Edmonds voters saying no to $40-per-year car tab fee hike

Edmonds voters on Tuesday night were soundly defeating Proposition 1, which would have added a $40-per-year, per-vehicle registration fee to pay for for street and sidewalk improvements through the city’s Transportation Benefit District. Shortly after the polls closed, the measure was trailing with only 29 percent approval, virtually ensuring that the measure would be defeated….

Edmonds Proposition 1 failing

Results as of 8:01 p.m. for Edmonds Proposition 1, which would add $40 to the $20 fee for vehicle registrations, to pay for Edmonds street and sidewalk projects: EDMONDS TRANSPORTATION DISTRICT Vote              Count    Percent APPROVED 2,740    28.74% REJECTED 6,793     71.26% Total            9,533     100.00%

Complete Streets meeting becomes forum for Edmonds car tax supporters

Last Thursday night’s meeting about the Cascade Land Conservancy’s “Complete Streets” initiative — aimed at producing pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly streets in Edmonds — became mostly a forum for those supporting Edmonds Proposition 1, a proposed $40-per-vehicle increase in licensing fees to fund 37 separate city traffic safety, congestion and pedestrian improvements. Among the approximately 20…