My Edmonds News seeking ad sales representative

We are looking for an ambitious, hard-working advertising sales representative who is committed to achieving financial success by helping local businesses promote their products and services on This position…

Welcome to My Edmonds News

We’ve got a new look and more information — including a weekly police blotter and traffic links for your daily commute — and a calendar with enhanced features will be coming soon.

My Edmonds News continues to gain more readers on a weekly basis (we’ve had 2,000 unique viewers since we launched this site a month ago!), and we are pleased to be able to offer advertising at a very affordable monthly rate of $20 per month. Simply provide us with a 125 x 125 banner ad, and we will link it directly to your business or organization website. If you need someone to design your ad, we can help you with that, too.

For more information, email And make sure to tell your friends about My Edmonds News!