Virtual birdwatching: Meal time at Picnic Point

Warm summer days and low tides bring a variety of birds to the beaches along Puget Sound. Most are searching for easy meals of fish, crabs and other critters that get stuck in the tidal pools. These photos were taken at Picnic Point in July 2020. (Photos by Dave Govan)

Scene in Edmonds: Quiet day at the marsh

Photographer Ken Pickle notes there wasn’t much bird activity at the Edmonds Marsh Thursday. “However, there was a great egret, which we don’t see very often,” he says. “I suspect this is because our great blue herons are too boisterous.”

Virtual birdwatching: Battle of the hummingbirds

From photographer Bill Anderson, who says his neighbor’s backyard has become a battlefield between two rival hummingbirds. He captured some of the action on Saturday afternoon, July 25. One of the combatants looks like a female rufous while the other looks like a female Anna’s. The complete set of photos and a narrative can be…

Scene in Edmonds: Eagle eye on the nest, part 4

Photographer Bernie Busch notes the fledgling Woodway eagles have left the nest “and were both perched in a tree two blocks away (as the eagle flies).” He has included two series’ of pictures taken early in the afternoon on the July 26. The first series he describes as the less-adventurous eagle lifting off and flying…

Scene in Edmonds: Three generations of cyclists cruise Sunset

Three generations of intrepid cyclists passed through Edmonds on Saturday, as they included Sunset Avenue as part of their course. John Davies, 79, lives in Seattle’sWedgwood neighborhood. On Saturday, he arranged to meet his son Mark and grandson William at their home in Innis Arden for a 20-mile family bicycle excursion, part of which included…

Scene in Edmonds: Walkable, drawable Main Street

The fifth weekend of Walkable Main Street couldn’t have asked for better weather, as diners, shoppers, kids and families turned out to enjoy the pedestrian-friendly scene. — Photos by Larry Vogel