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Sound IT Solutions, LLC

610 Main St., Suite B,
Edmonds, WA 98020
Here’s how you can help us

What a Ride!
It’s been a tough time for the Edmonds community. We won’t know for some time what the full toll the Covid-19 virus outbreak is having on our health, our families, and our sources of income.

Sound IT is feeling similar pain.

For many though, some of the stress during this time comes from our computers. Are they safe from hackers? Does our software have the latest updates and patches? Who will help me if my computer breaks down?

We are all on this roller-coaster ride together. We have rolled out several FREE services to the Edmonds community that we hope reduces some of the computer pain small businesses and residents may be experiencing. They include:

3 months FREE Membership in our Managed IT LITE program
FREE half-hour IT consultations
FREE technical support
FREE COVID-19 Remote Working Checklist

If there’s anything you feel you can do to help out your fellow Edmonds business partners and neighbors, get involved! Let’s all shorten this ride together as best we can!

What can you do for Sound IT?
Pre-Purchase quantities of support credits and get a discount
We, like many small businesses are encountering a cash-flow crisis. In spite of this, we are committed to meeting our financial obligations, weathering the storm, and helping our community as much as is possible.

The biggest thing that you can do to help "flatten the curve" economically for us is to pre-purchase blocks of technical support time. To learn more about support credits, visit

Subscribe to Managed IT Membership
We rely on our recurring revenue. It provides us with consistency and security to confidently invest in improving.

When you become a member, you will be giving us financial security, reliability, and support. In return, you'll get technical security, reliability, and support.

Help the Edmonds Community
A rising tide lifts all boats. Any help you give our community, indirectly, or directly helps us too. We encourage you to reach out to other local businesses or community support organizations to support in any way you can.

Charlie has been working with community leaders and city officials to create as a starting point with resources for helping our community support each-other through this crisis.

You can read more details here: