Shin-sponsored bill would encourage a faster path to college graduation

College students in Washington state got one step closer to accelerated higher education degrees guidelines, with the passage of Senate Bill 5442 sponsored by Sen. Paull Shin of Edmonds. The bill was voted off the Senate floor earlier this week with a sweeping majority and was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration. The…

Poll: Should school buses have advertising?

Tell us your opinion on a bill introduced by State. Sen. Paul Shinn (D-Edmonds) that would allow advertising on school buses: Should advertisements be allowed on school buses? (polls)

Local lawmakers propose allowing ads on school buses

A couple of local lawmakers are behind bills in the Washington State House and Senate that would allow advertising on school buses. State Sen. Paull Shin, D-Edmonds, has introduced a bill in the State Senate (SB 6466) that would allow advertising on school buses, with all revenue returned to the participating school district’s general fund….