Meet the 2024 candidates: Jason Moon, 21st Legislative District, Position 1

Jason Moon

Ahead of the Aug. 6 primary election, the My Neighborhood News Network submitted a list of questions to candidates running for election. We are publishing responses as we receive them.

A newcomer to state-level politics, Jason Moon is running for the Washington State 21st Legislative District Position 1 seat. Moon was appointed as a Mukilteo City Councilmember in 2022 and retained his position when elected to the council in 2023. He is a second-generation Korean American who grew up in Washington. He graduated from the University of Washington with a master’s degree in business administration and currently works at Microsoft and as a self-employed real estate broker. He has served on Mukilteo’s Public Safety Commission, Lodging Tax Advisory Committee and DEI Commission.

How do you plan to stay in touch with constituents while you are in office?

– Breaking Bread! My plan is to eat out at our local restaurants and have regular meetups around some great food.

– More formal: Regular town halls and community meetings. I’ll host town halls and community gatherings to discuss local issues, share updates and address concerns face-to-face.

– Newsletters and email updates: I’ll send out regular newsletters via email, keeping constituents informed about legislative developments, upcoming events and opportunities for engagement.

– Social media: I’ll actively use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share information, answer questions, and engage in conversations.

What are the top three priority areas you would focus on as a lawmaker?

Housing: We must maintain the charm of our neighborhoods and local control. I’ll advocate for policies that encourage affordable housing without compromising the character of our waterfront areas. This means less density and more thoughtful planning.

Public safety: Our families and small businesses deserve safety. I’ll work tirelessly to enhance community policing, support law enforcement and protect our neighborhoods. A secure environment is essential for everyone.

Addressing homelessness and substance abuse: Harm reduction isn’t working! We need to focus on recovery. This includes expanding access to addiction treatment, mental health services, and transitional housing.

What are the priority areas of your legislative district?

– Public safety around our 164th, 128th, Hwy 99 and the Mukilteo Speedway.

– Protect our environment: Edmonds, Mukilteo and Picnic Point/Meadowdale waterfronts

What do you think the state’s top three budget priorities should be?

Education: Investing in our schools, teachers, and students is crucial. We must ensure adequate funding for K-12 education, reduce class sizes, and provide resources for special education programs. A well-educated workforce is essential for our future.

Health care and mental health services: Access to quality health care is a fundamental right. We need to allocate resources to improve health care infrastructure, expand Medicaid and address mental health challenges. Prioritizing preventive care and mental health services benefits everyone.

Infrastructure and transportation: Our state’s roads, bridges and public transit systems need attention. Investing in infrastructure not only improves safety but also supports economic growth. Let’s prioritize sustainable transportation options and maintain our vital infrastructure. 

Recent state legislation has focused on housing initiatives to increase housing supply and the construction of middle housing. Do you support these initiatives? Why or why not?

Balancing growth: We need thoughtful development that considers both housing supply and neighborhood character. Middle housing can provide more options for families, but we must preserve the unique identity of our communities.

Affordability: Middle housing can contribute to affordability, but we must ensure it doesn’t lead to displacement or negatively impact existing residents. I support policies that encourage affordable housing without compromising our neighborhoods.

Community Engagement: It’s essential to involve residents in decision-making. As a legislator, I’ll listen to constituents, collaborate with experts, and find solutions that benefit everyone. With rent rising, does the state have a responsibility to cap rent increases?

Advocates for rent control argue that it helps protect tenants from excessive hikes, especially in high-demand areas. However, I believe that market forces should determine rental prices to encourage investment and maintain housing supply. As a legislator, I’ll carefully consider both perspectives and work toward policies that balance affordability and housing stability.

Do you have ideas for supporting struggling renters?

Tenant counseling services: Establish or expand tenant counseling services that provide guidance on rights, responsibilities, and available resources.

Rent subsidies and vouchers:  Increase funding for rent subsidies or housing vouchers to assist low income renters.

Eviction prevention programs: Develop targeted eviction prevention programs that offer financial assistance to renters facing eviction.

Collaboration with landlords: Encourage landlords to work with struggling renters by offering flexible payment plans or temporary rent reductions.

Is there more that lawmakers could be doing to address behavioral health issues related to mental health and substance abuse? What about homelessness? 

Harm reduction is not working! We need to stop advocating injection sites and giving away syringes and instead focus on recovery.

Early intervention and prevention: Invest in preventive programs that identify at-risk individuals early.

Promote mental health awareness and education in schools and communities: Encourage families to seek help promptly when signs of substance abuse or mental health issues arise.

Access to treatment and recovery services:

– Increase funding for mental health clinics, addiction treatment centers, and counseling services.

– Ensure timely access to evidence-based treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and counseling.

Holistic Support Systems:

– Foster collaboration between law enforcement, health care providers, and community organizations.

– Establish crisis intervention teams that include mental health professionals.

– Encourage peer support networks and recovery communities.

Rehabilitation and Reintegration:

– Focus on rehabilitation rather than punitive measures.

– Offer vocational training, job placement and housing support for individuals in recovery.

– Create pathways for reintegration into society after treatment.

What responsibility does the state have in mitigating the impacts of climate change?

As residents of the Evergreen State, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by such natural beauty — from the majestic Cascades to the serene Puget Sound, from our arid deserts to the powerful Columbia and Snake Rivers. Our responsibility is clear: we must be good stewards of this environment. By embracing innovation, sustainable practices, and responsible policies, we can protect our state’s natural treasures for generations to come.

What is your opinion on a state income tax?

An income tax could discourage economic growth and investment. Despite progressive tax rates, middle-class families could still bear the brunt. Balancing the tax burden is essential.

– We must avoid unintended consequences that impact hard-working families struggling to make ends meet.

– Our state’s vibrant economy relies on attracting businesses and talent. An income tax could hinder our competitiveness.

School districts are facing drastic budget cuts, which many say is due to the legislature’s failure to fully fund basic education. Is this a fair criticism? If so, how would you propose addressing it? 

I recognize the importance of adequately funding education. Let’s address this issue:

– McCleary decision and progress: The McCleary decision in 2012 compelled the Legislature to improve education funding. Since then, progress has been made, but challenges remain. It’s fair to acknowledge both efforts and the need for continued commitment.

– Property taxes and accountability: Property taxes play a significant role in funding education. We must ensure transparency and accountability in how these funds are allocated. School districts should be held responsible for efficient resource utilization.

– Innovation and sustainable solutions: Let’s explore innovative approaches beyond traditional models. Collaborate with educators, parents and community members to find creative solutions that enhance education without burdening taxpayers. 

What role should the state play in supporting underrepresented groups?

– Representation matters! We need diverse voices in public office. Representation fosters understanding, empathy, and better decision-making.

– Encourage individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to run for office and actively support their campaigns. (Our district has a 15% AAPI population, the largest and fastest growing minority population)

The Legislature failed to pass several police accountability bills during the last session. Would these be a priority for you in 2025? 

I believe that addressing public safety is crucial. While police accountability is important, we must collaborate with law enforcement to tackle crime effectively. The trajectory of crime impacts our business owners, families, and residents and we need leaders who can change that trajectory. 

How can we increase civic engagement among younger age groups?

Representation and Relatability!

– Encourage diverse representation in politics. Younger leaders who reflect the community’s demographics can inspire others.

– Peer-to-peer connections matter. Young people are often motivated by relatable role models.

To learn more, visit the candidate’s website at

12918 Mukilteo Speedway Ste C-23 #125 Lynnwood, WA 98087


— By Jasmine Contreras-Lewis


  1. I personally met with Jason Moon. Although I am a republican I will be voting for him. He has a rationale approach regarding all aspects of our current housing issues. He is also solution oriented and I believe he will have a great impact on keeping citizens in our communities safe while working with the local police departments. He understands what is going on in our schools and will work towards focusing on making schools great again.

    1. Hello Sharon! Thank you for your kind words. I believe there is so much more that brings us together than separates us, especially when it comes to the needs of our community!

  2. Thanks for jumping in the race Jason Moon. What you’re saying sounds very common sense to me which we need desperately. We need a change in this county position and not someone who keeps pushing for more and more housing without much thought to the cost of our environment. “Thoughtful planning” is good. I like your vision.

    1. Thank you Sandra! “Thoughtful” planning = listening to the people. I think that’s what has been missing from our leaders lately and I promise to always stay in touch with our residents like it was our first date ❤️! Like we say at Amazon, it’s always Day One!

  3. I have observed Mr. Moon’s work on the Mukilteo Council for years and he is always well-spoken and prepared. He brings common-sense reasoning to many issues, including the waterfront discussion, the Planning Dept. and Comprehensive plan, and the Hotel/Motel tax allocations. He listens to other council members, and most importantly, to his constituents. He take facts into consideration, and has changed his support for a vote, based on evidence. There is a reason no one challenged his seat in the last election. He’s incredibly effective! I have no doubt Jason will continue to be a common-sense voice for the people and the change we need in the 21st legislative District. It’s time for fresh ideas and bipartisanship efforts to make Snohomish County a safe and livable community that supports small business and growing families, while maintaining it’s independence and charm.

  4. I like Jason Moon so far. I went to the website mentioned and I liked what he had to say. I emailed him and he responded himself and I liked that too. I don’t know if he is a Republican or a Democrat but I don’t care.. I just agreed with everything he said. Time will tell. I wish him luck.

    1. Thank you Deborah! I believe common sense doesn’t care about political affiliation. It cares about pragmatic solutions that works to serve the people.

  5. Mr. Moon, I am so happy that you’ve thrown your hat in the ring. We are in desperate need of moderate common sense legislators.

    1. Hello Robert! I’m your man! In the midst of all the division, we need to come together and listen to our people and not be influenced by the power of money, fame, or power.

  6. I wrote an extensive letter of support for Mr Moon a few days ago and it has disappeared.
    All rules were followed. What gives?

    1. Hi Liz — your last name wasn’t attached to the earlier comment about Mr. Moon, and I emailed you about that. Now that you have provided a last name, I’ve approved it.

      1. Thank you! Your message must have got lost in my junk file. I apologize for leaving off the required info.
        liz Vallins

  7. You got me at , “I’m running for Legislative District 21, Pos. 1. I don’t even care what party you do or don’t claim to affiliate with. Voters just need to remember your incumbent opponent was instrumental in giving us State Control of local zoning and unbridled anti ENVIRONMENT type development in Edmonds and all surrounding communities. If you are as good as Liz claims in her comment, that’s just icing on the cake for me. It’s usually best to vote FOR someone and not AGAINST someone, but in this case I’ll make an exception.

    1. Thank you Clinton. I hope I can share with you more of my priorities so you can vote for common sense and keeping the uniqueness of our wonderful cities~

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