Scene in Edmonds: Shades of fall

Monday afternoon, one of the male Anna’s hummingbirds that inhabits the Edmonds Marsh was posing in the tree above the main viewing platform. The leaves of the tree turn bright red every fall, providing an autumn ambience, photographer Bill Anderson notes.

Scene in Edmonds: Local hydros on display

Edmonds based Unlimited Racing Group owners Shannon Raney and her husband Scott displayed their award-winning U-11 hydroplane at the Edmonds Yacht Club Friday evening during a membership dinner. J & D’s Racing’s U-11 unlimited hydroplane participates nationally and is manned by driver Jamie Nilsen. Nilsen began racing at the age of 12 in limited hydroplanes…

Scene in Edmonds: Scarecrows everywhere

Scarecrows are popping up across Edmonds as the Edmonds Scarecrow Festival kicks into high gear. It’s not too late to make one for the contest, but you’d better hurry. Registration deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 15. Learn more here.

Scene in Edmonds: Birds on display

Chase Lake is a good place to see birds, notes photographer Bill Ray, who took these photos. The lake — located on the east side of 84th Avenue West near 220th Street Southwest — has waterfowl year-round with elevated walkways.

Scene in Edmonds: No towel needed

Photographer Bill Anderson notes that Thursday afternoon he saw a kingfisher diving for fish in the waterways of the Edmonds Marsh.”Periodically it would perch on the old martin gourd stand opposite the main viewing platform to shake off the water and dry off,” he said.  

Scene in Edmonds: This is fall?

Vicki Hone Smith took these photos Sunday during a walk along the boardwalk and into Marina Beach Park. “It looked and felt more like a summer day than fall,” she says. “With people and children of all ages, walking, sitting, playing or walking their dogs, and others debarking from the Saratoga after their whale-watching cruise.”…

Scene in Edmonds: Last day of the summer market

Fall was in the air at the final day of the 2019 Edmonds Museum Summer Market Saturday, as the oaks by the fountain and the Veterans Plaza provided a backdrop of fall color. Despite opening under overcast skies that spit occasional raindrops on market-goers, the sun broke through by early afternoon, helping the season end…

Scene in Edmonds: No bow in this post-rain shot

This unusual photo was captured last week at the Edmonds waterfront by John Gurgel. While it appears to be a “flat rainbow,” it is actually known as a circumhorizon arc — a halo that is located beneath the sun, parallel to the horizon.