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  1. I wish to thank the Chamber of Commerce for the candidate forum they hosted at City Hall this last Monday evening. I heard a new word from one of the mayoral candidates that I do not believe I would be able to find in a dictionary. Today I received in the mail a flyer in support of this candidate with one statement on the front: “I will not Seattlize Edmonds.” After the Monday forum, when I asked the candidate what he meant by that word, he characterized it as “Tribalism, divisiveness and the homeless problem” as what he does not want to see in Edmonds.
    Letters I have read in this news outlet and elsewhere from people claiming to support this candidate seem to me to exemplify tribalism and divisiveness, the very attributes he claims he wants to keep out of Edmonds.
    I went to each of the mayoral candidate websites to find out more about what they propose to do and, more importantly, to find out more details of what each has already done for the city they each would like to lead. When I have been in a position to hire in the past, I learned that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance.
    On one candidate’s website the only references to accomplishments during many years served on advisory committees, boards and the city council are vague references to walkways, relieving traffic congestion and increasing economic activity. This is the same candidate who went around behind the council in an attempt to undo a decision to protect what is left of our unique environmental treasure, the Edmonds Marsh, from further incursion by business construction. To me, that Is the antithesis of integrity and leads me to question how well this candidate can be trusted to uphold the will of the council.
    On the other hand, Mike Nelson can point to a number of initiatives he has launched that have been adopted by the full council. Those accomplishments could not have been achieved without collaborating with the entire council. One person acting and voting in isolation cannot make that kind of difference. Mike Nelson listens to and speaks for citizens from all of Edmonds, not only a select few. His campaign has been focused on issues, ideas and actions rather casting aspersions on other candidates. My mother used to tell me there are three fingers pointing back at you when you point at someone else.
    The candidate whose integrity and behavior point to being the best mayor of this city is clear to me. Mike Nelson is my choice for mayor of Edmonds.

  2. I voted for Vivian Olson for Council seat 5. I did that because she is the most qualified for the position. She has lived in Edmonds for a long time. She has raised her family in Edmonds and participated in every day Edmonds, for along time. She is a Veteran! She understands that we are going to go through some serious changes and she, and 60% of those that voted , believe she was and is our best representative. Its disturbing to see the comments that insinuate that all of us who voted for her are somehow racist. They use the word progressive, but they mean racist. That we didn’t elect a person of color for any reason other then they were not the best candidate, I’m offended by that. I don’t see myself as racist for voting for Ms. Olson. I do see myself as a 40 year resident and participant in this town, whose vote along with man others was intended to put the best representative in place to deal with the changes that are coming. I voted for Vivian Olson because she belongs where 60% of us put her. Why is it that her opponent and her supporters can’t respect that?

  3. Re: Making masks at home
    Could Brian Potter share his info. re: making masks for workers? Since he has already done the research, providing a pattern and and needed info., i.e.best fabric, etc. in the “News” would short cut the work for those of us who would like to get started. I have a brother who works in a grocery store and the employer is not providing masks for workers.

  4. Now would be a great time to donate/subscribe to our local independent news sources: MyEdmondsNews.com and the Edmonds Beacon. I’m guessing that advertising is likely dropping during this difficult time – although our collective pocketbooks are all hurting, let’s please not forget that our local news sources are essential and require support to keep us informed (and hopefully collaborative!). I’m sure any amounts would be appreciated- we’re so lucky that we have Teresa and others to provide us with quality local coverage!

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