What’s open for takeout, delivery, outside dining in Edmonds: Updated Nov. 27, 2020

Business Address Phone Services
407 Coffee house 407 Main Street 425-921-6147 Takeout
5 Corners Teriyaki 8410 Main Street 425-774-5775 Takeout by phone; third party delivery
85 Degree Bakery 22611 76th Ave W 425-670-3085 Takeout, closing at 3 PM daily due to short staffing
Anthony’s Restaurant and Beach Café 456 Admiral Way 425-771-4400 Takeout through beach cafe, UberEats
Arnie’s  300 Admiral Way 425-771-5688 Takeout and online ordering
Bar Dojo 8404 Bowdoin Way 425-967-7267 Takeout
Barkada 622 5th Ave N 425-670-2222 Outdoor dining, takeout, restaurant delivery
Bistro 76 18401 76th Ave W 425-776-3616 Table service on the patio, takeout, drive-through, and general store open
Boiling Point 22001 Highway 99 425-673-7101 Takeout by phone
Brigid’s Bottle Shop 188 Sunset Ave 425-582-8218 In-store pickup, online ordering and outdoor seating
Bucatini 9818 Edmonds Way 425-361-1487 Takeout by phone; third party delivery
Café Ladro 8403 Main Street 425-670-1790 Drive up window, walk-in counter for take out
Café Louvre 210 5th Avenue 425-64–8188 Outdoor dining, takeout, and Grubhub
Calypso 109 Main St. 425-678-0652 Takeout and curbside pickup
Canarino Gelato 203 Fifth Ave 425-243-9635 Open regular hours for takeout
Caravan Kebab 9711 Firdale Ave 206-546-7999 Takeout and restaurant delivery
Casa Oaxaca 8402 Bowdoin Way 425-678-8307 Takeout and restaurant delivery
Channel Marker 120 W. Dayton #1 425-275-9590 Takeout
Chanterelle 316 Main St. 425-774-0650 Takeout, curbside pickup, and outdoor seating (weather permitting)
Cheesemonger’s Table 203 5th Ave S 425-640-8949 Curbside and lobby pickup via online order
Chef Dane Catering 19515 44th Ave W, Lynnwood 206-794-0812 Takeout by phone, In-house delivery service, and online order
Chopsticks 23025 100th Ave W 425-776-1196 Takeout and cocktails to go
Church Key Pub 109 4th Ave N 425-835-0230 Takeout
Claire’s Restaurant 301 Main Street 425-776-2332 Takeout
Demetris Woodstone Taverna 101 Main St, Edmonds 425-744-9999 Pickup, third party delivery, outdoor seating (weather permitting)
Dick’s Drive In 21910 Hwy 99 425-775-4243 Takeout and Doordash
Dong Ting Chun 22001 Hwy 99 425-616-5616 Takeout, pickup via online ordering, and third party delivery
Dumpling Generation 23830 Hwy 99 425-678-0806 Pickup by call
Edmonds Bakery 418 Main Street 425-778-6811 Takeout, call orders, and curbside pickup
Engel’s Pub 113 5th Ave S 425-778-2900 Outdoor seating and takeout
Epulo 190 Sunset Ave 425-678-8680 Takeout; covered, heated patio dining for gorups up to 5 people starting 11/24
Fat Pig Barbeque 7533 Olympic View Dr 425-361-7640 Takeout by phone and third party delivery
Fire and the Feast 526 Main St. 425-967-3272 Takeout and online ordering
Five Bistro 650 Edmonds Way 425-563-7177 Takeout and patio dining
Furi Chinese 546 5th Ave S 425-673-9933 Takeout and restaurant delivery
Gallagher’s Where you Brew 180 W. Dayton 425-776-4209 Open for growsler pickups and outdoor beer garden
Girardi’s Osteria 504 5th Ave 425-673-5278 Takeout, DoorDash, and outdoor dining
Gravity Bar 610 5th Ave S 425-678-6180 Takeout
Hamburger Harry’s  610 5th Ave S 425-776-6666 Takeout, curbside pickup and outdoor dining
The Hook 18521 76th Ave W 425-673-0551 Temporily closed
Hosoonyi Korean BBQ 23830 Hwy 99 425-775-8196 Takeout, UberEats, and DoorDash
Ivar’s seafood bar 9910 Edmonds Way 425-672-2640 Dine-in, outdoor decks open, online ordering, takeout, and delivery
Jaiiya Cafe 10032 Edmonds Way, Ste 101 425-678-0269 Takeout, curbside pickup and some outdoor seating available
Johnny’s Wok 19626 76th Ave W 425-775-3313 Takeout, restaurant and third party delivery
Kafe Neo 21108 Hwy 99 425-672-3476 Takeout and third party delivery
Kebella’s Pizza 630 Edmonds Way 425-744-0284 Takeout via phone and online ordering, third party delivery
Kelnero 545 Main Street 425-967-5697 Takeout and outdoor dining
Las Brisas 201 5th Avenue 425-672-5050 Takeout, online orderingand outdoor patio dining
Leftcraft 519 Main St. 425-582-8661 Takeout, delivery and limited outdoor dining
Maize&Barley 525 Main Street 425-835-0868 Takeout and patio dining
Manna Teriyaki 23805 Hwy 99 425-672-9555 Takeout by phone and third party delivery
The Market 508 Main Street 425-967-5329 Takeout and heated patio dining
Mel and Mia’s  7530 Olympic View Drive 425-361-7044 Takeout and Grubhub
Milkie Milkie Korean desserts 23830 Hwy 99 425-361-7696 Takeout, UberEats, and DoorDash
Noodle Hut 8418 Bowdoin Way 425-423-7718 Takeout/pickup
Ono Poke 10016 Edmonds Way 425-361-7064 Takeout, curbside pickup, and outdoor seating
Pagliacci 10200 Edmonds Way 206-726-1717 Takeout and restaurant delivery
Pancake Haus 530 5th Ave S 425-771-2545 Temporarily closed
Panera Bread 7929 Ballinger Way 425-640-2025 Takeout via online ordering, restaurant delivery and DoorDash
PCC Edmonds 9803 Edmonds Way 425-275-9036 Grocery delivery; senior shopping hours 7-8 am;  in-store self-serve stations and seating areas closed; Instacart as curbside pickup service
PNW Catering 8401 Main Street, Edmonds 206-367-0619 Walkup/to go meals available at tents
Portofino 1306 Olympic View Dr 425-771-4788 Curbside takeout and restaurant delivery
Red Twig 117 5th Ave S. 425-771-1200 Takeout and outdoor dining
Revelations Frozen Yogurt 527 Main Street 425-744-6012 Takeout and online ordering
Romeo’s Restaurant 21110 76th Ave W 425-771-7955 Takeout, restaurant delivery, and online ordering
Rory’s  105 Main Street 425-778-3433 Temporarily closed
Rusty Pelican 107 5th Ave N 425-582-8250 Takeout and curbside pickup; 20% off food only.
Salish Sea Brewery 518 Dayton Street 425-582-8474 Takeout and outdoor dining
Salt and Iron 321 Main St 425-361-1112 Takeout WED-SUN, online ordering
San Kai Sushi 111 4th Ave N 425-412-3417 Takeout 11:30-2 WED-SAT and 4-8pm everyday, online ordering
Savvy Thai Cuisine 22611 76th Ave W 425-775-2141 Takeout,restaurant delivery 50% off, UberEats
Santa Fe Mexican 423 Main Street 425-245-7916 Outdoor seating and online ordering
Scott’s Bar & Grill 8115 Ballinger Way 425-775-2561 Patio seating, takeout, and third party delivery
Scratch Distillery 190 Sunset Ave 425-673-7046 Retail and patio service (weather permitting)
Seattle Deli (Banh Mi) 22618 Hwy 99 425-776-1788 Takeout and third party delivery
Spud Fish and Chips 174 Sunset Way 425-678-0984 Takeout and third party delivery
Starbucks 220th and Hwy 99 21920 Hwy 99 425-775-4286 Takeout
Starbucks Main St 502 Main Street 425-778-6093 Takeout
Starbucks Westgate 9801 Edmonds Way 425-670-2616 Drive up window service and takeout
SuRa Korean BBQ 19226 Hwy 99 425-771-2502 Takeout and third party delivery
Subway 7600 196TH ST SW (425) 771-1127 Takeout and third party delivery
Sushi Moto 22618 Hwy 99 425-673-5477 Takeout and DoorDash
T&T Seafood 225511 Hwy 99 425-776-3832 Takeout and UberEats
Taki Tiki 518 Main Street 425-778-3548 Outdoor dining, takeout, and UberEats
Tapioca Express 22315 Hwy 99 425-774-6764 Takeout and third party delivery
Taste Rice Noodle 22315 Hwy 99 425-697-2250 Takeout and UberEats
Teriyaki Way 23632 Hwy 99 425-672-3378 Takeout
Thai By Day 182 Sunset Ave 425-967-7181 Takeout, curbside pickup, and third party delivery
Thai Cottage 417 Main Street 425-774-2222 Takeout by phone
Than Brothers Pho 22618 Hwy 99 425-744-0212 Takeout and UberEats
The Loft 515 Main (425) 640-5000 Outdoor dining and takeout via phone or online
Top Pot 150 Sunset 425-582-2579 Takeout, drive-thru window, and third party delivery
Toshi’s Teriyaki 311 Main Street 425-670-8122 Takeout
Traditional Korean Beef Soup 22929 Hwy 99 425-977-2929 Takeout
Venice Pizza Pasta 9695 Firdale Ave 206-533-1280 Takeout and restaurant delivery
Walnut Coffee 410 Walnut Street 425-774-5962 Takeout
Waterfront Café (Eatery) 300 Admiral Way 425-743-9590 Open for takeout with abbreviated hours; call to order or visit walkup window
Waterfront Coffee Company 101 Main St, Edmonds 425-670-1400 Takeout
Wonton Noodle House 22315 Hwy 99 425-775-8628 Takeout
Zeeks Pizza 4309 196TH ST SW (425) 893-8646 Outdoor dining, takeout, restaurant and third party delivery
Zuri’s Donutz 7600 196TH ST SW 425-582-8803 Takeout and third party delivery

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