Scene in Edmonds: Yost Park after the rain

Yost Park is located at 9535 Bowdoin Way, Edmonds. Following the previous evening’s heavy rain, photographer Chris Walton hiked down to Shell Creek to enjoy the splendid forest. Along the trail, hikers will come across the remnants of an early 1900s dam built by the Edmonds Spring Water Company. To learn more of this history…

Scene in Edmonds: Salvage operation

Julia Wiese captured these photos of Tuesday’s effort to recover a small plane that went down in the water just off Edmonds’ Marina Beach Aug. 26. The plane’s pilot, a 50-year-old Buckley man, was rescued by a private boat after the emergency landing. He was uninjured and there were no passengers on board. The plane…

Scene in Edmonds: Beach moves

Dawn Emerick submitted these photos of her grandkids Rosalie (pink shirt) and Ireland Clayton having fun at Edmonds’ Olympic Beach Sunday.

Scene in Edmonds: Hues of hydrangea

Photographer Denise Meade showcases the lace-cap hydrangea in her yard, which “blooms well into autumn while is it also changing from brilliant blues to startling pinks and then soft bronzes.”

Scene beyond the Edmonds Bowl: Haines Wharf Park

Located at 16121 75th Pl. W., Edmonds, this small park overlooks Haines Wharf. In addition to a playground and public telescope, the entire hillside is covered with cherry-red rose hips. The wharf photo was taken at sunset. The rosehips photos were taken at sunrise. You can learn about the history of the wharf here. —…