Ask the Edmonds Vet: When a gassy stomach can be fatal in dogs

By Dr. David Gross We just rescued a Great Dane from our local shelter and they told us large breeds of dogs get something called gastric dilatation and die. What is it and what causes it? This condition can afflict any breed of dog but it seems to be most prevalent in Great Danes, St….

Ask the Edmonds Vet: About dogs and raw fish

By Dr. David Gross Is it true that my dog can be poisoned by eating raw salmon? One of my professors once told me, “…any day you don’t learn something new is a day wasted.” Today was not wasted. Until today, I didn’t know about salmon poisoning disease. Dogs and other canids — such as…

Edmonds vet publishes memoir, ‘Animals Don’t Blush’

Dr. David Gross, author of the “Ask the Edmonds Vet” column for My Edmonds News, has published “Animals Don’t Blush,” which describes the unique patients and even more unique clients of a veterinary practice in Sidney, Montana in the early 1960s. Gross joined a veterinary practice in Sidney in 1960, directly out of veterinary school….

Ask the Edmonds Vet: How do I protect my dog from ticks?

By Dr. David Gross Q: My family is going camping with our dog and I hear there is a disease he can get from ticks. What is it and what can I do to protect him? A: Both humans and pets, mostly dogs, are susceptible to Lyme disease caused by a corkscrew-shaped bacteria transmitted by…

Ask the Edmonds Vet: Why is my cat hanging out in the litter box?

By Dr. David Gross My cat seems to be spending a lot more time in the litter box. What is going on? There are many possible explanations for this behavior. In most cases, it is caused by either digestive tract or urinary tract abnormalities. One common possibility is constipation. If the cat has long hair,…

Ask the Edmonds Vet: Why does my dog eat grass?

By Dr. David Gross My Edmonds News is pleased to introduce our newest column by Dr. David Gross, a retired veterinary science professor and author who lives in Edmonds. If you have a question for Dr. Gross, please leave it in the comment section below. Eating grass is a behavior that every dog owner/caregiver witnesses….

Book by Edmonds author aimed at helping students get into graduate programs

Edmonds resident Dr. David R. Gross has published a book aimed at helping graduate students get into and successfully compete in any postgraduate program: “You Can Nail It!  How To Get Into A Professional Program.” The book is a comprehensive self-help guide that teaches students in pre-professional programs — and the academic advisors who guide…