mall shooter is 16 yo, nearly an adult. Guns are stolen from ‘secured’ locations, safes.’.

          FBI Uniform Crime Report for at least the last 9 years shows knives murder more than, rifles, shotguns, ‘other guns’ combined. I don’t see you advocating for secure knife storage and pointing fingers at knife owners.

        3. To all of you commenting, an update: the 16 year old male has been arrested again & charged as an adult with first & second degree murder & a new bond of $2 million requested. If he posts bond, prosecutors are seeking electronic monitored house arrest. Parents have said they don’t know where he got the gun. There was a prior situation with another male & then the other male punched the gun male & he gave chase through the mall firing the gun. The young woman who was murdered was just walking through the mall with a friend. Late breaking news story from Seattle Times. Now you can go back to arguing about guns, gun rights, free speech, the American Revolution, Three Pounders, assault weapons & what have you till the cows come home. Won’t change a thing. Civility wld be welcome, however.

    2. Thank you Nathaniel – we usually pretty much keep things civil here on MEN, even when we disagree and there is vigorous disagreement on here from time to time. I was quite put off by Edward Dickson’s seemingly unpleasant response (I have no idea who he is responding to) and the extreme partisanship displayed in name calling. I very much appreciate your calling it out.

  8. We just had a similar incident here in Meadowdale near 154th St SW & 50th Ave W. Nine or ten shots fired around 3:35 am this morning, with a loud modified exhaust-type car speeding around the neighborhood both during and after the incident.

    Neighbors, if this happens in your area, please report these incidents immediately to the non-emergency police agency that covers your jurisdiction. Let’s get these thugs off the streets!

    1. Craig, why would someone call the non-emergency line when shots are being fired? Seems like that’s an emergency situation with 911 being the number to call.

  9. Thanks for the correction – you’re absolutely right!
    Frankly, at the wee hour of the morning I wasn’t sure if they were indeed gunshots and didn’t call it in until another concerned neighbor contacted me to ask if we’d heard the shots, and at that point I deemed it not an emergency call.

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