Scene in Edmonds: Lending a helping hand

Sonia Nunez Gilman asked that he highlight the good deeds of Edmonds resident Steven Seremeta. On Monday morning, while his young family played outside, Seremeta “quietly grabbed his snow shovel, cleaned the entire cul-de-sac, and salted walking paths for the various home entrances at the end of 6th Avenue South,” she said. “I’m grateful when…

Scene in Edmonds: A warm gesture during cold weather

Students in Holy Rosary’s 7th grade class collected fleece and crafted more than 150 scarves for those in the community who are in need of extra warmth this winter season. Under the direction of their homeroom teacher, Liz Curry, students measured, cut and tied all the scarves so they could be delivered to the South Snohomish County…

Scene in Edmonds: Marsh herons

Photographer Bill Ray found these Great Blue Herons at the Edmonds Marsh Friday and Saturday. Ray said there were more than a dozen of them — “quite a sight.”

Scene in Edmonds: Waterfront Center progress

Daniel Johnson of the Edmonds Waterfront Center shared these photos of construction progress earlier this week at the new Edmonds Waterfront Center being built on the former Edmonds Senior Center site at 220 Railroad Avenue. Johnson notes that crews are continuing to erect walls and place beams using the boom truck. The ceiling joists, located…

Scene in Edmonds: Taking flight

Julia Wiese took these photos Tuesday afternoon along the Edmonds waterfront.”The dunlins were sitting there until an eagle came passing through,” she said.